Checking Out the Library Hotel + NY Public Library


Books, books, books! Oh how I love thee! Over Martin Luther King Day/Inauguration Day, I had the distinct pleasure of hanging my hat at the Library Hotel. I did a bit of recording on my way into the city though, so first, here's a mini "Day in the Life" vid :)

This was my first time recording videos with my DSLR. Lord knows I have a lot to learn -_- So please forgive the somewhat shaky, grainy quality of the clips - I adore boutique hotels and just wanted to share the joy! Also, much like my makeup reviews, I can't resist throwing in my 2 (or 3) cents about everything ehe xD

Here it is! The lovely Library Hotel! As I said in the vid, staying at the LH was something I had on my Bucket List, so it was pretty satisfying to cross that off. I literally have had this place on my list for 10 years...jeez, now I feel old again...

Left: Lobby of the hotel and packed with books, quite appropriately so!

Right: A dapper little monkey holding LH business cards in the Reading Room :)

Top: See, Hear, & Speak No Evil ;)

The rest: Different views of the Reading Room. The snacks were all Pepperidge Farm cookies and mini danishes. There was a great variety of teas and coffee as well. I confess I would have preferred to see more handmade/locally baked snacks instead of the "cookie cutter" Pepperidge Farm stuff (pun intended). It would've been a cool way to introduce patrons to local bakeries and cafes!

LH also serves a free continental breakfast every morning here.  Basically that means sliced fruit, bagels, a variety of yogurts, cereals, oatmeal, OJ, toast, and more danishes.  And randomly enough, hard-to-peel boiled eggs.

Overall, the Reading Room is quite cozy and a lovely way to pass away idle hours~ actually caught up on some Judy Blume during my stay!  I didn't know she wrote adult books - I ended up reading Summer Sisters, a coming-of-age/growing up story centered around two best friends. It's definitely for mature audiences, but her style of writing is the same and that brought a wave of nostalgia... Lois Duncan and Judy Blume were among my favorite writers in middle school; the way they portrayed lonely, 'outsider' female protagonists really spoke to me.

Totally random but don't the flower petals look like a meditating Buddha? So peaceful....

Our room!

Cutest key card envelopes ever; so creative!
Another cool idea would've been to frame the welcome note as a bookplate!

Yes, this was supposed to be a seductive look.
The result probably explains why I am currently single ehe

Usually hotel shampoo/conditioners do nothing for my hair. 99% of the time, my hair is dry as a broom the next day. So I was quite surprised that this brand actually moisturized my hair! It was quite silky and smooth the next morning.

Another great LH service: They drop off dark chocolates and the weather forecast every night :) And need I say I love the little quotes on each chocolate?

This is the sunroom and terrace on the 14th floor. There's a bar inside that serves cocktails and cheeses every evening. I never attended the cocktail hours but I bet they were really nice.

Another rooftop hangout and sunroom, also on the 14th floor. FYI, the blood oranges they have at the bar are so friggin delicious! Make sure you try one!

Yes, I am a Peeping Jane.

And just because I'm a creeper....I couldn't help but notice how you can see EVERYTHING in the next building over.  Naturally, I had to take a picture to prove my point...

Window above the main entrance.

As is fitting for the name, the Library Hotel is located a mere block away from the New York Public Library and Bryant Park!  Literally a block - fantastic location.  They have a rink setup on Bryant Park right now btw.  I really wanted to skate there and hang out at Celsius lounge (such a perfect place to camwhore), but I was exhausted from all the walking around everyday :P

If you look out the window of the NY Public Library, you can actually see the Library Hotel :)  Btw, the window just naturally photographed blue - no photoshop!  The contrast of the window and yellow-tinted walls is so pretty ^_^

Fancy ceilings always tickle my...fancy.
If I was a millionaire, all my ceilings would be vaulted and painted beautifully!

The most ridiculous and ostentatious water fountain ever.

A shot of the miniature model of the NY Public Library and Bryant Park. 
I want to knock over all the little silver people.

"echoes of silence"

I don't know why I like this picture so much.  I feel like it represents my personality really well I suppose.  After all these years, I'm still that lone shadow who wonders about what lies in the darkness of unlit corridors....and writes overly flowery prose at inappropriate times.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, 
wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
- Edgar Allan Poe


  1. It looks so beautiful! I hope I get to visit it one day Xx

  2. wow this hotel is gorgeous! and the concept is so unique. love the decor of the reading room


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