Episode 17: Hat Trick


Finally after all the allusions from Henry's book, we get an Alice in Wonderland episode! The guy who plays the Mad Hatter was good at acting very tortured and 'mad' from grief, but I must admit I didn't enjoy this episode as much as I thought I would. For one thing, I am sick of Emma still being so skeptical (thought I don't really blame her) and there was minimal story line progression other than 1.) we confirm the presence of other parallel worlds and 2.) Regina and Mr. Gold are behind all of MMarg's misery - big surprise there :P Thankfully, the next episode, which reveals the reason Regina hates Snow, is much more exciting.

I am now just 2 episodes behind *pantpant* - not counting the 3 I can't do since they're not up on Hulu anymore >_> - but I am glad Season 1 is almost over. Also I'm pained to think that there will likely be a Season 2; while I've enjoyed the ride thus far, I am already sick of many of the main characters.... There is not enough Charming-Snow, way too much David-MMarg, too much Henry (sorry keed), Emma is a bit compared to all other eccentrics in town... *sigh* I definitely will not be recapping Season 2.

Most Beautiful Lashes I've Ever Seen


BWAHHAHAHA How cute is that?!  I'll bet $5 that a woman drives this car ;) The fact that it's Korean car just makes in funnier (or is that just me?). The non-PC joke possibilities here are endless ^_~

Sadly, I was only able capture this one image before the batteries on my camera died :P  I saw so many funny/random things this weekend - it's like God was telling me to get an iPhone or GalaxyS so I can tweet/Instagram this kind of stuff 24/7. Naturally, I am sick of my iPad 2 and am lusting after the iPad 3 now, which was thankfully released with an acceptable camera (a curse on the shitty iPad 2 camera. IT SUX.) Anyway, the iPhone 5 is supposed to released in late 2012 (hallelujah!) and if the battery life is improved (everyone I know has to charge their iPhone everyday), I don't think my willpower will be able to hold out much longer....

Episode 16: Heart of Darkness


Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh curses!!! I can't recap neither Episode 14: Dreamy (how Grumpy became grumpy) nor Episode: 15: Red Handed (Red Riding Hood)! I was little lukewarm on Episode 14 since I found Nova a little irritating but Episode 15 was one of my absolute favorites! I actually WANTED to recap that episode. Since it's long since aired.... (spoiler warning)....the twist about Red being the beast all along was so good ;_; Some people said they saw the twist coming a mile away but I suppose I am a little dense cuz I loved it! Episode 14 is pass-worthy because it was one of the most boring episodes to date imho, but ah, the Red Riding Hood backstory was great and actually truly, heart movingly tragic (I mean seriously, how do you recover from the trauma of eating your soul mate :\?). Red definitely did not get her happy ending even in the fairy tale world, so I do wonder if she will get another chance at love or her happiness will be the simple joys of having a loving relationship with her grandmother.

Anyway, *sigh* this episode was pretty good too. We continue on Charming's search for Snow and get to see Snow (finally) get a taste of the dark side.

BCBG Tina's Pumps VS Mossimo Versie Pumps


I did a review for my BCBG Tina's Pumps, but I wanted to follow that up with a comparison between those and the Mossimo Versie pumps that is sold at Target. Mossimo Versie pumps have a pretty big following as a very cost saving alternative to pricier brands and have overall garnered very good reviews. In fact I would go as far to say the Black Patent and Natural Patent Versie pumps were among the most loved items from Target in 2011 (seriously, they were out of stock for months at a time and sold out very quickly).

Anyway, why did I have to do this comparison?  Just look at them - don't they look so similar?!  When I first brought my BCBGs home, I was shocked how similar my Mossimos looked.  It was a perfect opportunity to do a brand name vs bargain brand comparison.  Plus the fact I paid ~$60 for BCBG and ~$30 for my Mossimo - damn straight I was going find out if I got gyped!

