Review: TonyMoly Perfect Eyes Water-proof Liner in REAL BLACK


Hellooooo world :) Even though I haven't been updating much at all, I actually have been busy trying the vast array of lovely skincare and makeup items in Korea (yes, life is so hard)...but I finally had to update because I've come across an AWESOME product I just had to share. It almost makes up for the fact I wasn't with my fam for Thanksgiving :(

The Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner has been my favorite eyeliner forever but I bought a new liner a few weeks ago and oh well, the Koji love affair was nice while it lasted ;)

37 Days in Korea


Bar in Hongdae.

37 days in Korea, 13.5 days in Jeju.

I've done more crazy, new things in the last month than I have in 5 years. That both thrills me and really, really depresses me. And there's so much more I want to do - life is so damn short.... It took me over quarter of a century to realize that - life is so precious and my god, how I've spent so much of it whining :P

Anyway, here's what I've been up to lately - a picture is worth a thousand words so here ya go :)

King Sejong, temple, rather clever English wordplay (for once), a kid shitting in a pot, and chickens....
I finally fulfilled my dream of holding a chicken wrapped in a silk blanket.
A sassy lobster, pissing in fountains, chillin' at the Nexon Computer Museum,
a Butthole Club (really), and typing on a delicious waffle keyboard (complete with custard filled mouse).
Soldier at Gyeongbokgung, coolest doors eva, partaking in Korea's #1 pastime - drinking :P, and awesome peach/apple/pear/etc shaped seats~

Life is busier and more tiring than it was in DC - I'm exhausted every day (moving to a new country is not a friggin joke) - reading simple things like menus and building names weary me (I swear, half the problem is sounding out bastardized English words with a Korean accent) - and every single day is moving faster than the last.

I'm pushed way out of my comfort zone every day, I don't know what the next day will bring, I don't know wtf I was thinking dropping all my shit and moving here.... I don't know where I'll be in 365 days....

But I feel freer and more alive than I have in such a long time.

Notebook at Artbox, Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

I don't know if this feeling is happiness exactly, but what the hell....who knows what happiness really is anyway?

VLOG + Finally in Jeju!


Still massively, massively behind on vlogs and blogging - sorry sorry! But the good news is that I am now in Jeju-si and prepping to move into my apartment on Saturday (FINALLY!)  I will be in downtown Jeju City so it will be BLOODY SWEET and quite frankly I can't wait to start decorating and shizzle ehhe I have a terrible, hacking cough right now, but I think 60% of it stems from the stress of nomadically hopping from hotel to hotel :P  Thank heavens that will be over soon.... And yeah, if you live/are coming to Jeju - HIT ME UP AND LET'S HANG OUT!

Anyway, continue to follow my Korea adventures nibbling on watermelon ice cream, strolling through buddhist temples, poking through makeup stores, and eating eating eating ^_^

I swears that I will be updating with some reviews soon!  The sheer amount of makeup calling my name right now is redonkulous!! Ahhh....Nature Republic, Aritaum, I love your sweet siren calls ;)

Giveaway Winner!


Hi everyone, sorry for taking so long to announce the winner - but at long last, the winner is......

VLOG: From USA to Korea


I spent the weekend in Hongdae and it was awesome - but I am so friggin exhausted!  We did a lot of fun stuff like going to a cat cafe, singing at a noraebang, and listening to indie artists at midnight but my god did it involve a lot of walking >_< Also the jimjilbang we stayed at, Happy Days, was by far one of the worst jimjilbangs I've ever been to :P It was very crowded (which I didn't mind), but it was SO SO HOT. I swear they had the HEAT on or something - I was sweating in the lounge within 5 minutes...I considered sleeping in the ice room (there were a few people who slept right next to it in the narrow hallway), but I figured that wasn't safe so I just spent a restless 3 hours tossing and turning, sweating, and waking up every 1/2 hour feeling like I was suffocating from the heat.  But ah well - CULTURAL EXPERIENCE xD  Also it was rather dirty....I can tell the owners don't care too much about quality since they are in a prime real estate location - right next to Hongik Uni and Hongdae and no doubt get boatloads of tourists and weekend partiers crashing in every night.

