Episode 16: Heart of Darkness


Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh curses!!! I can't recap neither Episode 14: Dreamy (how Grumpy became grumpy) nor Episode: 15: Red Handed (Red Riding Hood)! I was little lukewarm on Episode 14 since I found Nova a little irritating but Episode 15 was one of my absolute favorites! I actually WANTED to recap that episode. Since it's long since aired.... (spoiler warning)....the twist about Red being the beast all along was so good ;_; Some people said they saw the twist coming a mile away but I suppose I am a little dense cuz I loved it! Episode 14 is pass-worthy because it was one of the most boring episodes to date imho, but ah, the Red Riding Hood backstory was great and actually truly, heart movingly tragic (I mean seriously, how do you recover from the trauma of eating your soul mate :\?). Red definitely did not get her happy ending even in the fairy tale world, so I do wonder if she will get another chance at love or her happiness will be the simple joys of having a loving relationship with her grandmother.

Anyway, *sigh* this episode was pretty good too. We continue on Charming's search for Snow and get to see Snow (finally) get a taste of the dark side.

Episode 16: Heart of Darkness

Episode 16 kicks off with a wicked intro. Charming saves Red from a flaming arrow shot by one of King George's men, but when he mounts his horse, Red tells him to leave her and find Snow, that's all that matters. She can "take care of them." OOOOooo When he asks what she intends to do, she simply looks up at the full moon.

As she whips off her cloak, she tells him he is giving him a head start - whether she is referring to the soldiers or herself is anybody's guess. In an awesome sequence, her eyes begin to glow yellow and runs straight towards the soldiers - the last thing we hear is the howling of a wolf.

In a great juxtaposition between the two worlds, we see MMarg taking her mugshots since her fingerprints were found on the box containing the human heart. Emma states that she believes MMarg is innocent but as sheriff, she needs to follow the evidence. While DNA testing has yet to prove whether it is Kathryn's heart, if Emma doesn't arrest MMarg now, it will look like favoritism. She asks MMarg to be patient while she tries to figure out who is behind all of this. MMarg murmurs, "I would never hurt anyone."

A very feminine Snow White hums "With A Smile and A Song" to a blue parakeet (why do I think they wanted to use a blue bird but couldn't >_>?). She tenderly places the bird on the table and in a moment of crack-tastic black comedy, tries to kill it with her broom xD

Grumpy: What are you doing?!
Snow: Getting rid of all the vermin in this house.

Before a thunderstruck Grumpy, we watch Snow swatting away at the bird like her life depended on it. You really have to watch the scene yourself to appreciate all the black humor. Luckily the poor thing escapes out the window and Grumpy drags a sulky Snow to dinner.

We are faced with a crowd of dwarves so depressed that a sarcastic Snow scornfully asks if somebody died.

Sorry for the many screencaps of the cricket....he's just so cute...

Then another familiar face flies in - Jiminy Cricket! He gets less than a warm welcome from Snow who promptly tries to kill him. After calming her down, Jiminy - in his familiar therapist-like manner - says the dwarves have a few things they want to say to her.

Grumpy start off by saying that Snow has changed, now she is downright mean. Snow irritably replies by asking who gave him the right to judge her.

Sneezy chimes in saying that Snow even brought in hay into the house yesterday even though she knows he is allergic to it. Snow retorts that he's allergic to everything.

Sick of her excuses, Happy loses it and accuses her for purposely breaking his favorite mug, to which Snow says he should thank her for not breaking the ugly mug that he calls a face.

Grumpy finally cuts to the chase and says that Snow has changed ever since she drank Rumpel's potion to forget the prince. Snow doesn't buy it saying that drinking the potion was the solution not the problem. Her problem is that she living in a hut with seven dwarves when she really should be living in a palace, but she can't since the same women who tried to kill her is living there.

Jiminy cuts in saying that her anger is understandable but she needs to stop lashing out at her friends. It seems like he's finally broken through when Snow slowly replies that he's right....she should be taking out her anger on the Queen instead.

Jiminy frantically tells her that taking revenge would change into something darker than she can imagine, but she muffles his pleas with a glass bell jar before announcing to a stupefied audience that they can stop complaining about her now since she's leaving.

Have to admit, whoever thought of giving Snow a pick ax is a genius. Awesome Halloween costume idea...

She has more important things to do - like killing the Queen.

MMarg is unpleasantly surprised to find that Regina will be sitting in on the questioning to ensure impartiality. Emma assures her that it is for the best and fills her in that the heart was possibly cut out with a hunting knife. MMarg bravely answers Emma's questions, until Emma shows her the box the heart was found in. MMarg admits that it is her jewelry box, one that was stolen several days ago.

Regina suddenly reaches over and says that she knows what it is like to lose a loved one. She did once and it took her to very dark place. Basically, she is saying a broken heart is an impetus to do anything. Annoyed that Regina is trying to influence the line of questioning, Emma pulls her outside.

