BBcreams, Star Candy and Hairy Mice (no, I couldnt think of a better title :P)


Hurray -- 3 day weekend!   I was a little down on Friday, but a package I ordered from Ekilove had a star-shaped candy in it, which totally cheered me up (that and the package itself of course aha).

One thing I've been working on this weekend is this massive BBcream review...I went crazy and bought a ton of drugstore BBcreams. I've been wondering how American brands would adapt what has been, up till now, a distinctly European/Asian beauty product. My SkinFood Mushroom BBcream has been my favorite for years, but what with BBcreams taking America by storm these days, I figured it might be a good time to find a dupe.   For one thing, I generally pay $20-25 to import my BBcream and most of the drugstore BBcreams above just at just $10-12/tube.  Also, I'm just a curious soul :)

Last thing - a friend got me one of those "Sproutlet" grass kits for Christmas.  A couple weeks ago I finally watered it and in 2 weeks it promptly started sprouting grass!  The long legs on the mouse kind of scare me, but I can't wait till there is enough hair to give it a haircut :}


  1. I miss your posts! :D

    I've tried the bb cream from Garnier before, as a sample, and it seems really nice. It's dewy in texture :p

    The star candy is so cute!!!!!!! And cheerful!

  2. I haven't tried any of the American drugstore bb creams but have been hearing they're just glorified tinted moisturizers :T
    Do you know what the name of that candy is? :D So cute!

  3. non-asian BB cream, I've only tried one from maybelline and it works great. But still, I'd prefer Korean BB Cream :D~~~~ by the way, I'm so happy knowing that you're blogging more often now~ yeaaah <33

  4. I always loved grass-hair things. When I was still in primary school, a friend of mine had one of those panty-hose dolls with the grass growing out of their head? Yeah, so jealous.

    Hey Elle! Long time no comment from me on your blog! Bad Bibi >< But your page looks nice. Love the banner, it's pretty :)

  5. I've been too sceptical about the Western BB creams and haven't bought any.. the mini samples I've tried have seemed too much like tinted moisturisers, so I'm sticking to the Asian ones for the time being :p
    By the way, I replied your comment on my blog :)

    The mouse is so cute! I've seen 'grown your own boyfriend' kits and always wondered if they grew out to be veg :/ hahaha


  6. Like what mandy said, I heard the western BB creams are glorified tinted moisturizers so I've stayed away, but I am looking forward to your reviews so I can see what's up for these BB creams! Glad to see you posting again :)


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