Luggage cart at Incheon :)

Tho I've been to a jimjilbang several times, the sleeping together in one giant room experience still fascinates me - there is something strange yet comforting about sleeping in a room filled with hundreds of strangers....of flopping a leg across someone you never's all so familial.  You don't know each other but for one night we're sleeping side by side ^_^ I don't know what I'm trying to say, but I rather like it...though I worry about farting in my sleep sometimes :\

Handprints and sigs of famous actors at Incheon Airport! In the video I compare my hand to
Lee Young Ae's (Jewel in the Palace)...we have almost the same hand size ^_^

Anyway - Hongdae was a lot of fun! I totally understand why young people love the place - the air is just filled with creativity and vibrance!  Young people selling their handmade items, playing music, posting art everywhere.  I only wish I came earlier and got to live in Hongdae....I think I am a little old for the place quite frankly, but being there makes me feel young again!

And oh yeah...this vlog isn't about Hongdae xD  I'm a little behind on my vlogs; this one is about my journey from the US to Korea....see the video above to come along for the ride ;)

And thank you everyone who entered my giveaway ^_^ I'll post the winners later this week!

VLOG: Leaving Home....


Hi everyone! I am currently in Korea settling in, but I finally got my first vlog together ^_^ Editing it made me rather homesick - I miss my fam and friends already >_< I'm sorry my updating is so sporadic though, I'm still somewhat jetlagged, caught a cold, and am confused as to why I brought 7 pairs of shorts and only 3 t-shirts :P

The Incheon Airport was so fabulous - I got a bunch of clips (next vlog!) - I can totally see why it's the #1 airport :D :D Anyway, in a nutshell, all is well and I look forward to sharing more of my wanderings with everyone :)

Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement and support!

P.S. My Etude House Giveaway is ending tomorrow!

Chillin' at SFO


Hi from San Francisco! I just wanted to post a quick update after many days of abandoning my blog :P  Packing was a lot harder than I thought it'd be because all my check-ins had to be below 50lbs. So despite my awesome folding and packing skillz, I ended up having to take 2 check-ins anyway because of weight issues. It was $100 for the second bag blerghh :P

Even though I'm super excited overall about the trip, I was really sad at the airport.... It finally sank in that I won't be seeing my fam or be home for at least a year and oh gosh, I dunno....I'm more sentimental than I thought I guess. I felt better after a good cry and nap on the plane, but I'm surprised by how lost I feel knowing that my family is so far away....

Cool art display at SFO.

Anyway, I have a 10 hour layover at San Francisco airport and since I'm here from 12AM - 10AM, it's pretty much deadddd. But I love how there are no crowds and so many seats open for me to just stretch out on and read/surf the net/edit vids :)  I've also been recording little snippets with my camera for the last couple of days for a vlog with my new Olympus TG-620 Tough iHS Waterproof Digital Camera and I feel oh-so-cosmopolitan editing my video in an airport ^_^

On a more cheerful note, I met a lady who will be living in Korea for the next 9 months. She's part of a mission trip that teaches in English in a small town about 90 minutes from Seoul. She's in her mid-50s but her zest for life and genuine desire to do good was really inspiring. I was feeling a little jaded after reading a bunch of blogs I stumbled across written by ESL teachers who just hate Korea, teaching, Korean people, Korean food.... but this lady reminded me that there are many, many good ESL teachers as well - people who travel with open minds and hearts and are willing to give their time and spend their own money to do good in a country so far from their own.

Also I am loving my ASOS scarf ^_^ It's so big I've been using it as a blanket on the plane and the tassels and bright colors make me so happy ehehe

The next time I post I'll prolly be in Korea....see you then!

