OOTD: A Casual Saturday


Hey lookie here, an Outfit of the Day :) Hopefully, the first of many, though I do not think I dress particularly well. I tend to dress for comfort and rarely accessorize...I would categorize myself as a Lazy Fashionista, if there is such a thing.

Anyway, let me introduce to you one of my favorite weekend outfits:

The Limited High Low Cardigan (direct link)
Grey Tank Top from Walmart...Fruit of the Loom I think
H&M Black Scalloped Shorts

I LOVE THIS CARDIGANNNNNNNNN! I bought these in BOTH colors and I have never bought duplicates before. Especially for top heavy folks, the deep V, the flared hips and pocket details really help balance out your shoulders. This is a very flattering top and will never go out of style. I especially adore how the back covers my butt ^^ Since it does cover the butt, this is the perfect way to modestly wear leggings and scandalously short shorts (my weakness) ^_~

I prefer Charcoal over Off White but overall, the cut of this cardigan was just too good to have in just one color. The Charcoal is opaque but the Off White color is faintly see-thru.

The material is very soft, lightweight and airy - great for spring and fall. Even though it is pricey at first glance, The Limited always has crazy 40-50% off sales going on (just join their mailing list). But just so we're clear how much I like these, I would buy the Charcoal one at full price any day. It fits very true to size, I got this in Medium, my regular The Limited size.

I'm not crazy about this ongoing lingerie trend (layered sheers and delicate laces don't go well on non-wispy bodies imho ;_; ), but I think these shorts are the ideal way for those with an athletic bent to add a touch of fashion to their closet! These are basically running shorts with scalloped edges - super comfortable and cute.

These H&M shorts are made of a very thin, but completely opaque rayon (?) material. It is neither lined nor hemmed but the material seems to be of the type that doesn't need to be. In any case, it doesn't fray. The tie around the waist is a shoe lace material. Overall, like I said, these are essentially fashionable running shorts.  What really makes these a must buy are the fact these come with pockets.  Come on, comfort, scalloped edges, and pockets?!

I saw various colors - green, baby pink, yellow - on the rack but I got black because it was the most neutral color. These just came out for the H&M Spring/Summer 2012 collection so they are still in-stores. These are true to size; I am normally Size 10 *sigh* but I got these in a Size 8 because I couldn't find a 10. It fits fine, but I think a 10 would've been best.  These were pretty cheap too, if I recall correctly.  Mucho recommended :)


  1. Ooh, I love how it covers the butt as well! Hmm...I don't know how to say this without sounding odd, but you have a very small head! I just got back from Korea so my eyes are still keen to head:body ratios, haha XD

  2. I love long shirts or tunics that cover my butt. It's hard to find them at the right length for me because I'm so short though. BTW I can't believe you cut your gorgeous long hair. I think you look adorable with short hair b/c you have an oval face that matches basically any haircut of your choice. LUCKY YOU. :)

  3. I love super cute casual outfits. I especially like the detail on the shorts :)


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