Looking Back, Moving Forward


...and it's 2013! Crazy, crazy how fast time flies by. I know I'm still young, but I already feel kinda old aka I already regularly reminisce about Shinhwa, SES, pogs, NSync, Tamagotchies, and Beanie Babies ;)

Obviously, I was in a nostalgic kind of mood today and when you are, what's there to do but go through family albums?

Left: This is my dad's side of the family, though his older brother and sister isn't in the picture. My dad is the dude with the cap :) This picture must be from the 1950s/1960s. The young girl is my little aunt and the old guy and lady are my grandparents. The little boy was some random kid in the neighborhood xD

 The dog was named "Denny" and was locally famous for *ahem* impregnating every female dog in town ahaha :) All the town's puppies looked like him and no other male dogs could even get a chance because Denny was apparently one hell of a good fighter ^^;;;

My dad's bedroom is right where that window is! The whole house was built by my grandfather with his own hands, but sadly I will never be able to see it in real life because they tore it down awhile back and now there's a huge apartment complex in its place :(

Right: That is my dad and little aunt!

This is a picture of my dad and his closest friends :) 1976!! Gosh, now I feel young ;)

The reason behind why only 3 guys are wearing hats: they'd had a fight right before taking the picture about whether it would look cooler to keep on or take off their hats. They couldn't agree so they just ended up taking the picture with each person doing what they wanted. I told my dad he should've worn the hat ;)

Studying was not my dad's forte, but here he is pretending that it is ;) The calendar in the back is written in Chinese (or is it han-mul?)

Left: Naturally, my dad is the one right in the middle. Even back then, he was a bit of camwhore ;)
Right: A color picture, Instagram style! My dad is the one striking that diva pose i back-right xD

These utterly ridiculous uniforms/doboks were the uniforms they wore for military training in high school. Leopard spots! Honestly! How the heck is this supposed to camouflage them O_O??

This is in America around the 1970s (in case that flower sticker on the guitar and the hippie clothes didn't give that away....) This picture always makes me think "Asian Beatles" ^_^ And yes, my dad is the one with the hat >_<

My dad is the one in yellow cuz he was the Captain :) Their soccer team was called Big Mac for some reason O_o And seriously, my dad's hair is out of control...thank goodness he cut it after he married my mum :)

And here is my dad with my mum in Korea around 1984ish right after they got married! My mommy looks so pretty :)

A rather artsy fartsy couple shot :) My dad looks a little plump here O.o

I came along four years later - late as usual ;) I was supposed to be born on July 4 but instead popped out on July 17. I came out with an abundance of hair that to this day refuses to lay flat *sigh*

When I was 2, my family went to Korea. This was a stadium used in the 1988 Seoul Olympics :) My mom's dress is so ridonkulous!

Soundly sleeping surrounded by Kix cereal :) We still have that blue mat that I fell asleep under (albeit with a lot more holes). 

Then my brother came along in 1993. This is on his 100th Day party! I must say he was really cute~ Once a man actually gave my mum a business card saying that he would make a great baby model. My mom never called him though because she thought he would try to kidnap him xD

He looks like a wee elfling ^_^

Blizzard of 1996! I remember this time vividly - no school for almost a whole month! It was so much fun playing snow that was 3 feet deep! Some places where the snow plows went by, the snow got as a high as the 2nd floor of our house :D

And here we are today! Possibly my favorite family pic ever btw ;)

*sigh* Yup, time flies by indeed... Anyway, let's see how I did on my 2012 New Year's Resolutions!

2012 New Year Goal List
1.) Fine tune my electronic address book.
2.) Learn how to use Final Cut Pro: take that class in June. Make at least 1 video using new skillz :]
3.) Update blog at least 2x a week. And finish the Korea Trip 2010 series - good lord!
4.) Pass licensing exam by March.
5.) Finish Korean writing workbook.
6.) Donate $100 to H4H and $100 to another animal-related organization. Continue to volunteer at least 3 hrs/m at animal shelter.
7.) Visit NYC in March.

Ummm....lots of halves.... I really need to write these damn things better....must be more specific...

2013 New Year's Resolutions
1.) Electronic address book
2.) Make 6 videos this year on any topic
3.) Write 1 blog post/week
4.) Take a Korean class to brush up before I travel to Korea (hopefully) this summer. If not, just finish the darn workbook.
5.) Take a class on Avid
6.) Donate $100 to H4H and $100 to 1 other charity before April 2013
7.) Travel to at least 1 overseas country

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.
~Author Unknown


Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
~Oprah Winfrey

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!!!!! Wishing you the best for 2013.
    I love the throw back photos your dad looks like a cool guy then and now. The family pic at the end is awesome :)

  2. Happy new year too ^-^
    you have such a lovely family <3

  3. Happy New Year to U and your lovely family! I had a good laugh at your baby picture with all that wire-hair and also at the one where you're sleepinig sorounded by cereal. They're so funny!You made my day.

  4. Ahhwww your baby picture is so adorable ! Happy New Year Elle :D

  5. I agree! Your mum is gorgeous! You were so cute sleeping under the rug! hehe

  6. Loved seeing the old photos!! Happy 2013 :)

  7. Such great photos ! You were a cute baby !! All the best with achieving your goals. My new year's resolution is to stop lying to myself about making lifestyle changes :-P


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