The Walking Dead, Green Tea Lattes, and Bodies


God it feels good to be on vacation!  I feel like the for the past...year or so, I've been running and running without a rest.  Now with an entire week to just lay back, tinker with this blog (layout change woot woot), write a bit, read a little, eat a lot - I'm starting to feel like myself again :)

I will even forgive the squirrel he has hanging off his belt.

Other than fiddling with my blog, I've also been marathoning The Walking Dead, which is in Season 3 atm and just got renewed for another season (nooooooo!  This is when I miss Korean dramas! I hate waiting!!)  Naturally, my favorite character is Daryl - something about his rough edges and heart of gold I suppose aaha  ^_^  The crossbow thing doesn't hurt either *sigh* well, what can I say, Daryl isn't the show's most popular character for nothin ;)  Glenn+Maggie is a close second, mostly because they are self-sufficient and don't get into other people's hair.  And of course Michonne is just wicked!  AWESOME character design and even though she doesn't say a lot, I feel like she has a really interesting story.  Hershel has a soft spot in my heart too - lord knows I would not have been able to stand all the chaos Rick's group brought down on the farm!  He's so forgiving - I think I would have snapped after Shane's antics!   And while he's got that warm, loving air, he's no pushover.  The tidbit with him learning to get around on crutches instead of giving up was surprisingly moving - I just hope he doesn't die soon!   Overall, there are no super annoying characters in Season 3.  Even Carol is turning out to be quite a bad-ass :)  It's good to see a former abuse victim turning out so tough!

In any case, shows like this always make me wonder how I would act if something like a zombie apocalypse happened.  I have very little hand eye coordination so I doubt I'll be able to be solid fighter/leader like Rick and Daryl.  I think I'd end up being more a mix of Glenn and Andrea.   I've got an adventurous streak and apparently I'm missing the fear gene (at least when it comes to exploring), so I think I'd end up being sent down wells *snicker* and being a little emotionally wild like Andrea.   I'd hate being stuck doing girly tasks and probably insist on learning how to shoot.  I would sincerely try my best to be independent as possible though.  I couldn't tolerate having depend on others to survive....  If it was just me and my family, I'd head straight for the coast, try to get a boat, and get offshore as quickly as I could.   I'd drift near city harbors so that I could make supply runs.  If I'm landlocked, I'd probably head for the countryside same as Rick & Co.  If I found a safe haven, I tell myself I wouldn't, but I think I would be prone to killing anyone who found us :\  Fingers crossed I don't pull a Shane.

I'm not sure how I would react if someone I loved got "turned" though.  I get irritated when people cannot just accept when a character gets bit they need to be shot asap, but's not real life.  Quite frankly, I am not sure if my mom would survive a zombie apocalypse >< (though who knows I guess) and I love my dad, I know he'd want me to protect my younger brother even at the expense of his own life.   If I was faced with the decision of having to end someone's life for the 'better' - could I do it? I think I could.  And that thought saddens me a bit.  I love my family dearly...could I really put a bullet in their brain?

ON A HAPPIER NON-ZOMBIE NOTE, I wrote up the last segment of my NYC trip I took in the fall.  I love NYC. It's dirty, crowded, and packed with jaded people, but I do love it.  The vibrancy, the delicious food, the nooks and crannies - it's all very unforgettable.  I can see why people dream of living in NYC.

Tis a Holly Jolly Holiday!


Yahyahayah! It's Christmas! Jeepers, work has been crazy... everyone has been trying to polish things off for the new year I guess~  I can't BELIEVE that it's almost 2013 - this year has gone by so fast! I feel like I say that every year but I'll say it again - the older you get, the faster time seems to go by.

Anyway, I watched The Hobbit yesterday and it was very good indeed!  I'm pretty annoyed that there are two more bloody movies left of the book *sigh* But the movie was such a visual feast, so more movies the better I suppose?  And after watching The Hobbit, I went home and re-watched the Extended Versions of the LOTR trilogy and holy smokes, I forgot how LONG the extended versions are!  BUT they are so good and I can't think of a better way to wait for Christmas than watch the LOTR with family ^_^

In between watching Gollum pitching fits and Legolas' lovely hair fluttering in the wind, I thought I would also finish a Christmas-related tag that Fannie looped me into as well (thanks Fannie!).

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