Review: BCBG Tina's Pump


Omg, I went crazy shopping this weekend!  And per usual, I could not resist buying shoes, but for a good reason this time :) The heels on my old pumps wore away so that the metal bit was sticking out and I despise making that clack-clack sound when I walk (it sounds so...obnoxious), so new shoes were a must.

Anyway, I saw these at Macy's and JC Penny's but were OOS in my size in both! Curses! Then I stopped by DSW and there was one 6.5 size left. Score! These pumps are OOS on DSW's website, so you'll have to go in-stores if you want these. I have also seen these on Amazon, but the seller has marked them up atrociously.

Price: I got these for ~$60.00 at DSW. This was how it was priced at Macy's and JC Penny so I feel like I got a decent deal.

Fit: I swear one of my feet is larger than the other. My small foot fits 6.5 perfectly but my other foot is too big for a 6.5 and too small for 7.0. So basically I just have one uncomfortable shoe, though tis not BCBG's fault. Btw BCBG does not make shoes in wide and the actual shoe is rather narrow. Basically, if you have wide feet, you will not find this shoe comfortable.

Material/Style: A beautiful, shiny patent leather! I love the almond toe, the mini-platform, and the classic design. Can't go wrong with pumps like these. The inside is lined with a super shiny silver material. I kind of wish there was a bit more "tread" on the soles though.  Thankfully, the shoe is cut high enough there is no "toe cleavage" sticking out either (a minor pet peeve of mine).

Quality: Pretty good, what can I say. No wiggling heels, no stray threads. Nothing digs into the back of my heels either.

Frikkin crappy grainy.

Almond toes are my favorite style when it comes to heels so yah! I don't have much to say about these beyond the fact they are a classic shoe that is perfect for work. They are pretty comfortable too (as heels go), though I've worn them for only one day so far. I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend them for any career women looking for a pair black heels. However, people with wide feet beware.

Lastly, I have a followup post coming up comparing these and Mossimo for Target shoes....let's just say they look very similar....


  1. Lady, those are hot.

    Ever since I started working in an office I've been obsessed with shoes. It's pretty bad.

    I wear a size 5 so its painful as hell to try to find shoes that fit right. I've been buying from Sole Society; picked up 3 pairs of shoes during Christmas.

    Man. I need to blog about those.

  2. Love these shoes! I bought a pair of open toe pumps from BCBG. I think they're called Ariel and I love them. They're a little bit more snug than my other ones, but I bought them online.

    1. Really~? I'm a little paranoid about wearing opened toed shoes. My middle toe is weirdly longer than my other toes and when I wear peep toes, it looks like my toes are flicking you off O_O ahah is that paranoid or what xD EHhe if I see Ariel's in stores I will totally try them on tho...:)

  3. these shoes are gorgeous!! a classic patent pump. i love black patent, can make a drab work outfit look a touch more interesting. great buy!

  4. These heels are lookin good! haha I don't really own any heels. hahaha in the the future

  5. You could take your old shoes to a cobbler! They will replace the heel tip and you can have another pair of shoes for rotation again! And patent leather will stretch, so your tighter shoe will conform more to your feet and become tons more comfortable. Although, I bought a pair of Louboutins and did an emergency stretching with them with a blowdryer, thick socks, and some acetone so I could skip most of the breaking in period. It didn't work so well with my other pair of shoes (must have been because they weren't leather, but plastic).


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