Korea Trip 2010, Part 20: Animals Galore!


I think I am finally 2/3 through with this series recap xD To celebrate here is a little compilation of the various critters I photographed while wandering Busan/Seoul.  These bunnies were on sale at Shinsaegae (of course).  I'm not enormously fond of bunnies, mostly because I've rarely interacted with them but gosh darn these were so fluffy and sweet ^_^  The little paws!  The wee puff of a tail!  The carefully applied eyeshadow ;)!

Continued from Part 19: Food Porn + My Bday + Hair Curling
To start from the beginning go to Part 1: Flying to Tokyo

But even cuter than bunnies are HAMSTERS!  Ahhhh....so cute...

The little nose!  The teeny paw!

How can one deny their cuteness ^_^?!

The little white-honey colored ones are less cute >_>  But I am probably biased because all my hamster have been dark brown ^_^  I had a dwarf hamster many years ago and gosh...they are just as cute as I remember them.  They're definitely a lot more jumpy and bite-prone than golden hamsters though....whatever, when you are a furry little ping pong ball, you can do pee on my hand and I will still coo over you ;)

Here are a bunch of them scurrying around generally being adorable.  On another note, hamsters are so friggin cheap in Korea!!  5 Won!??!  That's less than 5 USD a hamster!  At Pet's Mart, hamsters are at least $13 USD.   I feel kind of bad ranting about the cost of living creatures but...seriously geez...

Mammals aside, here are some crustaceans!  These crabs were HUGE HUGE.  These pictures don't do them justice - their bodies alone were about the size of my hand.

And ending on a semi-depressing/cool note....here is a bisected pig head.  I saw this at one of the street markets and was quite fascinated by how all the teeth were still intact....but they also have no eyeballs :(


  1. The bunnies are super cuuuute! But what is that hooror at the end q___q

    milkyposh xx

  2. Aww! =) yay you updated your korea trip photos! Those animals are adorable!

  3. lol what an ending to your animal post :P Cute bunnies ^^

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, your ending to such a cute fluffy post...I didn't really expect that. It doesn't freak me out as such, but it's kind of funny xD Ahahaha....

  5. Awww love the bunny!!!


  6. Haha, cool post. Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you on my blog :) check out the post here: http://beauty-and-aikido.blogspot.hu/2012/06/tell-me-about-yourself-award.html


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