A Lone Egg and An Empty Nest


And so Robin Family series comes to an end :(  I checked the nest last week and all the birds had literally flown the coop....  I can't believe how quickly they grew up ;_;  The last time I saw them I estimate they were only 4-5 days old since their feathers were just starting to poke out.

On the upside, the rhododendron flowers are in full bloom.

You can see the nest worn down on one side, where the mom bird would perch when feeding the hatchlings.

You can see a peek of blue....

I got really caught up with work for a week and right on the dot, two weeks after hatching, the baby robins were gone! I was actually really depressed that I never got to see them again.  Since I hadn't seen any robins around the bush for awhile, this weekend I went up right up next to the nest to take a look inside.  Remember when I said I think only 3 of 4 eggs hatched?

Well, now I've confirmed it :(  There was one egg buried at the bottom of the nest; apparently unhatched eggs are either shoved out or buried.  I thought about retrieving the egg to get a closer look, but I have a fear that I'll accidentally crack it and a half formed robin will spill out ><   I guess I'll just leave everything as is.  Robins lay 2-3 broods a year from April to July so I am hoping we have another robin family will move in but so far...no such luck~

Also, I thought I had gotten some pretty sweet photos of robins but gosh, lots of people have gotten much better pictures!  Like Kathy, who got friggin amazing shots of a robin nest that was also, coincidentally, in a rhododendron bush (maybe robins like rhododendrons?).  You can see how robins grow day-by-day and I am so jealous she got to see the hatching ;_;

Cinco de Mayo tomorrow - have fun :)


  1. Wow birds must grow up really fast. And I think it's a good idea you decided not to disturb the egg..I'd be so freaked out if a half deformed robin was inside it too x_x

  2. wow, that fast?! I can't believe it! And I still can't believe how pretty robin eggs are!

  3. That's so sad :( but I can't believe the others have already grown up. Still haven't found a nail polish to match the color of those gorgeous blue eggs.

  4. Ahaha. It's like mother nature ships Robin/Rhododendron. <3 Perfect.

    Anyway, awww. That DID go by quickly! (It's like some metaphor for having kids of your own or something...)

    And pshh-- you had some pretty good pics, too. 8) Wish we had robin nests in my backyard. We only ever see is kingbird and squirrel nests....

  5. hey, elle! long time no see. hope you're well. these are beautiful photos! have a nice wknd. :)

  6. I still can't believe you got to experience such thing. I've never seen anything like this up close, at least not near my home. LOL. Thanks for sharing it. Its a shame that the last egg didn't hatch. :(

  7. Naawww what a cute little nest. I agree with Mara, I haven't bee lucky to see a nest so close up! =)

  8. Love your blog, check mine and we can follow each other if you like :)



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