Review: Etude House Baby Choux Base (#2 Berry Choux)


I already reviewed this product in a video I posted a few days ago, but I had more pics that I wanted to use, so I figured I'd put together a full post for all you non-video watchers :)

Etude House is one of those brands I often make fun of for one reason or another, but looking back I see I buy an awful lot of their stuff :x Skinfood and Etude House are kings of marketing in the Korean makeup world that's for sure... Anyway, this is another product from Etude House's Sweet Recipe Collection (if you want to sample some of the collection, pop on over to the giveaway).

The selling point of this product is its light, fluffy, whipped texture - like the cream in french pastries/chouxs~

A "Sweet" Etude House Giveaway


I've been meaning to get this giveaway up for friggin forever, so I am super excited to finally get it up!  I am a bit lukewarm on the quality of the products themselves, but the EH Sweet Recipe Collection has definitely been by far one of the most visually pleasing releases this year :)  So yeah, I thought it would be most fitting for a sweet toothed critter such as myself to do a dessert makeup themed giveaway.

And quick life update: I've been bouncing around trying to figure out how to pack all my stuff.  I am loathe to just abandon all my nail polish here but god knows TSA will arrest me for trying to wiggle through with 40 bottles of polish :P ahha I'll probably end leaving it all behind ^^ I can't believe I'll be leaving in 2 weeks! I probably sound like a broken record, but I'm still in a kind of awe that I'm really going. I'm so excited for everything that is to come!

Mini Life Updates + Giveaway Winners!



I hope everyone had a good July 4th! Mine was pretty chill, just ate out with the fam, napped in the sun like a lazy cat, and cursed at people setting off fireworks at 2am because I had work on Friday ;)

To everyone who entered my last giveaway - thank you for joining! Congrats Thais M. & Sandra G.! I've emailed you, so please reply with your mailing address as soon as you can.

Other Life Tidbits:
  • I am terrible at thinking on my feet when I'm asked unexpected questions. I tend to default to honesty (usually a good thing), but in some cases, it results in hurt feelings. Yesterday, I ate lunch with a few co-workers that I have worked with since the beginning. Since I am leaving next week, they invited me to lunch and we had a great time catching up and just reminiscing....I'll miss them a lot. But when I got back, another co-worker who I am not so close asked me "where everyone went for lunch" and stupid me could not think of a good answer, so I blurted out "we went out to eat." I feel bad that her feelings were hurt, but I'm also annoyed because it's not anybody's business who I eat lunch with, especially since this is my last week at the office and I was invited to lunch, I didn't organize it. *sigh* I suppose I should have invited her myself, but I confess I just wanted to hang out with the people I felt comfortable with. It's situations like this I see how socially awkward and selfish I am. *sigh* Gah, some things never change!
  • I can't believe that in a few weeks that I'll be in a different place doing something different, living a different life. Honestly, I just want to go now and feel like I am waiting impatiently for my life to just begin. It makes me happy and sad at the same time to feel this way. I'm so excited to be embarking on a new adventure, but I am saddened by how many years it took me to summon up the courage to do so. I wonder about the kind of person I'd be today if I'd been more courageous earlier.

Farewell Google Reader!


As I'm sure you've heard by now, Google Reader (aka Google Friend Connect) is officially shutting down tomorrow :\ This sucks since GR is how I've been keeping up with blogs since 2005 (christ I feel old).....

But change is good, especially in this case because it forced me to start using Bloglovin, which is seriously (imho) far superior to Google Reader. You can import all your GR blogs with one click and has one awesome feature that GR lacked - a good MOBILE APP. Bloglovin's mobile app is really nice and makes it easy to check the blogs you are following (aka InsideOutElle :D :D :D) on your phone/tablet.