However, Regina stands firm saying that a heartbroken women can do unspeakable things. If the jewelry box was stolen as MMarg claims, surely Emma the roommate must have seen signs of a break-in.

Snow unhorses and smashes the ankle of one of the Queen's men. She successfully finds out the whereabouts of the Queen before knocking him out and stealing his armor. Grumpy shows up just as she is preparing to dress up as a soldier to sneak into the castle. He tells her that he is going to help her by taking her back to Rumpel, the most powerful man in the world, who can do anything. Surely he can help her regain her memories. At first, Snow refuses but when she hears of Rumpel's limitless powers, she agrees to go.

Emma searches for signs of a break-in at MMarg's apartment. Henry shows up saying they have got to help Ms. Blanchard since she is being framed. He also presents his mom (again) as a person with motive for framing her.

Emma sadly notes that there are no signs of a break-in and flops unhappily on the bed. Suddenly, they hear creepy thumping noises coming from a vent on the floor.

Emma investigates and inside the vent she finds a hunting knife.....

Although, am I the only one who thinks it's weird how a hunting knife suddenly starts making thumping noises in a vent >_>?

August finds a depressed Henry sulking over a mug of hot chocolate. August straight out tells Henry that if he wants answers, he needs to stop staring at his mug and look in his book. He believes in the book, like Henry. In fact that's why he's in town, to help people - specifically Emma - believe. Henry is thrilled that someone else believes him and eagerly opens his book, though not before casting in wondering glance in August's direction.

Charming tracks down the shivering, naked soldier Snow left behind. He tosses him a blanket and interrogates him about where Snow went. He's shocked to hear that Snow is on a mission to kill the Queen and refuses to believe it; the Snow he loves would never do such a thing. The soldier replies that perhaps Charming never knew Snow as well as he thought.

David goes to Regina to say the accusations against MMarg are ridiculous, she would never do such a thing. Regina on the other hand, tells him that everyone has a dark side, perhaps he simply doesn't know MMarg as well as he thinks. In any case, she believes that evil is not born, it is made. He then confesses that he has been having blackouts and hopes that if he can remember where he was during those times, he could possibly clear her name. Regina tells him to stop blaming himself, after all, evil doesn't always look evil, it is often right in front of you, staring you in the face.

Emma tells an extremely distressed MMarg about the hunting knife and how evidence is piling up against her by the hour. Tough she believes in her innocence, she needs to consider hiring a lawyer.

Speak of the devil, Mr. Gold shows up offering his services. Turns out the reason he is so adept at making contracts is because he is lawyer! Emma is suspicious of his motives but MMarg, desperate for some practical advice, tells Emma to leave so she can discuss things with Mr. Gold. When she inquires to why he is helping her pro bono, he replies that he is simply "invested in your future."

To Grumpy's dismay, Rumpel tells him that he cannot turn Snow back to the way she was because what the potion did was remove love from her heart. Love is the most powerful magic of them all and incidentally, the one kind of magic he has failed to bottle. If he could bottle True Love, he could do anything.

He abruptly turns to Snow and remarks that love isn't what she is here for anyway. Snow, who has been prowling about the room, asks for him to help her kill the Queen. Rumpel eagerly acquiesces by giving her a map and bow that will never miss its target. Snow can't kill her in the castle, she needs to kill her while she is on the move, along the route she will take to the summer castle. He even points out exactly where she needs to hide to get a clear shot.

Grumpy interjects saying that if she takes that bow, he will no longer stand by her. Snow pushes him aside saying that was her plan all along anyway. She asks Rumpel for the price; last time he took a strand of her hair. This time, he mockingly replies there is no price, he is simply "invested in her future."

A short while later, Charming storms in and demands to know what he did to Snow. Rumpel laughingly turns the accusations against him by saying that if he hadn't hurt her, Snow would have never come to him for help. In any case, yes, her memories can be brought back by True Love's kiss. But it will be hard to kiss her when he doesn't even know where she is.

In exchange for revealing where Snow will be, Rumpel asks for his cloak. When Charming asks why he wants his cloak, Rumpel only replies that the castle is drafty. Though suspicious, he agrees and Rumpel gives him a map showing exactly where she is. He also warns him that he must get to her before she kills Queen - if she succeeds, she will become as evil as the person she kills. His last words to Charming is that evil is not born, it's made.

His face xD

Charming finds Snow happily testing out her bow. Declaring once again that will always find her, no matter where she goes, he pounces on her with a kiss. Strangely enough, the kiss doesn't work O_o and she pulls away and knocks him out.

Henry is waiting for Emma with Regina's ring of skeleton keys. He tells her that this is how she broke into MMarg's apartment without a trace. He fruitlessly tries two of the keys, which don't work. He begs her to just try one more - but this time, he wants her to turn the key. Wearily, Emma takes the key and to her surprise, it slips in easily....and unlocks the door with a smooth click.

