Hey, hey, hey it's Valentine's Day!


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Despite Tard's woebegone expression, I actually quite like Valentine's Day! I'm as single as a...single person, but god I adore Valentine's Day! Well...holidays centered around sweets anyway ;) Valentine's Day rivals Christmas in the amount chocolate that ends up laying around the office - perfect for my raging sweet tooth :)

I had a pretty chipper morning too - the sun was shining, I got a ride to the Metro station, and interviewed for some radio show! Some guy was walking around asking what the best Valentine's Day gift would be; I said something boring like "Time to be with friends and family," but it was kinda cool. The fact that there's a 3 day weekend coming up makes my day even better...wootwoot!

And totally random, but I've been looking around for a decent, compact camera good for recording vlog videos. A T3i is nice and all but a real pain to carry around just to get plain and simple HD video. Any suggestions?

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Happy Vday! :D I wish I knew more about cameras but I am no good at that stuff.

  2. I have the canon elph 110 hs. it's really good quality, for videos and photos. or you can also check out the canon elph 300 hs. both very good. :)
    happy valentines day! ^_^

    1. Hi Chris! ah, awesome - definitely will look into this brand :)

  3. i've seen a lot of vloggers walking with a mini camera, but don't ask me the brand lol.. i can never see from which brand it is.. anyways, happy v-day sweetie ^^.. and wohoeee i don't have a valentine either .. *high five! XD

  4. Please let me know when you find one :) I'm tempted to start vlogging but my camera doesn't autofocus :p Xx


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