Korea Trip 2010, Part 19: Food Porn + My Bday + Hair Curling


WHAT!? How has it been two weeks since my last post already O_o?! Ehehe, I'm not going to lie that a chunk of my time was spent catching up on the many season finales (Castle! OUAT *cue recapper guilt*! The Office! New Girl!). Anyway, to get myself into the groove again, here is the next installment of the slow-moving Korea Trip series.

This one is a fairly short post with lots of food pics~ Around this time I also celebrated my birthday and got my first perm! It didn't turn out so bad considering I was curling already semi-curly hair ^_~ (see last picture in the post).

Lastly, I could not for the life of me think of a good title for this post.... gah....

Continued from Part 18: Random Sights of Busan
To start from the beginning go to Part 1: Flying to Tokyo

First stop for today: Ga-myah Mir-myun, a little family restaurant in Busan. It was one the remove-your-shoes-and-sit-on-the-floor affairs. I actually prefer sit-down-on-the-ground restaurants because then customers don't do things like drop napkins or brush all their crumbs onto the floor since they're actually sitting on it. I think this setup encourages a lot more respect and tidiness than more modern, sit-in-a-chair restaurants if you ask me.

RANT/TANGENT: Plus I still carry a grudge against the hoards of rude teens I used to have to clean up after when I worked at Potbelly Sandwiches. I still remember this one group of 10 kids who not only proceeded to push 5 tables in a row in front of the BATHROOM DOOR and leave their baskets, cookie wrappers, and crumbs all over the table - but ALSO deliberately drop every napkin on the floor. It took at least 20 minutes to wipe off the table, throw out their trash, collect their baskets, move the tables and chairs back to the correct positions, sweep up the crumbs and napkins on the floor.....all during 5pm on a Friday night when the dinner rush is in full force.

Just a note: If it's a fast food restaurant and you're not leaving anyone a tip, it IS in fact the PATRON'S job to return their tray and throw out their trash. I get that sometimes people are in such a rush *scoff* or just forget, but their are plenty of people I see deliberately making a god awful mess and just meander on out (usually passing a trashcan on the way). Seriously, have a little respect for people who are on their feet all day. Yes, it's their job to keep the place clean for patrons, but it's not their job to be your maid.

Anyway! Their small menu of mir-myun, ja-jang-myun, bi-bin bap, meat dumplings etc. Note to travelers: I noticed places with small menus tend to have better food since that means that's their specialty.

I got the dumplings (mandoo) and cold noodles, which I adore. I don't remember how these tasted, but dumplings always make me smile cuz they're so cute :)

Nice and icy, just the way I like it! This is seriously the most refreshing thing to eat in the middle of the summer. In restaurants it's usually called naang-myun and only served in hot months - try it!

I also celebrated my birthday while I was in Korea. This is a fruit cream cake from Tous Les Jours :)

I love fruit in cake and the grapes O_O SO MASSIVE eheheh It was kind of weird since it was the first birthday I celebrated without my mom, dad, or brother. I remember that made me feel a little sad and homesick.... Well, at least I had my aunts :)

Just look at all that cream! I found that overall, Korean cakes seem to be made of "spongier", denser bread. I'm not a huge fan of cream to be honest, but hey, when you're homesick, the only solution is to kill it with sugar ;)


Lastly, I had permed my hair! My hair was pretty long I must say....with curls it was 2-3 inches shorter too. It was the first time I had permed my hair ever, so I can't make much of a comparison. However, the lady told me that these curls would loosen over time and become "beach hair waves." It didn't happen quite that way....my hair gets too puffy in humidity :P But it was cool having such curly hair even if the humidity did wreck havoc on it for rest of the summer :)

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  1. Bet Korea was fun. Your hair looks so pretty. Like the curls. Oh, the food looks good.

    Seattle Fashion Beauty Blog

  2. want to see korea.beautiful trip! xooo

  3. i'm glad you're still continuing your korea trip posts as i've just booked my ticket! your posts are really helpful and informative and making me uber excited!

    1. FYI this trip happened 2 years ago (kill me...) but let me know if you have any questions! ahhhhh so excited for you, I hope you have a lot of fun :)!

  4. I want some dumplings now! <3

  5. omgooosh. drooling over the pics <3 btw happy belated birthday Elle, I wish you all the best always ^-^

  6. That cold noodle looks nice, I think I will have a try next time too... :D

  7. This post is great! My mom gets me one of those cakes from the Korean bakery when i visit. Theyre amazing!

  8. Love Asian bakery and great food pics!! The cake looked so good haha


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