Korea Trip 2010, Part 21: How Koreans Eat Italian Food


The bad news is that looking back, I am seeing a distinct lack of real review posts lately :P Quite frankly, I have not been buying any new makeup or skincare products, I have just been repurchasing old favorites that I've already reviewed.  Convenient for me, but it sure makes it hard to keep up a makeup/skincare review blog :\   The good news is I THINK I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE POST IN THIS SERIES LEFT.  Yah, another New Year resolution almost accomplished!  Zomg, it only took 2 years!  Anyway, celebrating too soon - onwards!

This post is a mash up of the places I ate at (yes, I pretty much ate 90% of the time) in Busan before taking the KTX back to Seoul and hopping the plane at Incheon Airport.  It's been two years already, but strangely, I remember a lot more than I thought I would - even insignificant things like the taste of Orion candy bars and how to get a ticket to ride the metro.  I suppose this is why people dream of traveling around the world.  Each moment is somehow sharper, more visceral than it is when you're at home.  It makes you think, "so this is what it feel like to be alive."

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One of the more amusing experiences I had in Korea was when sampling their pasta. We went to a couple of Italian restaurants when my aunt heard I like pasta and it was quite interesting!

A bread basket with breads, roasted garlic and a somewhat random potato.
For one thing, their sauces are were much milder and there was not enough cheese :(  Ah well, I am certainly the only Asian I know that still eats cheese everyday :P  *grumble*

And with every pasta meal - they served pickled radishes O_O  I am guessing that's because kimchee is "too Korean" but Korean patrons still want something to gnaw on...so I guess random non-spicy pickled radishes = European kimchee bwheheh ;)

This place just gave us a little bowl of pickles >_>  But you know what, I have to admit that having a little crunch with my pasta was quite addictive.  It does balance out the "heaviness" of a startchy meal quite a bit~

Moving on from pasta - this is a restaurant I ate at in Busan.  It was very close to Busan University and unsurprisingly, there were lots o' young college kids roaming the area.

This place served us a gigantic bowl of chicken + potatoes + noodles!

It was enough for 5 people at least!  Definitely a share-happy, college kid comfort food :)  One thing I do like very much about eating in Korea is how communal it is...everyone just chopsticking at one big plate.  So friendly (and cheaper splitting the bill I bet ^_~) *sigh* A pity America is so germaphobic....

Another big-plate restaurant in Busan: Yu-ga-neh Dahk Gal-bi!

Lots of college kids here too, since it was also close to Busan University.

A lady plopped a big metal pan in the middle of the table and started frying up some veggies and spices....

Then added a bowl of noodles and rice!

Stir, stir, then separate!

Then eat :)  This is college comfort food in any country ;)  Some things are universal I suppose!


  1. The potato IS pretty random, lol. The college eatery type of place is super awesome!

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  3. YAYYYY more korean posts lol

    everything looks so yummy~ i'm a fan of food sharing too lol it's easy and convenient~

  4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ the random potato ㅋㅋ and 찜딹!! SO GOOD~

  5. delicious food! and now i want to eat pasta, haha! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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