The transfer process only took a minute and I have to say, I've almost forgotten about GR already ;)

Two other things:

1.) Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! I'll post the winner this week on this blog+Twitter. There's another giveaway on the horizon as well, so uhm, stick around? It's gonna be 'sweet' ^_~

2.) I'm truly moved by the supportive comments from my previous post about moving overseas. It really means a lot to me to know that there are people out there that understand why I'm doing this and are so happy for me ^_^ I confess I wrestled with a lot of doubts up to the very second I booked my one way ticket, but everything that has happened since (and your comments) has affirmed I am making the right decision for me. Thank you!

I defintely will be continuing to update this blog with lots of pics (prolly more often too!) and plan on doing a followup post elaborating on a few of the reasons I made this decision. For now, all I'll say is this - ever since I turned in my notice and realized there is truly no turning back....I've never felt so free.

Taking the Leap


Art Installation: Myeongbeom Kim

It's official - I'm moving to Korea in August. I'll be living on Jeju, an island where the dialect is so different from standard Korean that UNESCO classifies it as a distinct language. And not only is it considered an entirely different language, it's a 'critically endangered' language. So yeah, I'll be living on an island where the people speak a dying language - I am so excited.

I've never lived overseas before, though I've always dreamed of it, and honestly it still hasn't quite sunk in that I will be embarking on what I see as my first real adventure in exactly 31 days....!  Though I originally intended to live in Busan, the idea of living on an island where I don't speak the language and has a matrilineal society (yesshhh girl power ^_~) has grown on me greatly. It feels like I'm going to really going somewhere new and I can't even fathom what lies in store for me.

I wonder if I'm being a fool, quitting in this economy. The fact that I just left a full-time job to chase after a dream of living abroad, of traveling, and going on some kind of adventure with no particular plans of what I'll do afterwards is terrifying.


But I am more terrified of living like this: Idling away my youth in suburban America, commuting 2+ hours a day, staring at a computer 8+ hours a day, and falling asleep every night wondering what it would be like to wake everyday happy - no, thrilled - to be alive.

I feel like I've spent my whole life like those goldfish - always looking out onto this vast ocean, but afraid to leave the comforts of what is familiar while swimming circles in a tiny bowl.

So, I'm taking a leap - a leap out of my bowl (ehe couldn't resist) - a leap of faith.

ASOS July 4th Sale!


ASOS just marked down a bunch of items for their July 4th sale, so make sure to check your Saved Items to see if anything you've been oogling is included! I was hoping that they'd release a special promo code for the holiday, but no sign of one yet :P However, I DID find a 10% off + Free Shipping code (CHECKOUTTREAT) on RetailMeNot. To see coupon codes for other countries, go here.  Shameless plug - if you are interested in ordering, be sure to take a gander at my How to Get the Best Deal at ASOS post before you hit Confirm :)

For me, a bunch of items just got marked down (yesss!) so I think I'm going to go ahead and order my stuff with the code above.

Last thing, if you're feeling lucky, please enter my mini giveaway, which closes on June 30.

Happy Monday!
(an oxymoron if I ever saw one ^_~)

Giveaway: Pieces of Mexico


Whilst I was a-wandering Quintana Roo, I picked up a few bracelets from the Coral Negro Flea Market and an artisan shop near Chichén Itzá. I have a raccoon-like attraction towards shiny objects, so I could not resist bringing home a small cache of pretty jewelry...and I would like to share a few with you!

Thank you to all the peeps who suffered through my Mexico trip recap and take the time to stop by this little blog; I truly appreciate every person who reads my long-winded posts and leave comments sharing their thoughts - I read them all and they truly make every second spent sniffing makeup and snapping macro shots of food worth it :)

TO ENTER: Please fill in the form above; the first 3 steps are required, but the rest are optional.  Each prize is randomly assigned to the 2 winners, though feel free to leave a blog comment below regarding which you prefer and I'll do my best to accommodate it. This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and both prize sets will come with other surprise goodies :)

This giveaway ends on June 30, 2013 12 AM EST.

