Review: 3M Nexcare Acne Dressing


Anyone who reads my blog knows I am a huge fan of acne patches.  I've tried acne patches from Lioele, The Face Shop (see my comparison post), and now Nexcare...aka the most popular and easy to find acne patches online.   3M is by far the most popular (or at least the most purchased) from what I've seen online, so of course I was super excited to try these out.

Purchased at: I bought these from BonjourHK for $5.90/36 pieces, but since they're so cheap there, they are forever out of stock.  You'd have better luck getting these at Sasa ($4.00/18 pieces).

Directions: Self-explanatory.  Though these patches are so thick I can't fathom why anyone would want to wear these going out with makeup.

Packaging: Rather "medical" - the patches are packaged the same way gauze dressing is in the hospital xD  All 36 patches aren't actually the same size; they come in two sizes, big and small.  The patches come between two slips of plastic; one side is stickier than the other so you can peel one layer off.

Experience: As you can see, I've used 34 of the 36 patches.  My overall experience each time was one of vague annoyance.

1.) Both sides of the patch are sticky!  One side is super sticky (the side that goes against your skin) and the other is just sticky enough to always get hair strands sticking to it.

2.) These things are SO THICK.

Just look at that!  It's 1-1.5 mm thick!  It literally is like putting a piece of plastic on your face.  The yellowish color also shows up even on your face, so there is really no way you can wear these in public unless well, you're fine with having a big yellow-brown circle on your skin :\   These are only for weekend, stay-at-home weekend wear for sure.  This sounds like a small issue but really, if you have to remove every patch every time you leave the house, you run through patches VERY quickly.

3.) They stay on your face well because of the intense stickiness but gosh, it leaves a lot of sticky residue behind too :P  It washes off just fine but...yeah.

Effectiveness: The upside is that these do what they should.  The point of acne patches is really just to keep you from picking at it and letting it heal cleanly on its own.  So yes, in that respect these do the job just fine.

SO DISAPPOINTED :|  I heard rave reviews about Nexcare's patches, but the only real advantage they have is that they are dirt cheap.  After trying Lioele, The Face Shop, and now Nexcare, I must say that Lioele is the acne patch for me due it's near invisibility, stickiness without residue, and equal effectiveness.  The mini-patches that come with Nexcare would be convenient for wearing in public IF they weren't so doggone yellow!

Anyway~ I think I have tried enough acne patches to last me a lifetime (I still get acne to this day....a curse of genetics and a love for dairy products, god help me X_x).   I should be a spokeswoman for acne patches.   Anyway, in a nutshell, Nexcare patches work and are super cheap, but Lioele trumps them all.  


  1. oOo i actually had used similar product a few years back and I believe it was either clean& clear or Neutrogena that made it. I think the results were "okay" and I didn't see much difference from using this than to other topical creams. I still think "on-the-spot" by Neutrogena is still the best. I recommend you giving it a try ^_^

    1. Interesting! Is on-the-spot a patch or an ointment? I guess I'm pretty fond of patches because my issue is picking at my acne. Also ointments tend to rub off in my sleep. But that great huh? I definitely will try it out!

  2. Interesting! Thanks for the review~!

  3. i've been wanting to try this.. but it's out of stock everywhere T____T"

  4. OK. I need to send you a clay mask (that is, if you're interested in trying) ; it really helped cleans up the pores and helps heal and prevent acne. I've had a few people come to me and express how much its helped their skin. Do you mind if I send you some to try? On me, because I think it can help you. Email me if you're down!

  5. Thanks for the review. I used to use these a long time ago when they looked like tiny circle band aids. They're always sold out when I try to get them online.


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