Review: Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks


I haven't bought lipstick in awhile, but when I saw these at the drugstore, they called my name!! Must be the swoopy font and jewel colored caps...  I picked two pink-ish colors, but I have my eye on the orange tints too, particularly Orange Attitude and Coral Ambition. I have a bad feeling I'll be going back for those :P

It's interesting to see the sudden wave of what I see as "Asian style" makeup (delicate lip colors, dewy face makeup via BBcream, cat eyes paired with subtle eye colors) in America nowadays.  Everyone from drugstore brands like Maybelline and Revlon to brands like Tarte, Boscia and Urban Decay is selling BBcream now and there is a growing influx of glossy, light lipsticks being released.  My guess is lighter hued, more shimmery eye shadows will be the next big thing (makes sense with spring and summer around the corner too I reckon) and that the (in?)famous "bare face" makeup look is going to become a trend in the coming year.

Dare to Whisper. Get truly translucent gel color from Color Whisper by Color Sensational from Maybelline. Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel deliver sexy, soft, see through color with a touch of shine, without the heavy waxes & oils found in traditional lipcolor.

Price: $5.94 at Walmart but generally retails around $7-8

Packaging: Overall, I really like the packaging!  The gorgeous jewel colors of the caps, the slim tube (it's hard tell in pictures, but the tube is a slimmer design than say the Revlon Lip Butters) - it all makes for a rather simple but eye catching product.  My only complaint is that I wish they made the top of the cap a clear plastic instead of tinting it the same color as the sides.  That way you could see the exact shade without having to open it.  I guess they didn't want to seem like they were copying the super popular Revlon Lip Butters :P

Texture/Finish:  Smooth, silky, and feels rather like a balm.  One swipe is pretty sheer but I'm surprised how quickly the color builds with additional layers (see above).  It feels very light on the lips and decently moisturizing for a lipstick.  Pinup Peach still shows fine lines if your lips are very chapped though.  Both balms have a gentle glossy finish; this like a middle ground between a lip balm and a lip gloss.

Lasting Power: Not very good I'm afraid...2-3 hours at most if you're someone who licks her lips and drinks a lot of tea at work (like me).  This is definitely not a long lasting lipstick no matter how you slice it tho :P

Moisturization: It's pretty hydrating as lipsticks go.  It's not a lip balm though and since it has color, it does sink into fine lines a bit.

Scent: Very light scent of vanilla.  Not bad at all.

One Size Fits Pearl: A very sheer pink wash of color.  It's basically a lip balm with a slight shimmer.  It does add a faint pink hue to your lips though - I'd say this is a good choice for people going for the "bare face"/no makeup look.  If you're looking for color though...this probably isn't a good choice.  In the pic above, that is 2-3 swipes, so the color IS buildable to a degree....but not by much.

And yes, I forgot to take a full face picture of One Size Fits Pearl :\

Pinup Peach: Supposedly a peach color but my lips turn it into a darker pink/rose close up.  This is much more pigmented than One Size Fits Pearl and has a similarly shimmery, glossy finish.  Closeup, the color is rather on the ugly side, but when you look at it from a reasonable distance, you can see the faint undertone of peach.

One swipe of Pinup Peach.

This color is much more buildable :) Below is what it looks like with 3-4 swipes:

This is pretty accurate to how Pinup Peach looks in real life.

Anyway, I wish the peachiness of Pinup Peach showed up on me more, but I suspect it's my weird lip color that is throwing it off.

Last thing, here's a swatch comparison of some of the peachy/coral lipsticks I have.  Maybelline has least "glitter" in it - it's more glossy than glittery.  It also has a distinctly more "peachy"-pink undertint.  I think it's a hair less long-lasting than Revlon's Peach Parfait though.  All three look very similar on your lips...almost identical really.

I'm not sure which shade I prefer more yet; I'll update this post when I've decided.  There are 20 shades in this line, a great spread of wearable colors, so I may even try a few more colors before I make my choice ;)    The overall product itself though, does everything it promises.  Beautiful washes of buildable color that have a lovely glossy, yet subtle finish.  These are both very wearable and I am eager to try a few more colors.  I wouldn't say these are "holy grail" products by any means, but I do think they are worth trying if you're looking for natueal, wearable low-maintenance lip colors!

There are just so many great drugstore lip products these days; Revlon and Maybelline are especially just hitting it out of the park!  For Revlon, they scored big with their Lip Butters and their Just Bitten line seems to have gotten a lot of good reviews online as well (haven't tried them myself but with the consistently positive feedback, I think I will).  Maybelline did well with Baby Lips, their highly praised Vivids collection, and now Color Whispers, which I think gives the Lip Butters a run for their money.

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  1. thanks for the review! i love both of those colors. i like how "one size fits pearl" is subtle but in a beautiful way and the "pinup peach" looks gorgeous! I already have Revlon Peach Parfait so I guess I shouldn't get Pinup Peach but its nice to know the color. I'm glad you're blogging again :)

    1. Thanks so much ^_^! I admit I go through phases of completely losing motivation to post, but comments like yours really keep me going :] And yeah, good idea...I do like Pinup Peach, but nobody would be able to tell the difference between that and Peach Parfait on my lips :( Love the product itself but I should've been more adventurous with the colors I picked...

  2. I think I'm going to have to get that Pinup Peach!

  3. Hi Elle, thanks for the review, I almost impulsively bought them but now I'm kind of glad I didn't. If the bare face natural look is trending that's great but I'm not sure I'm loving the sheer lip products and jelly lipsticks. I want pigment in my lip products and can easily create a sheer stain or tinted balm when I want. Great review thanks love!

  4. You have the BEST reviews and swatches I have ever seen! I only wish you had more colors. :( but all the pictures and swatches are AMAZING!


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