A Modcloth Haul


Yeahhh....haul videooo!  Modcloth is one of those online shops that just snuck up on me.  I have pretty good self control over online shopping impulses - I very rarely buy clothes online - but something about Modcloth's slick layout, pretty pictures, awesome return policy....well, one thing led to another :P

Click the jump for closeups of the material and lots of pros/cons charts :)

  1. Purtyyy and uber unique
  2. The wooden buttons!
  3. Can roll up the sleeves
  4. Very flattering cut; it gives you an hourglass figure.
  5. True to size
  1. Very sheer
  2. Slightly loose buttons
  3. Lots of loose threads
  4. Very delicate material, definitely needs to handwashed
  5. When you roll up the sleeves to 1/2 length, it becomes pretty tight around the elbows

Probably my favorite Modcloth piece :) So pretty~ It appeals to my inner hipster.

  1. Batwing cut, which I happen to have a weakness for :) Which happens to look good on V-shaped bodies btw!  Overall, this is a really unique piece too.
  2. The crazy sexy lace cut out on the back!
  3. Very well-made
  4. The material is awesome, it's this smooth, slick, very tightly woven cloth - it feels almost like silk.
  5. This could be a con but I happen to dig the weird gray-mauve color.  But yes, I would have liked this cardi better in black :P  Damn it Modcloth!! Why couldn't you have released black first!?
  1. The lower half of the sleeves are incredibly tight.  You don't have a chance of squeezing a long sleeved shirt under this. It does stretch out a bit though.
  2. Minor pilling

  1. Very warm without being bulky
  2. Visually slimming with vertical ribbing and flattering cut.  I like how the cardi is long and covers your ass.
  3. Well-made
  4. The insanely huge wooden buttons and cute pockets :)
  5. Love the warm plum color
  1. Pills a bit; it's 100% acrylic.  But the pilling isn't that bad and I wear this a lot

This has been a winter staple for me.  I bloody love this cardi....so want to buy the other colors! I guess it's a good thing they're out of my size :P

  1. Very unique and flattering cut.  Very professional vibe!  I'll probably be hemming it a bit though; it's about 2 inches too long as I like my work dress to fall about 1 inch above my knees.
  2. Decent material that has stretch (though it does show panty lines if dress is too tight)
  3. Overall, well-made for and good value for the price.
  1. Unlined
  2. Had a couple loose threads
  3. Not true to size....I had to size up

  3. Overall, wellmade, nice and heavy. Doesn't feel (although it looks) cheap.
  1. The rusty bronze look just makes me want to clean it
  2. Also, even given Modcloth runs pretty pricey, $11.99 for this hunk of metal is ridonkulous, sorry

This is roughly a size 7 by the way.   Although I do have a weakness for anything "quirky" looking, I just had to return it because 1.) goodness knows how often I'd get to wear this brass knuckles thing and 2.) WHY IT NO LOOK LIKE THE PIC!?

Pet peeve of mine: misleading photos on online shops.  Usually Modcloth is really good about this but seriously, there is just no friggin' way that the ring Modcloth posted on their website is the same as a ring they sent.  Either I'm blind or someone in Modcloth's supply chain is trying to pull a fast one on them.    It just does not look like it's made of the same material by a long shot.

That said, the ring still is a trendy piece of costume jewelry that is perfect for the wearing during "impromptu" Instagram pics :)

Complaints about the ring aside, Modcloth is one of online shops that has the fine art of creating a perfect shopping experience nailed.  I just love their website interface, the standardized, HQ pictures, the feedback system, the customer service.  It's all just so professional. So, yeah, really liking the whole Modcloth experience and their carefully selected, vintage style clothes!

Have you bought clothes from Modcloth?


  1. I really like those delicate lace cutout cardigans. Since they're so pricey, I would expect them to last for a very long time.

    I love Modcloth too!

  2. I like your detailed review~! And your ring is very cute, although not like depicted in the actual website. :D


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