I'M ALIVE (again!) + Bits n Pieces of NYC


My trademark 'deranged chipmunk' smile ~_~

And I'm back! Holy bajeezers I can't believe my last post was June 30 -_- and there is something just a little disheartening about how this is my second post I've labeled "I'm Alive!"

Well, what have I been up to? IT'S A SECRET! BWHAAHA Actually no, I've just been really busy with work and travel. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving.... Dinner was amazing and it was nice to take a break with the fam. Speaking of lovely people, I noticed that sometime in the last few months, I hit 500+ readers! What the!? Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read these musings of a easily amused, makeup adoring, mildly OCD Imgur-ian :].... (if anyone is an imgurian - I HAVE PROBABLY UPVOTED YOU). I read every comment and though I am slow at replying - each one makes my day, no question!

Anyway, to get myself rolling again and dust off this pastel green blog (I really need a layout revamp), I thought I might recap some of my tourist adventures in NYC. On that note, if any NYC/NJ-ites are in DC, let me know :]

A little cruise perhaps?

In any case....I took the DC2NY bus to NYC a couple months back. It was supposed to be a 5 hour bus ride but some horrendous traffic made it a 6+ hour ride -_- Plus I swear that I saw at least 4 Megabuses and Boltbuses just whizzed past us on the road gah!!! CURSE YOU DC2NY!

Anyway, I finally got to NYC and spent another hour bussing into NJ to meet a buddy -

Where we commenced to order the entire appetizer menu at a restaurant at Grand Lux Cafe :)

The next day, my friend asked me if I wanted to walk her dog. Little did I know that by "walk" she meant a hike. Up the Catskills. On rocky, unpaved paths. For hours. For a slow moving creature like myself, needless to say I was complaining five minutes in.....

But the sights were indeed beautiful :)

EDIT: My friend told me that the place we hiked was the Seven Lakes starting at the Reeves Meadow Visitor Center.  Click here to see exactly where we started.

There were a ton of hikers too, but the older Asian folks intrigued me the most. There were groups of them carrying ramen, and all sorts of goodies as they trekked up the mountain in their fancy sunhats. They'd hike to the top, find a spot by the lake and cook up entire meals. It smelled delicious!

Hello beautiful! Such a spoingy tail you have!

The waters looked just fabulous too - I was fuming that I didn't think to bring my swimsuit - but I did find comfort seeing the number of adorable doggies! I really like spitz-type dogs particularly, and it was cool to see so many jindos and huskies everywhere!

I have to say my friend's dog, Dakota, was quite the star tho :) She's a gorgeous husky and everyone was complimenting her during the walk~ Not only does she have the trademark icy blue husky eyes and dainty little paws (for a husky), she even has the ace of spades on her forehead!


Of course, I couldn't get a proper picture of her *sigh* She doesn't love me....she only loves to pears I give her :\

After rolling around NJ for a day or so eating and shopping (yah for no sales tax!) We took a late night train to NYC to visit Max Brenner for the first time! Max Brenner is basically a chocolate fondue/dessert place, but they do have 'regular' non-dessert food there as well.

For some strange reason, we didn't get any damn fondue though (their specialty)...

...and I totally regret it! The ice cream sundae was so mediocre, though the sandwiches (which I didn't try) looked really good. Anyway, if you go to Max Brenner, don't get the ice cream sundae....just get fondue! Next time I go, I would like to try the dipped ice cream as well ^_^ Overall, I was kind of disappointed with my first MB visit. Our reservations were at midnight and it was still rather loud and the dessert was less than stellar :( But I will reserve ultimate judgement until I try their fondue yah yah yah!

Ahhh...to live in one of these apartments...^_^

The next morning, we went to The Highline, a skinny park *coughwalkwaycough* that runs along the West Side of Manhattan. I have to say it was really lovely - not only were there lots of well-designed benches and plants....

Top: "Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles!"
Bottom: "Hey bro!"

...they also had really cool pieces of artwork on billboards along the park and integrated into the park itself.

Anyway, it was as nice as Central Park :) all the greenery! If you're in NYC, The Highline is definitely a beautiful place to check out or eat lunch. If I ever get to live in NYC, I would love to live somewhere along The Highline....to be able to get up and take a short jog along edges of the most famous city in the world as you watch the sun rise - there's nothing like Big Apple dreams to pass the hours is there :)?

*whew* this post was harder to write than I thought. Getting my thoughts together, picking the pics for the post, writing it all down in a semi-entertaining way :P Well, it's good to be back....till next time! Soon! Really!


  1. welcome back, that white dog is cute! I want to hug it ^^

  2. welcome backkkkkk girl :D !!! i really want to visit NYC once!

  3. Glad to see that you're still alive!!!!!!! We missed you!!!!! I think somehow Bolt buses seem to sail through eh I-95 traffic, I've gotten to NYC in under 3hrs once.

  4. welcome back!! ohh the husky looks adorable, haha I love the first picture!

  5. oh yeah!! I'm going to dc and ny in two weeks! definitely going to get fondue :)

  6. gorgeous photos! i love nyc as well :) hope you had a fun trip

    Glass of Fashion

  7. LOL i didn't even think of cosmo to kids.... good thing they can't read haha

  8. Any chance you would be able to let us know the hiking path location in the Catskills you did? It looks gorgeous! Thanks.

    1. Siiii I just asked my buddy and she said that the path is at Seven Lakes starting at the Reeves Meadow Visitor Center. I put the link to the exact spot in the post above :)


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