Baby Robins Say Hello!


Today is Earth Day so I am especially thrilled to update you all on the Robin family ^_^

A couple weeks ago, a robin laid four eggs in our backyard. Wiki said it would take ~2 weeks for the eggs to hatch and last weekend the eggs hatched right on time!! The little chicklets in the pic are ~1 week old :)

Aww his skinny little neck ^^

Now that the younglings are a little older, the momma bird isn't always sitting on them so I got to snap a few pics. Thankfully the lighting was SO GOOD yesterday, I didn't even have get very close to get these these closeup shots. The sad news is that I think only 3 of the 4 eggs hatched :( But the survivors are very energetic and adorable!

They are still mostly naked but their little feathers are growing in fast ^_^

Only 7 days old and already being stalked by paparazzi...

They're supposed to start flying in a week or so this might be the last pics I get of them :( but it was an amazing experience to see them grow. I didn't get to see them actually hatch ^^ but hearing them cheep and seeing their mom feed them everyday was definitely a once in a lifetime experience ^_^

When the mom is home, I have to content myself to snapping pics from inside :P This is when she is feeding her chicks.

On another nature-y note, the roses and azaleas around our house are flowering. The roses were a surprise because they rarely bloom but this year the roses are not only bloomed but they are huge.

The azaleas, on the other hand, always bloom and I daresay they are among my favorite flowers because they are not only gorgeous but also very hardy and easy to care for.

They don't need fertilizer or regular watering, every year the bushes are just covered with dense, perfect blooms.

That is all for now.....Happy Earth Day!


  1. Holy MOLY those are close up shots...the babies are so cute and its so sad 1 didn't hatch. :( Thanks for keeping me updated on this. I can't believe you were so lucky to witness it. BTW your azaleas are beautiful.

  2. AHH the baby Robins are so cuteee! It's sad only 3/4 hatched but all birds go to heaven :)

  3. The flowers are so beautiful! Happy Earth Day!:)

  4. awww those birds are SO CUTE! it's sad only 3/4 hatched but they're adorable

  5. how cool! definitely a once in a lifetime experience :)

  6. those little birds are BALD. HAHAHHA they are hilariously cute. haha

  7. Aww they're so cute! That's so awesome that you got the chance to see them grow up right before your eyes :D The azaleas in your garden are beautiful too!


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