BCBG Tina's Pumps VS Mossimo Versie Pumps


I did a review for my BCBG Tina's Pumps, but I wanted to follow that up with a comparison between those and the Mossimo Versie pumps that is sold at Target. Mossimo Versie pumps have a pretty big following as a very cost saving alternative to pricier brands and have overall garnered very good reviews. In fact I would go as far to say the Black Patent and Natural Patent Versie pumps were among the most loved items from Target in 2011 (seriously, they were out of stock for months at a time and sold out very quickly).

Anyway, why did I have to do this comparison?  Just look at them - don't they look so similar?!  When I first brought my BCBGs home, I was shocked how similar my Mossimos looked.  It was a perfect opportunity to do a brand name vs bargain brand comparison.  Plus the fact I paid ~$60 for BCBG and ~$30 for my Mossimo - damn straight I was going find out if I got gyped!

At first glance, these shoes are almost identical: almond toed, same small platform, identical soles.... But there are slight differences:

  1. There is stitching around the edges of the BCBGs and on the inside sole.
  2. No tag inside the BCBGs.
  3. The almond toe on the Mossimos are slightly more elongated.
  4. The black patent has an ever-so-slightly brighter gleam to the finish.
  5. The BCBGs are also very weighty compared to Mossimos.
  6. The heel on the BCBGs is about 1/2 inch taller.
  7. The BCBGs are narrower (though I also got a 6.5 vs a 7.0 in Mossimo).  But overall, Mossimo shoes are wider.
  8. Mossimo's shoe shows a HAIR more toe cleavage (barely).  As you can see, the cut of the shoe around your toes is more U-shaped while the BCBGs is a little more squared off.

All in all, the differences are very subtle. However, I must admit when you put on the shoe, the differences well....make all the difference.

As you can see, the BCBGs have a "curve" in the sole that makes your leg look quite a bit sexier (I think...I might be hallucinating).   The shorter toe and higher heel also makes the shoe look a little more chic.  Also, maybe it's the black color, but I swear the BCBGs make my feet look smaller.  I say that with the caveat that the nudes are in a 7.0 though.

So, overall?  I would actually venture to say since I am an everyday pump wearer, I kind of regret getting the Mossimo shoes.  I think I would prefer the BCBG nude versions.  For me, dishing out another $30 would be worth the extra height, sexiness (bwahha), and shinier finish.  I am a little vain about my legs (probably to compensate for my distinctly unsexy torso aka no boobs xD) and I wear heels for work everyday....so for daily heel wearers, yes I would recommend getting BCBGs (unless you have wide feet).  I love getting a deal as much as the next person, but in this case I think it would be worth pricing up.

For the occasional heel wearer and people with wide feet, go with Mossimo.  The price is great, the quality is acceptable (admittingly not as good as BCBG), and it's a good dupe.  There's a reason Versie heels were all the rage for bargain hunters last year.  Still love the Mossimo brand.

Speaking of, my favorite Mossimo Odell Bronze flats are on sale for a sinful $11!  $11!  Trust me, you won't find flats that are as comfortable as these.  Damn it, I want to buy "backups" but I dislike having duplicates of anything so :P  ah well.  Last thing, if you buy from Target, don't forgot to use Ebates for 6% back :)


  1. I could not get my hands on the Mossimo ones at all! They're a great dupe for the BCBG one... I couldn't tell the differences besides the obvious color! lol

  2. I'd totally get them both. You just never know which one you will need.

  3. Bith look elegant and classy, but I agree that the black one makes a little sexier and more chic appearance.

    I have been a flat shoes wearer most of the time, but all of a sudden I totally got into heels/pumps for some reason. So, I just got my hands on a pair of classic pumps (9 cm heels) this week! Can not wait to wear them! Let's see if I can find some time on my hands to present them on my blog... ;)

    Btw, I wonder if there is a trick as to how to determine a comfirtable pair?

    1. Hmm...not for me. I just have to wear the shoe for at least a day :( I feel bad about returning a shoe I wore after 1-2 days sometimes, but my feet swell a lot during the day... I guess the only "trick" I have is to wear the shoes around the house for a couple hours so you can return it generally unused looking if you realize the fit isn't that great.

  4. yeah I can see that the BCBG curves make the feet look "sexier"... haha that happens to me all the time where I buy something then i find something that looks like what i bought but just slightly better!!

  5. Elle! Happy Women's day to you! I have an awesome blogger award for you in my blog: http://ellacino.blogspot.com/2012/03/aka-awesome-blog-award.html Hope you follow the tradition and looking forward to seeing a post in your blog as well!

  6. I am a bit hesitant about perfume rings, as I will have to pour the solid perfume directly into the cavity; often the essential oils will adversely react with the metal and cause the metal to degrade... this is something I've thought about, and we'll see how popular these are, and take it from there :)

  7. I so need a pair of nude pumps.. They do look kind of similar in it's shape and quality.

  8. Great comparison review Elle! I have the nude Versie pumps, and although I do love them, I have to agree that they are a bit too wide for me. I stuck Foot Petals in mine, so they stay on my feet, at least. The BCBG ones look very similar, but they definitely do look much sexier than the Versies. If you're okay with paying the higher price, I say go for the BCBGs!

  9. This is a great comparison post! I think the BCBG has a smoother and sexier silhouette.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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