Review: Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban


What better way to start a bloody Monday than talk about a disappointing product? This definitely ranks pretty high on the list of most random (and useless) things I've ever bought. For some reason, this product just called my name - every time I saw it on Sasa, I was so tempted to buy it, just to see how much faster it would dry my hair. I dunno, I guess a towel just wasn't cutting it for me ;) Then one day, I just snapped and got it - so true to form, here is my review!

Purchased at: Sasa

Cost: $13.00

Description: Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban (Perfect Cap) is made of micro-fiber textile. With more and denser intervals in between, it absorbs water more quickly and effectively. Dampened hair is so delicate that it may be damaged as rubbed by towel or under hair dryer, resulting in dull, rough and rigid hair. Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban not only dries up the wet hair, but also wraps your fringe so that you can put on makeup and dress up more easily.

Packaging: Nothing special; it's just a plastic box with the little white cap inside. I couldn't read any of the writing obviously, but clearly this is supposed to solve all your wet hair frustrations ;)

Experience: For a bit of background, I'm a 'night shower-er' who prefers to have her hair air dry, mostly because I don't know how to blow dry hair properly. I minimally style my hair in the morning and my ideal morning includes my hair being perfectly smooth and ready to be put in a neat little bun or hairband without hairspray.

I've used this several times for the last 2 months. It's nice in the sense that it keeps my pillow from getting soaked and keeping my hair out of my face during my nighttime skincare routine + sheet masks. But it sucks because if I leave this on longer than 10 minutes, my hair the next morning is plastered to my head. It looks like I have "hat hair" and no amount of straight ironing/blow drying etc can fluff it up again.

  • It's soft and well-made. Very cozy, high quality material.
  • It stays on your head quite well. The edge is elasticized and tight - it actually squeezes your head a lot more than I would like and if you leave it on too long, it will either leave an imprint on your forehead or flatten your hair for rest of the day.
  • I assume it's machine washable. I've tossed it in the washing machine a couple times and the material still feels the same.
  • It does dry your hair faster. I would say, while my hair normally air dries in an hour or so, the cap cuts in half. The cap is usually drenched when I pull it off my head, so it does seem to do a good job soaking up all the water.
  • My hair didn't seem softer, but it is less puffy when I use it. However, I don't think it has anything to with their "ultra absorbent" microfiber material, it's just because there is something flattening your hair while its drying.
  • As I said before, this cap gives your severe "hat head" if you fall asleep with it on like I'm prone to doing.

Despite being an overall well-made product, it's still a very useless one. A regular towel can do everything this cap can do, with the exception of being slower at drying your hair. What really kills this product for me though, is the fact it plasters my hair to my scalp and makes it really hard to style if I keep it on longer than 10 minutes. Ironically, this time limit basically means I can't leave this on long enough for it to help dry my hair. And when I forget to take it off quickly, the next day I have really hideous hair that can only be fixed by getting it wet again -_- Very ironic.

So in a nutshell, I don't really recommend this to anyone :\ I'm not even sure what to do with this product right now...I mostly use it for wiping up toner or serum I accidentally drop on the table.

To get a view from the other side of the fence, here is a review of this product from Lotus Palace.

I wonder if they are all really spooning naked....

Also, totally random, but I feel like I've been talking with a British accent all day. I went on a "Fresh Meat" marathon this weekend and now even my thoughts sound British! As I read this blog entry in my head, it sounds like JP is talking >_<

The show is obviously rife with raunchy humor xD but the show is pretty good at balancing the shexy stuff with heart. I think Vod's my favorite (even though, I confess, I don't understand what she's saying half the time or get what she's wearing all the time). Howard is my second, who is closely followed by Oregon, for some strange reason. She really grew on me after she (finally) dumped Tony and I find her desperation to hide her wealth so she can fit in really moving. JP and Kingsley are alright by me but Josie is annoying me right now because she is being so friggin wishy-washy -_- Well, both she and Kingsley are I guess.

This is the first British show I've really watched and I find it interesting to see the cultural differences and similarities of college freshmen in college. I feel like people from the UK are a stereotyped in America as very prim and proper (it's the accent), but this show proves two things: 1.) that college freshers/freshman are pretty much the same everywhere - raunchy, rather immature, often live in disgusting, fire-hazardous housing, and very confused about their futures. And 2.) British television is definitely has a higher tolerance for nudity. Anyway, it's a fun show with lots of memorable characters and naughty humor, check it out if you're bored!


  1. I loled when you said it gives you hat hair! That sounds like such a disaster to wake up with your hair like that, haha! Haha, using it to wipe up serum XD I bet it's great for liquid messes!

  2. Japanese products are unique, aren't they? :D although sometimes I find them aren't really useful either


  3. hmmm yea it sounds like a redundant product, and I totally know what you mean by the hair gets plastered on your head, I hate that feeling!!

  4. So you've resorted to usin this as a table rag. Lol. Hey sometimes you just gotta buy yourself some useless crap despite knowing it probably isn't a good idea.

    The office is the only british series I've watched and I loved it. Even own the dvds.

  5. I was only recently introduced to products like this. I'm the same as you. Night shower-er. Like to air dry my hair. I'm using a longer cap like thing now, but definitely never going back to dropping water on the floor.


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