Charming wakes up to find himself tied to a tree. He is baffled by why his kiss didn't work while Snow scoffs at his words of love. When he tells her his name is "Charming," she mumbles she can see why she wanted to forget him the first place. In any case, she tells him that love is not made of words, but actions. And when Charming insists she isn't capable of killing the Queen, she tells him that she will prove him wrong, "You don't think I can kill her? Watch me!"

At Archie's, David attempts to fill in his memory gaps in an attempt to help MMarg. With Archie's help he recalls that he spoke to Kathryn on the phone before she left. She'd told him that she was hurt but she wanted him and MMarg to be together. Suddenly he begins to recall images of Snow White in the woods when he was Charming - he hears Snow White (aka MMarg) saying , "You don't think I can kill her? Watch me!" David wakes up in horror, but rushes out before he tells Archie what he remembered.

Jiminy comes to James' rescue by chewing through the ropes. When James tells him that his kiss didn't work, Jiminy remarks that perhaps they are approaching this the wrong way. How could Snow remember who he is when she doesn't even know who she is?

An impeccably dressed Queen rides through the snowy woods with subjects bowing to her as she passes. On a ridge above, Snow readies her bow, takes aim, and fires!

And Charming springs into her path and takes the arrow himself! So ok....I guess either Rumpel lied about the properties of the bow or her "real" target was Charming all along. I suspect the bow is like cupid's bow or something that finds true love instead....but couldn't that kill your true love? Ah, I don't know. Anyway, Charming declares that since Snow values actions more than words, now she will get both. He loves her and would rather die than see her heart turn to darkness.

Despite everything, a tear rolls down her cheek as she marvels at the idea that somebody would actually die for her. Though she can't remember who he is, she hesitantly pulls him in for a kiss....and this time it works!

Whew...glad that they didn't draw that out any longer! Their happiness is short-lived, however, because King George's men show up and capture him. As he is taken away, Snow calls out to him saying that she'll find him.

David confronts MMarg and asks about his memory about her saying she will kill "her." With all the evidence and now his new memories, he wants to know if MMarg really had nothing to do with the murder. MMarg is shaken to the core by David's doubt. When he was being accused, she had stood by him without question. Now that the tables have turned, he doubts her. She tells him to get out.

A contrite Snow returns to dwarves. She look at her ignore her and continue silently eating.

She quietly places a new mug for Happy on the table to replace the one she broke. She says it's the only thing she can replace that she broke. She's sorry for everything she did.

Delighted the real Snow is back, the dwarves embrace her and say she can have her old room back. However, Snow says she can't stay, she needs to go save Charming. After everything he dad to save her, she can't let go of him again. The dwarves rally around her saying that she can't do that alone - they will all be going with her.

As a fastidious MMarg makes her jail bed, a key tumbles out from beneath the mattress.

To her shock, the key unlocks the door to her cell. However, she quickly relocks her cell and hides the key when Emma walks in.

Emma hands her breakfast and once again promises to do everything she can to prove MMarg's innocence. MMarg says little, distracted by the thought of being able to escape.

Genie lamp again!

Desperate to help her friend, Emma goes to Mr. Gold. Even though she despises his methods, the only time she beat Regina, it was with his help. She can't risk losing this time around. Mr. Gold says he will help, however, he cryptically adds that Emma has more power than she knows.

Rumpel carefully inspects Charming's cloak with a magnifying glass. After a moment he finds what he was looking for - a strand of Charming's hair.

He drops his hair in a glass bottle with Snow's and of their own accord, they twist to together and begin to glow. Cackling triumphantly, Rumpel adds True Love to his collection of bottled magic.

Back in Storybrooke, we see that despite Emma's assurances, MMarg has taken matters into her own hands.

Soooo....now I want to be Evil Snow White for Halloween! I love the person who does the costume designs (especially The Evil Queen outfits, her riding outfit was awesome). The frothy white lace gown, trademark red hair bow, the pick ax = ^_^ I have to say the spotlights of this episode was the opening scene and the smash-the-bird scene.

I think the True Love concoction Rumpel made may have been a key component of The Curse and possibly the only way to destroy it for good.  It was cool how they finally explained 'some' of the reasoning behind Rumpel's mysterious requests.

In any case, the fairy tale side of the story continues to be far more interesting than the Storybrooke side. Even with the possible murder of Kathryn, it's still obvious to us who is manipulating the scenes so to me it's kind of boring. David is so annoying and even the magnetic acting of Mr. Gold barely gets me through. I guess what I am waiting for are more revelations (Graham sure had them easily enough) and some character development of the main characters! Side characters like Archie and Red are more interesting since they've actually learned something and grown up. Yet Emma is still skeptical, Henry still...Henry, Regina is still bitchy, Mr. Gold is still cagey, MMarg still an innocent weakling, and the less said about David the better. Goodness, I prefer Kathryn/Abigail over all of them right now. She's just about one of the few people that manages to listen to her heart, stay strong to her values yet not put up with any bullshit in a way which makes her actions seem very human instead of a plot contrivance.

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