Review: Lioele Quick Point Eraser (aka a makeup remover marker!)


In my Top 12 of 2012 video, I mentioned the Lioele Quick Point Eraser as #9 on my list. Though I already talked about this, I wanted to do a review post as well to show some pics and go into more detail!

I got this at Pretty & Cute for $13.99 because I suck at applying eyeliner and wanted an easy way to correct eye makeup on the go.

This is a pretty accurate depiction of how you use this.  All you do is uncap, shake, and use the marker tip to clean up stray eye makeup.  This eraser works well on eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even mascara flakes :)

The Bad
As I mentioned in the video however, the tip of the marker, while very precise, is very rough (not good for the delicate skin around the eye at all) and has to be wiped off between each use.   Also in the pic above you can the residue left behind from the Missha The Shining Stick Eye.  The packaging is also a bit boring, though very practical :\  Lastly, this is not refillable, so I am curious to see how long this lasts before drying it.

The Good
Here you can see how effective just one swipe of the eraser is on liquid liner, UD pencil liner (which is famous for being hard to remove), and glittery eyeshadow.  As you can see, it works really well on both the liquid and pencil liners!  The eyeshadow...not so well, but that is not really a con because this eraser is really intended for small, detail fixes, not removing large blobs of eye makeup.  It also doesn't leak and allows for very precise eye makeup corrections.  While the packaging is somewhat boring, the practical product design makes this a perfect traveling companion (you can take it on a plane!).

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to people who need to be able to fix their makeup on the fly :)  I wouldn't say it's something I couldn't live without, but it sure is handy!

EDIT: Perhaps I should clarify my thoughts on this product.  This is NOT a "must have" product. This is certainly NOT necessary for a students and people who do not travel much.  In fact, this is NOT something I would recommend to the general populace.  

I WOULD highly recommend this to people who travel a lot for work and place a premium on convenience.  Makeup wipes are not very good for precise corrections and  I don't want to waste an entire sheet just to tidy up my eye makeup.  Q-tips + eye makeup remover work, but quite frankly 1.) I'm not one to keep refilling a tiny bottle of makeup remover every time I travel 2.) TSA limits the TOTAL amount of liquids to 3.4 oz and I am often carrying other liquids (contact solution, perfume, shampoo/conditioner etc) and 3.) if I have 2 minutes to touch up my makeup in a car before a meeting - it's fabulous to be able to just whip out this marker and compact mirror to tidy up. 

I hope this better explains to whom I am recommending this product!


  1. Etude House has one now as well. I was thinking of buying that one, but I don't know. You could use a q-tip with a bit of make-up remover as well...

  2. I always thought these kind of products were a bit gimmicky. But it seems like this one is worth a try.

  3. Thanks for a great review! This is so cool. I want one myself now... hehe~

  4. This looks great, but I don`t have a need for something like this. For example, when I touch my face with the mascara wand (happens often lol), I use a Q-tip with some micelle water on it and it works just as great. :D But I love how creative asian cosmetic brands get. :DD

  5. hmmm.. i rather use those cotton swabs with make up remover in it xD

  6. Hi Elle, this is a good idea for on the go but not sure if the price justifies it. At home like other have mentioned, just a qtip and some remover or lotion will do. Interesting none the less.


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