Meet Momma Robin + Best Ginger Candy EVER


Random update before I pack up - I haven't mentioned candy in awhile, but trust sweet tooth is still alive and kicking.  Quick update on the Robin Family: here's the Robin Mom watching over her eggs.  I'm guessing we have ~7 days to go till hatching but otherwise, all is quiet on the home front ;)

And now....I present to you one of my all time favorite (and #1 favorite in the past few months) candy - CHIMES GINGER CHEWS!

These so friggin hard to find though! My mum brought them home one day because they were on sale at Hmart (bless Hmart, I discover all my new candy there ;) ).  After one piece I was hooked!  Hmart only stocks these periodically but I have also seen these at Ross and Marshall's oddly enough. I usually avoid buying food stuffs at what are essentially discount clothing stores but these are just too good (and rare) to pass up.  And whatever, these babies are individually packaged so I'll risk it ;)

These are a chewy (like caramel), powerfully ginger flavored candy that is lightly dusted in powdered sugar.  This is obviously a sweetened version of raw ginger but this is as close as you are going to get without just eating...raw ginger.  This stuff is STRONG.  It will clear your sinuses with an insanely spicy, sweet, deliciously tangy kick.  Like I said, it's very chewy but if you aren't impatient like me and chomp eagerly on it, it will melt in your mouth slowly as well.

My favorite, favorite is Orange Ginger (comes in an orange package duh) because the orange and ginger go so well together.  Peppermint is a little blase because the the ginger flavor overpowers it; you might as well just eat the Original.  I haven't tried Peanut Butter or Mango yet because I dislike peanut butter and am faintly allergic to mango.  When I'm feeling adventurous though, I'll try em...nothing like a little allergic reaction to jazz things up xD

I would totally recommend you try these (especially if you have a cold or sinus issues).  The only exceptions are people who don't like the taste of ginger (obviously) and people who don't like super chewy candy xD  Otherwise, this is one of the most unique, flavorful, and ridiculously addictive candies eva!  No need to thank me ;)

That said....Geez, I can't believe I can write so much about one bloody piece of candy....


  1. The bird is so cute ! Awww ! And I'd love me some ginger candy right now :-)
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  2. I love ginger candy! That looks almost the same as the Asian ones but the flavors sound interesting! Will check to see if I can find these in Canada. What country are they made in? It's got English and French on the package.

  3. I love ginger candy! When I was a little kid my mom used to feed it to us all the time. I didn't know they made different flavors and brands, will have to check it out.


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