The Power of a V-neck!


What?! How did a week pass already? Anyway, super quick post about clothes of all things.

My body has a definite V-shape to it and consequently, I have adoration for any piece of clothing to that helps me look more hourglass-y ;)   On most days, I'm fine with my body but other days *sigh*....why so wide?  I am living proof it is possible to be top heavy without boobs xD

So, I just wanted to say that one of my favorite purchases in the last 2-3 months is The Limited Angel Wing Cardigan! It's a lightweight, super comfortable, and perfect for spring! Plus how can you deny the fluttery sleeves? And this makes me look more curvy looking I think ^_~

My only complaint is Small tends to ride up and reveals my belly (see pic above) and Medium is perfect around my waist but the neckline too big (like it slips to the side and shows one of my bra straps). I stuck with a Small, but it will probably fit better if I tone up around the middle *sigh* Anyway, every size is still available so I totally recommend buying one for spring. I dislike buying multiples of anything but I like my purple one so much I want to buy the pink one as well! These are going for a CRIMINALLY low price of $16.99 each too, so worth it. Highly recommended!

Last tank top is also from The Limited as well. Crazy how it looks so fabulously different on the model vs me ;_; ah well~ now you know what The Limited cami looks like a non-model person ;)


  1. that top is pretty! :)

    p.s. i wish i had a toned middle area too, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. The difference between how the top looks on the model and you, is that the model has lost part of her rib cage. Just saying.
    Also, that cardi looks wonderful on you :)

  3. WOW what a difference, Elle. I love my curves but they are a burden every once in a while too. I think you should get the pink one especially at that price.

  4. THis top is soo cute. Omg the price is perfect too!.

  5. Ah! That is SUCH an awesome piece~. <3 I need to try something like that-- I, too, have a V shape naturally. (Stupid wide shoulders and rib cage. ; _ ;)

    Anyway, the pic of the tank and cardi being worn really ARE super helpful. Thanks for sharing~~.


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