A Bird's Humble Abode


A couple weeks ago, I noticed that one of the flower bushes in our backyard acquired a mysterious hole.... "Curiosity" is my middle name so of course I took a peek inside:

Ohoho how GENIUS is this robin?! It frikkin made its own DOORWAY into the bush!  I dunno if it plucked all the leaves around the entrance or what but it sort of freaks me out how...well planned it all looks.   The nest is quite scraggly at the bottom but it's perfectly formed around the top.  I've never seen a bird's nest this close and it is really a miniature work of art. Tightly woven, finely shaped *sigh* ah~ nature.

And it gets better! When I first found the nest, it was quite empty, but this weekend:

View from living room window.  A curse on that window screen.

ZOMG!!!! Four wee-little robin eggs!  This picture is quite true to life - a robin's eggs are really that gorgeous shade of turquoise! And you know what else is bloody fantastic about this nest? See that window behind the bush in the first picture? We can actually see the bird's nest from inside the house. This way we can watch the eggs hatch *sqeee* all without disturbing the momma bird :)

The mom bird rarely leaves her nest and never seems to be far. My dad and I were pulling some weeds over the weekend and the mom bird was perched in a tree about 5 yards away making a serious racket until we moved away from the bush ^_^ She is a protective lady!

According to trusty old Wiki, robins lay 2-3 broods from April to July (right on schedule this one).  Eggs are supposed to hatch in 14 days and the chicks leave the nest 2 weeks later.  Accordingly, we should be seeing chicks in the next 10 days!  I am so excited~!!  Hopefully I will be able to record the little Robin Family's progress over the next few weeks with a couple pics taken from our inside the house.

Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all :)   Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


  1. OMG.....what a beautiful surprise for Easter. I can't wait to see and hear updates on the babies. Please please keep us posted. :)

  2. My gosh those Robin eggs look like Easter candy! Ahh I hope you can catch the chicks hatching, that would be a moment to remember forever :)

  3. ohh such a cute picture, I didn't know those robyn eggs were that blue, really pretty :D

  4. Omg, ROBIN EGGS!!! Seriously?! Wow, that's really awesome.

    Sorry to be so late on this comment! I hope you update soon! :D

  5. Blue eggs!!!!! I hope no kids mistook them for easter eggs. After seeing this pic I am now on a quest to find a nail polish that shade of blue :)

    1. ahah yes~ and make sure you add the little black specks too - a literal Robin Egg Blue ^_~!

  6. Wahh, so awesome! Aww, nature~ ^^

  7. I've never seen a robin before, but they look pretty smart and amazing. Oh nature!


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