The Best


The best donuts I ever tasted were the chocolate donut holes my dad smuggled to me from the adult church service. The best nachos I ever had were the ones from 7-11 that my dad would pick up for me after he came home from work at midnight. The best candies I ever ate were the ones my dad brought me whenever he went to a doctor's office or restaurant. No matter where he went or how tight money was, he would always bring home a little treat for me to eat.

He taught me how to swim, how to ride a bike, and carried my plump little self everywhere when I was going through my terrible two's and refused to walk anywhere outside the house (yes, I was that lazy and weird from the beginning >_<). He taught me how to dream big, the importance of family, and that happiness is found in the little things in life.

My 아빠 is the best dad in the world.

Happy Father's Day :)

Mexico 2013, Part 8: On the "Island of Women"


This is the view from the docks of Puerto Juárez, where we got on a little speedboat to go to Isla Mujeres or the Island of Women in Spanish.

While Isla Mujeres was easily one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, the experience of getting there was a royal pain. First off, the bus dropped us off in the middle of an intersection that was easily at least a mile away from Puerto Juárez. I'm not sure if it was because we got on the wrong bus (tho the port name was clearly written on the window) or that the driver just didn't give a damn, but we were literally dropped off in the middle of a small highway. It was also hot, dusty, and in a vaguely sketchy area (definitely not a tourist spot), but thankfully we were in broad daylight.

I'd rather not dwell on negatives at this point, so in a nutshell, after a 20+ minute walk and twiddling our thumbs for over 2 hours at the docks, we finally hopped on a little motor boat and were off!

How to Get the Best Deal at ASOS


I tend to go through distinct shopping phases: I'll fall in love with one store and obsessively shop there for about 6 months until I've curated a set of 5-6 'favorite' pieces. Then I won't shop there again for another year :)

Last year, I was all about Modcloth and The Limited. I filled out my work closet almost exclusively through these stores (with a smattering of tops from H&M and Forever 21). This year, I'm hooked on ASOS. Now that I am so over buying work appropriate clothes (no more blazers, pant suits, pencil skirts or blouses!), I'm happily indulging in the carefree, slightly edgy, trendy clothing selection at ASOS. My favorite brands are probably River Island, the in-house ASOS brand, and Freak of Nature, even though the latter is gothier than my usual style ^_^

A side affect of my shopping obsession means I become keenly aware of price fluctuations and tend to frantically research the best way to get a good deal. Thus in my quest to obtain more ASOS clothes, I have been stalking the shop like a madwoman tracking price changes, promo code patterns, and at long last...I think I have formulated the best way to get the BEST deal possible at ASOS.

I Dream of Sticky Rice


I've been obsessed with Thai food lately so the highlight of my weekend going to one of the most popular Thai restaurants in the DC/NoVA area - Sisters Thai in Fairfax, VA. The restaurant itself is gorgeous; as a "living room cafe" the atmosphere is homey, intimate, and serene. It's vintage chic done right with an abundance of floral pillows, bouquets of fresh flowers, beautiful photographs, and quirky collectibles. It really does feel like you're eating in someone's living room!

More Pimple Adventures :P


A couple days ago, I made a post about some very itchy pimples/infection/allergic reaction/whatever I was getting on my lower jaw and just wanted to update everyone on how Clindamycin has been working for me.

Mexico 2013, Part 7: Coco Bongo


Thanks for all the super supportive comments in my last post!  I'm happy to report that my acne is pretty much gone (for now). I had to resist picking at this HUGE scab that formed and did a painful pop-bleed-scab >_< but all in all, Clindamycin seems to have worked very well for me.  I'm piecing together a lovely collage of macro shots of the whole process and my overall experience; it's definitely the fastest working acne treatment I've ever used ^^

Anyway, on a more visually appealing note, Julie and I had the chance to check out Coco Bongo, a club/disco/show in downtown Cancun. Even if you don't like to dance, you should definitely check it out because the show was pretty awesome! Acrobats, dancers, and tons of references to pop culture (Batman, Beetle Juice, Michael Jackson) was a good time!

