World's First Cupcake ATM?!


Sprinkles, the cupcake shop that supposedly began (or at least rode the crest of) the cupcake craze, has done it again! 24-Hour Sprinkles isn't an actual "vending machine" but more of a kiosk that is open around the clock. This is only offered at Sprinkles' Beverly Hills location at the moment but I give it 6 months (or less) for other boutique cupcake shops to start jumping on this trend. To be honest, I'm surprised nobody thought of it before. It's a delicious intersection of fast food and desserts; it also sinfully fulfills a universal temptation - midnight snacking.

Also the machine is so darn cute! So Japanese (is that racist)? Anyway, point being, I keep waiting for the cupcake trend to die. Not because I don't like those little suckers, but because the market is becoming so saturated with them. I hear rumors the next big food trend will be PIES. Not just your standard apple pie, but sweet pies, savory pies, quiches.... I wonder how legit the rumor is but I look forward to it!

Ironically, for someone who has an insatiable sweet tooth, I have not yet tried Sprinkles cupcakes...I may have to stop by the DC location soon, vending machine or no vending machine.


  1. o wow ~ really~ how cute. I want to try that!!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  2. Awww!
    That's the cutest ATM machine I have ever seen.

    COme visit my blog and let's follow each other on GFC!

  3. you got me at cupcakes. this is TOO adorable!!

  4. Haha this is genius! They should make these atm machines at all food places in the US. Japan is already way ahead of us with all of their high tech vending machines!

  5. first time I had of it will have a cupcake any day x


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