At first glance, these shoes are almost identical: almond toed, same small platform, identical soles.... But there are slight differences:

  1. There is stitching around the edges of the BCBGs and on the inside sole.
  2. No tag inside the BCBGs.
  3. The almond toe on the Mossimos are slightly more elongated.
  4. The black patent has an ever-so-slightly brighter gleam to the finish.
  5. The BCBGs are also very weighty compared to Mossimos.
  6. The heel on the BCBGs is about 1/2 inch taller.
  7. The BCBGs are narrower (though I also got a 6.5 vs a 7.0 in Mossimo).  But overall, Mossimo shoes are wider.
  8. Mossimo's shoe shows a HAIR more toe cleavage (barely).  As you can see, the cut of the shoe around your toes is more U-shaped while the BCBGs is a little more squared off.

All in all, the differences are very subtle. However, I must admit when you put on the shoe, the differences well....make all the difference.

As you can see, the BCBGs have a "curve" in the sole that makes your leg look quite a bit sexier (I think...I might be hallucinating).   The shorter toe and higher heel also makes the shoe look a little more chic.  Also, maybe it's the black color, but I swear the BCBGs make my feet look smaller.  I say that with the caveat that the nudes are in a 7.0 though.

So, overall?  I would actually venture to say since I am an everyday pump wearer, I kind of regret getting the Mossimo shoes.  I think I would prefer the BCBG nude versions.  For me, dishing out another $30 would be worth the extra height, sexiness (bwahha), and shinier finish.  I am a little vain about my legs (probably to compensate for my distinctly unsexy torso aka no boobs xD) and I wear heels for work everyday....so for daily heel wearers, yes I would recommend getting BCBGs (unless you have wide feet).  I love getting a deal as much as the next person, but in this case I think it would be worth pricing up.

For the occasional heel wearer and people with wide feet, go with Mossimo.  The price is great, the quality is acceptable (admittingly not as good as BCBG), and it's a good dupe.  There's a reason Versie heels were all the rage for bargain hunters last year.  Still love the Mossimo brand.

Speaking of, my favorite Mossimo Odell Bronze flats are on sale for a sinful $11!  $11!  Trust me, you won't find flats that are as comfortable as these.  Damn it, I want to buy "backups" but I dislike having duplicates of anything so :P  ah well.  Last thing, if you buy from Target, don't forgot to use Ebates for 6% back :)

Review: BCBG Tina's Pump


Omg, I went crazy shopping this weekend!  And per usual, I could not resist buying shoes, but for a good reason this time :) The heels on my old pumps wore away so that the metal bit was sticking out and I despise making that clack-clack sound when I walk (it sounds so...obnoxious), so new shoes were a must.

Anyway, I saw these at Macy's and JC Penny's but were OOS in my size in both! Curses! Then I stopped by DSW and there was one 6.5 size left. Score! These pumps are OOS on DSW's website, so you'll have to go in-stores if you want these. I have also seen these on Amazon, but the seller has marked them up atrociously.

Price: I got these for ~$60.00 at DSW. This was how it was priced at Macy's and JC Penny so I feel like I got a decent deal.

Fit: I swear one of my feet is larger than the other. My small foot fits 6.5 perfectly but my other foot is too big for a 6.5 and too small for 7.0. So basically I just have one uncomfortable shoe, though tis not BCBG's fault. Btw BCBG does not make shoes in wide and the actual shoe is rather narrow. Basically, if you have wide feet, you will not find this shoe comfortable.

Material/Style: A beautiful, shiny patent leather! I love the almond toe, the mini-platform, and the classic design. Can't go wrong with pumps like these. The inside is lined with a super shiny silver material. I kind of wish there was a bit more "tread" on the soles though.  Thankfully, the shoe is cut high enough there is no "toe cleavage" sticking out either (a minor pet peeve of mine).

Quality: Pretty good, what can I say. No wiggling heels, no stray threads. Nothing digs into the back of my heels either.

Frikkin crappy photo....so grainy.

