NYC Part 2: The Mystery That is Modern Art


More modern art perhaps ;)?

I've never quite understood modern art.  When I was young, I was convinced ANYONE could make modern art - even taking a shit, canning it, and selling it was ok - it's ART!   But, I'm older now so I decided I ought to give modern art another shot, so I went to visit the Museum of Modern Art.  I figured that even if I didn't leave convinced that urinals are capable of some grand artistic statement, at least I'll know I tried.

It was my first time visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and I had a rude awakening when I found out that there was an entrance fee!  I'm so spoiled by all the free admission to museums in DC....  Anyway, the entrance fee was $25 (BRING YOUR STUDENT IDs....I still rue the day I threw mine away and get it for $14) or visit on Target Free Fridays from 4-8pm for free admission!

Marron Atrium on 2nd floor

After reluctantly plonking down the bucks, we went up to the 2nd floor where they had rugs and tapestries laid out in the atrium.  It took all my willpower to not fling myself onto a rug and stretch out~

There were a number of tapestries on the wall as well. I only took a picture of one of them but there were several variations of this flag-countries tapestry.

There was so much art (yes, surprising, I know) that I only took pics of certain pieces that caught my eye - AND THIS CAUGHT MY EYE.  YES, it is a feminist work and YES, I highly suspect these are meant to represent balls :)  I love it because this work is both simultaneously painful and HIL-AR-IOUS looking.

This one also captured my fancy - there is something eternally comforting about soft, plushy cocoon-like things...  However, while this overgrown grape looks very funny, there is a rather sad story behind it....

After Robb's young sister died of cancer, leaving behind a seven-month-old daughter, the designer was moved to try to restore the feeling of security that the child felt with her mother. With Cries and Whispers, the child can re-create that safe space of security and comfort, with a womb made from felt that is wetted, wrapped, and rolled into shape. The entrance, like the entrance to a nest, enlarges as the child grows.

And I must admit that it really does convey the concept of "security and comfort" to me...unless you're claustrophobic I suppose....

This was an exhibit where a man spent a year recording himself 24/7 non-stop with various cameras laid out about his house.  Each screen captures him at some moment during the day - sleeping, eating, working etc.  If I recall correctly, he did this as a sort of strange therapy after his wife passed away.  And perhaps that is why the overwhelming impression I got from this exhibit was that of loneliness.

Ok, this is the kind of exhibit that makes me think that anyone could be a modern artist -_-  And I thought the 3 Ball 50/50 Exhibit was ridiculous....

Overall, I found the 2nd floor a little baffling.  We wandered through a couple more floors but I stopped taking pics for awhile because I kept forgetting to turn off the flash and getting in trouble ><  However, when we got to one of the Architecture floors (forget the exact one), I couldn't resist!

I should've taken a video of this, but it's an old Thinkpad that has a pop out/expanding keyboard!

I could totally see them selling this at REI!  Imagine how bloody SWEET it would be to go camping ON a lake :) And I sound like a spoiled brat...wanting to use life saving equipment as camping gear -_-

I had to snap a shot of these because I love miniature anything...

And omg, one of the most hilarious exhibitions ever!  SO RELEVANT TO 2012.  It's obviously very tongue-in-cheek, but quite frankly, I can see people wanting to actually use this....

A modular "room" that looks like it belongs in IKEA's showroom. would be so easy to move ^_^

And that's it!  The airy architecture and classy vibe made this a good place to kill 2-3 hours.  Even if you spend most of the time completely baffled by some of the exhibits - the MoMa really is a must see.  Even though I am still unsure of whether I 'get' modern art, I do appreciate how utterly deranged some of the works were.  Maybe that's what modern art is all about - creating something so kooky people just have to pay attention.


  1. Modern Art is pretty interesting, isn't it? I studied art history for a couple years back as a University student and it drove me crazy how much interpretation there was for anything! Even toilet stalls! Lol.

    I missed your blogging! Welcome back!

  2. wowwweee, now I'm even more enthousiastic of going to the MOMA (never been there either)

    ps: I've been tagging you...feel free to join in to write the 12 faves of 2012...might be fun to discover your real likes (& dislikes)

  3. I don't really get modern art either. I'd love to go to MoMa, but I'd definitely spend most of my time looking like o.O.


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