Review: Skinfood Broccoli Sun Cream SPF42+++


I run through sunscreen pretty quickly because I use it everyday, especially since I have started wearing BBcream less and less now, especially on the weekends. I just hate getting makeup smeared everywhere and lately, I'd rather have a face that doesn't smear makeup on the collar of my coat than perfect skin :P

In the past I have also reviewed the Skinfood Carrot Sun Cream SPF 30++ and SkinFood Quince Whitening Sun Lotion. Currently, I alternate between this sunscreen and a Missha sunscreen I'll review later.

This sunscreen cream contains a variety of vitamins and broccoli extract to revitalize skin tired from summer weather. It provides high UVA and UVB protection for outdoor activities.

* Use: 15-20 minutes before going outside, apply to exposed areas such as face, neck, arms, and legs, avoiding eye areas.

- Skinfood product page
Purchased at: Believe it or not, I got this in Korea two years ago and just popped it open recently. This is a relatively unpopular product, so you can get it for pretty cheap compared to BBcream (ei Amazon).

Scent: ooo...I like! Skinfood has a way of nailing some of the strangest scents, like mushroom, broccoli. The scent is very light and and reminiscent of steamed vegetables. It's odd but not at all unpleasant.

Texture: It's a classic "milky" sunscreen that runs more liquidy than creamy. In fact, it's a little baffling to me why this is called a "cream" since it's so liquidy.  It's just like the Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70, which I never reviewed on my blog but have used extensively in the past because of its high SPF. Anyway, this absorbs very quickly and does not leave any streaks. In fact, it absorbs so quickly, if you don't spread it fast enough, you'll end up using more to cover your whole face.

Effectiveness: Well, it's SPF42 and doesn't leave white streaks on my face. Like any sunscreen, it should be reapplied every few hours if you are sweating.

Appearance on face: It goes on smoothly and absorbs fast. It tends to make my face very oily/shiny though. I haven't taken pictures wearing this sunscreen but other reviewers have said that it does not have a white cast despite the high SPF.

I probably wouldn't buy this again or recommend it because it's not particularly amazing to me.

- Milky sunscreen absorbs faster
- Delicate, natural scent
- High SPF

- Leaves a shine on your face. Nothing powder wouldn't fix though I guess.

I'm not sure what it is, but I just feel very lukewarm about this product even though there is nothing wrong with it. Let's just say that there are plenty of comparable 'milky' sunscreens in America (Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70 and Shiseido Anessa Sunscreen SPF30 for starters) that it's hardly worth the trouble of importing.

Last thing, I'm not sure why, but people seem to be having entirely different experiences in terms of consistency (see reviews below). Basically some people (like me) are getting "milky" sunscreens and others are getting "thick" sunscreens. It almost sounds like everyone is using two different products. Maybe some people are getting expired or fakes? Mine was at least 2 years old, though unopened and unexpired, but maybe the age made it more liquidy....  Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there.

Other Reviews
Chocolate Cherries Allamanda - very positive review that calls this "thick and hard to blend." wtf?! Are we using the same product?
Review Galore - Slightly drying and sticky. No white cast.
Cosmetic Candy - describes it as a "thicker lotion"...weird because mine was almost watery....
Mischievous Mack - pretty much agree with everything she wrote.

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  1. I just went to see the skin food products, the broccoli sunscreen cream's texture is more to liquid. I tried it on my hand. I will probably buy this..


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