Almond toes are my favorite style when it comes to heels so yah! I don't have much to say about these beyond the fact they are a classic shoe that is perfect for work. They are pretty comfortable too (as heels go), though I've worn them for only one day so far. I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend them for any career women looking for a pair black heels. However, people with wide feet beware.

Lastly, I have a followup post coming up comparing these and Mossimo for Target shoes....let's just say they look very similar....

Review: 3M Nexcare Acne Dressing


Anyone who reads my blog knows I am a huge fan of acne patches.  I've tried acne patches from Lioele, The Face Shop (see my comparison post), and now Nexcare...aka the most popular and easy to find acne patches online.   3M is by far the most popular (or at least the most purchased) from what I've seen online, so of course I was super excited to try these out.

Purchased at: I bought these from BonjourHK for $5.90/36 pieces, but since they're so cheap there, they are forever out of stock.  You'd have better luck getting these at Sasa ($4.00/18 pieces).

Directions: Self-explanatory.  Though these patches are so thick I can't fathom why anyone would want to wear these going out with makeup.

Packaging: Rather "medical" - the patches are packaged the same way gauze dressing is in the hospital xD  All 36 patches aren't actually the same size; they come in two sizes, big and small.  The patches come between two slips of plastic; one side is stickier than the other so you can peel one layer off.

Experience: As you can see, I've used 34 of the 36 patches.  My overall experience each time was one of vague annoyance.

1.) Both sides of the patch are sticky!  One side is super sticky (the side that goes against your skin) and the other is just sticky enough to always get hair strands sticking to it.

2.) These things are SO THICK.

Just look at that!  It's 1-1.5 mm thick!  It literally is like putting a piece of plastic on your face.  The yellowish color also shows up even on your face, so there is really no way you can wear these in public unless well, you're fine with having a big yellow-brown circle on your skin :\   These are only for weekend, stay-at-home weekend wear for sure.  This sounds like a small issue but really, if you have to remove every patch every time you leave the house, you run through patches VERY quickly.

3.) They stay on your face well because of the intense stickiness but gosh, it leaves a lot of sticky residue behind too :P  It washes off just fine but...yeah.

Effectiveness: The upside is that these do what they should.  The point of acne patches is really just to keep you from picking at it and letting it heal cleanly on its own.  So yes, in that respect these do the job just fine.

SO DISAPPOINTED :|  I heard rave reviews about Nexcare's patches, but the only real advantage they have is that they are dirt cheap.  After trying Lioele, The Face Shop, and now Nexcare, I must say that Lioele is the acne patch for me due it's near invisibility, stickiness without residue, and equal effectiveness.  The mini-patches that come with Nexcare would be convenient for wearing in public IF they weren't so doggone yellow!

Anyway~ I think I have tried enough acne patches to last me a lifetime (I still get acne to this day....a curse of genetics and a love for dairy products, god help me X_x).   I should be a spokeswoman for acne patches.   Anyway, in a nutshell, Nexcare patches work and are super cheap, but Lioele trumps them all.  

World's First Cupcake ATM?!


Sprinkles, the cupcake shop that supposedly began (or at least rode the crest of) the cupcake craze, has done it again! 24-Hour Sprinkles isn't an actual "vending machine" but more of a kiosk that is open around the clock. This is only offered at Sprinkles' Beverly Hills location at the moment but I give it 6 months (or less) for other boutique cupcake shops to start jumping on this trend. To be honest, I'm surprised nobody thought of it before. It's a delicious intersection of fast food and desserts; it also sinfully fulfills a universal temptation - midnight snacking.

Also the machine is so darn cute! So cute....so Japanese (is that racist)? Anyway, point being, I keep waiting for the cupcake trend to die. Not because I don't like those little suckers, but because the market is becoming so saturated with them. I hear rumors the next big food trend will be PIES. Not just your standard apple pie, but sweet pies, savory pies, quiches.... I wonder how legit the rumor is but I look forward to it!

Ironically, for someone who has an insatiable sweet tooth, I have not yet tried Sprinkles cupcakes...I may have to stop by the DC location soon, vending machine or no vending machine.

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