Curse you, itchy pimples!


Totally un-po'shopped, for your viewing pleasure :)

About 2 weeks ago, a small cluster of pimples popped up on my left jaw area. I treated them as I usually treat pimples - wash my face and stick an acne patch on it. However, this time, the pimples kept doing the pop, bleed, regrow thing :P I'm pretty good about not picking zits so I got worried when I noticed they weren't healing and appeared to be spreading down to my lower jaw :\ Also, these pimples/zits/demon pustules were so damn itchy!

I wasn't planning on taking anything for it (I'm a bit of a hippie when it comes to taking antibiotics), but when I went to my doctor for a checkup, she pounced on my face and insisted I try Clindamycin. She actually thought what I had was an infection, not pimples, but either way she said it should help. Thank goodness insurance covered it because that tube originally cost $500!

Anyway, I've been using Clindamycin for 2 days now and I think it's working! On the first day, all the scabs you see in the pic above came off cleanly and the pimples don't itch quite as much :) Also, I think it stopped spreading. The Clindamycin gel feels very mild and so far, no irritation or even dry skin.  My skin tingles a little now and then, but it's much better than the incessant itching from before!

I'll post another picture at the end of the week for comparison's sake, but yeah, so glad it's going away. I was worried this would turn into another Skin Fiasco of 2009 :\

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips (Sweet Orange, JOR201)


Hey everyone, I hope you're having a great weekend :) It's Memorial Day weekend in the States so I am just soaking in the pleasure of having three days in a row off ^_^ It's weird knowing that I just got back from Mexico a month or so ago; it feels like I haven't been on vacation forever :\ !

Anyway, I got this product with my Etude House haul; it's 1 of 8 lipsticks from the Sweet Recipe collection. The selling points:
  1. Sheer color & hydration
  2. Shiny, glossy finish
  3. Candy (jelly bean) scent
  4. Smooth texture that blends well with other colors (mix & match)
  5. 5 kinds of extracts, particularly xylitol for soft lips
    • Bilberry, Sugar cane, Sugar maple, Orange, Lemon, and Xylitol
This is the fourth EH lip product I've tried and despite their toy-like packaging, I like the cheerful, wearable colors they consistently release. Also the Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lipstick and Dear Darling Gloss are the best scented and easiest to wear lip products ever. Too bad their Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips were a miss though....

Mexico 2013, Part 6: Beach Life


One of the best places I went in Cancun was 100% free! Most of the beaches in the Hotel Zone are closed off to non-resort members, but there is a gorgeous public beach just a short bus ride away on Blvd Kukulkan (see it on the map!). You can chill under one of the cabanas for free and it was far less crowded and larger than most of the resort reserved beaches.

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Nails, Sparkling Strawberry Candy (Pink)


I did a big haul of Korean makeup awhile back and been joyfully testing them out for the past month! I was especially excited about Etude House's Sweet Recipe collection (cutest marketing angle ever!) because food + makeup = my kyptonite.

Also I actually bought a bunch of extras for a giveaway ^^, so stay tuned for a Etude House Sweet Recipe giveaway in the next weeks (haven't had a chance to record a video yet...:P)!

OOTD: Sunlight


I'm not going to lie, when people at work called in sick for "food poisoning," I used to be all like 'pshhh....suck it up, wusses!' Then I actually got sick from food poisoning two days ago - nausea, gross burps, headaches, stomach aches, barfing food I ate days ago, and not to speak of the OTHER end.... It was pretty awful. Now I get it, food poisoning is legit misery -_-;; To everyone who was once food-poisoned, sorry for being judgy, now I understand your pain :(

River Island Vertical Stripe Tee {here}
The Limited 678 Colorful Skinny Jeans
Nine West Gold Flats
Forever 21 Faux Leather Structured Crossbody {here}

Btw the F21 bag is amazing quality for just $20! I usually avoid shopping at F21 because the disheveled racks drive me insane, but gosh darn it, sometimes you find some great gems :)

P.S. These were taken with Canon PowerShot ELPH 110HS, not bad for a point-and-shoot!

