Review: Skinfood Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam


And more Skinfood reviews!  I have to admit I have a soft spot for Skinfood, something about their pretty packaging and "food"/healthy/yummy focus just strokes me the right way.  I don't find the brand exceptional compared to other Korean cosmetics brands, but I can never resist trying "just one more thing."  Ah, such is the power of the packaging.....

I got this as a sample with one of my previous Skinfood purchases, however, I didn't use it till now because 1.) I rarely use samples unless I'm traveling and 2.) I'm not crazy about Skinfood foaming products since the Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser and Skinfood Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam were less than impressive. However, after finishing the sample packet, I must say I was pleasantly surprised this time around!

Purchased at: It was a sample.

Cost: $15 at YesStyle

Skin-reviving foam cleanser whisks away dirt, excess sebum and other skin dulling impurities to reveal perfectly clean and hydrated skin. Enriched with honey and pomegranate extract for softer and well-moisturized skin, the minerals and organic acids in apple cider keep skin nourished to improve over-all skin health.

Directions: For a thorough clean, gently massage foam on skin for a few seconds and rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat skin dry.

Texture: A most fascinating clear gel! A little goes a long way because this gel magically foams up when you lather it with water and really lives up its name. I forgot to take a picture of the foam, but Koyuki Palace has a good shot of how this foams.

Scent: Exactly like slightly vinegary Granny Smith Apples! Or sour apple lollipops. It's an artificial scent for sure, but quite fun and pleasant. Once it foams up, the vinegar scent becomes less prevalent and the scent becomes more sweet.

Cleansing Effectiveness: It doesn't remove eye makeup (ei Dolly Wink Liquid Liner) at all nor BBcream. That said, this is not advertised as a makeup cleanser, so this is not a criticism as much as reminder not to use this for removing makeup. On bare skin, I think this does a nice job of gently removing oil without feeling too drying. Since it's foam, there is no rough tugging and my face felt refreshed afterwards. I think my skin also look a bit brighter and more radiant too!  There was no residue left behind.

I think as a general face cleanser, this does just as promised. This would be useful for people who wear very little makeup or just sunscreen everyday. I am not sure about long term improvement, but I didn't have any irritation after use.

Repurchase? Or rather, would I ever purchase a fullsize? Probably not since my cleanser must also be a makeup remover.  This is one of the decent, but nothing special products to me. The gel texture is very cool and the scent pleasing, but practically speaking, it is useless to me since it doesn't remove makeup.

I would recommend this to people who do not wear makeup and have perhaps, mild acne problems since apple vinegar is supposed to be beneficial for acne, itching, and age spots.  This retails around $6 in Korea and a little goes a long~ way (the tiny sample pack lasted me 4 washes).

I would NOT recommend this for people with sensitive skin or those who dislike the scent of (apple) vinegar. Because apples or no, you can smell the vinegar.

Either way, I wouldn't part with more than $10 for this product (unlikely unless you live in Korea or have a local Skinfood shop).  So unless you can get this for under that, I'd say just look for comparable products in your local drugstore.

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  1. waaah thanks for the review, I love to buy things from skinfood counter, they gave me a bunch of samples! lolz~

  2. THanks for teh review. I like the sound of apple vinegar but I think I need a stronger cleanser.

  3. ah, it smells like vinegar?? idk if i'd want to smell that on my face hahahaha thanks for the review!

    and omg, yes Rain is so much taller in person than i thought he'd be! and so good looking lol
    i went to his concert in vegas a few years ago. gahhh he's such a great performer. you're so lucky you saw se7en too!! i love him :D

  4. skin food has unfortunately never worked for me.. although Korean beauty brands are definitely growing on me. Nice review!


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