Caramal Flan + Strawberry Cake KitKats!


I got some KitKats with the Angel Wing earrings I ordered from Stephanie in February :D It drives me nuts how many kitkat flavors there are out there to try but it doesn't stop me from wanting to try them all ^^;;

Caramel Flan KitKat

How cute is the packaging?!  I believe it was a Halloween release in Japan. It's coated in milk chocolate (though it looks like dark chocolate in the picture) and the cream between the wafers is apparently "caramel flan" or "purin" flavored according to this blog

It smells very strongly of caramel (some of it must be artificial) and tastes gratifyingly like a caramel flan :) It's a little stronger tasting than the 'sweet' caramel flavors of most American kitkats, it has a burnt, slightly bitter bite.  It's not a bad bitterness, it adds a complexity to the kitkat :)  Overall, it's not my favorite kitkat ever but it was fun kitkat to eat that was undeniably caramel flan in flavor.

Strawberry Cake

Of the two this was my favorite!  It was light pink tinted (slightly artificial tasting) strawberry white chocolate with a very distinct strawberry frosting flavor between the wafers. 

It's ridiculously sweet and a little fake tasting but it's the perfect sugar kick for two mini bars.  There's something very addictive about it and the sweetness goes very well with the crunch of the wafers.

Anyway, here are some of the previous KitKats I've reviewed~ Sakura Matcha and Yokohama Cheesecake are still my favorites :}

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  1. Hi Elle, you've updated your layout! The new banner at the top is cute. It is ridiculous how many kitkat flavors there are. I wish they were all readily available here in Canada but they aren't! Arg. Caramel flan and strawberry sounds yum. It's a candy bar I don't expect anything but artificial flavoring. Not an issue though. =]


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