Mexico 2013, Part 5: Petting Dolphins (and regretting it...?)


I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of petting a dolphin! Sadly, it turned out to be the most expensive dolphin petting session ever because not only did I register to pet dolphins at the La Isla Shopping Mall (a tourist trap), I was so distracted by the amazingly good looking guy manning the booth, I registered for the wrong day and ended up having to call via roaming to re-book.  But in my defense, I'd never seen such a good looking guy in real life before >.< He had such pretty blue eyes, this perfect bronze tan, and Crest white teeth....gosh, he was really, really cute *^.^*!

Anywayyyyy....the experience was still AMAZING :) Dolphins are the shit - so friendly and playful :) I see why people love them so much, they truly have distinct personalities....they are very human somehow.

♥ Mom mum 엄마 ♥


엄마 너무 너무 너무 사랑해!

Review: Urban Decay Naked Flushed


I've been keen to find the "perfect" bronzer for years.  The magical way bronzer can make your face seem more contoured and well, more bronzed always appealed to me, so when I saw the rave reviews of UD's Flushed palette, I pounced!

Mexico 2013, Part 4: Exploring Chichén Itzá


The famous Temple of Kukulkan (El Castillo).

Behold Chichen Itza, the most visited archaeological site in Mexico :) It was very exciting to see a place I'd only ever seen in history books in real life. A fulfillment of a dream really....

Weekend Wanderings


Another "French-Asian" bakery called Tous Les Jours opened its doors in NoVa two days ago, so of course I had to check it out! Tous Les Jours is a CJ franchise that established its first store in Gu-ru, South Korea in 1997. I saw a bunch of them in Korea but apparently, they've been opening stores in the US since 2004...but this one is the first in Northern Virginia!

The interior was well decorated but a little cramped with very little natural light, especially in the back.  I also tried a few buns and while they were decent, it was nothing amazing.  I'd come here out of convenience's sake but I'd prefer Shilla Bakery or Breeze Cafe for food and atmosphere. Amusingly, the reviews are pretty bad right now, but it's in an excellent location (right next to Spa World) and with the strength of an international brand name behind them, I'm sure business will be brisk at least for the next couple of months.


I am SO digging the decorations on the sweet potato cake and the purple elephant? Ugh, so cute!

A giant fish head eating what I suspect to be its own tail xD

Also, H Mart was holding some Spring Festival/Sale thingie. Great discounts,  a lot of kooky events, and a very nightmarish Korean interpretation of a clown greeting you at the door....

They look pretty gross in the picture, but in real life, they are rather a slippery kind of way ehe~
Credits: PK's Pursuits

But my favorite event was this sweet game they had going on where you get 30 seconds to cram as many Chinese muddy loach, a super slippery fish, into a plastic bag with your BARE HANDS. What you manage to get in the bag, you keep for free! These little buggers were still alive of course so, it was HILARIOUS.  Little fish popping out everywhere, people getting splashed with water - it's one of those events that is so crazy and somewhat barbaric, but you can't resist laughing and joining in ^_^  This one Hispanic granny was ROCKING it - she walked off with like a full bag xD

Anyway, that was my weekend :) And tomorrow, back on the hamster wheel >0<;;;

Skinfood BB Cream Comparisons


I've had this post sitting in drafts for almost 4 months, so boy did it feel good to hit 'post!' Of all the brands I've tried, I tend to gravitate towards SkinFood the most for BB creams. The food-centric marketing just does me in every time....

Mexico 2013, Part 3: Xel-ha Adventures


Right after visiting Tulum, we took a bus over to Xel-ha Park, an aquatic theme park named after Xel-ha, the Mayan ruins nearby.  It was only a 10 minute bus ride, so if you visit Tulum, Xel-Ha Park is a great place to swing by!

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