TV Musings and HAIRRRR


Remember this little guy? His hair has grown so much! I can't quite bring myself to actually cut his hair yet though; he looks all lush and happy the way it is ^_^ The downside is that he's kind of bald in the back :\ Either they didn't put enough seeds in the back of the pot or the sun wasn't hitting it right...

On a random note, I just caught up on Walking Dead and Castle.

Classic ice queen type that just melts in the hands of the wrong guy -_-

Walking Dead: WTF, Andrea?! You are being just insufferable lately. Just stab the dude already! She blinks like a dumb cow when the truth is staring her in the face - I mean seriously. Mr. Pirate and a bunch of his gun-totting followers disappear for a few days and she finds Rick & Co short 3 members and a leg and she STILL thinks the Governor meant well?! On the plus side, she clearly has terrible taste in men, so this is very in line with her character -_- I'm curious to see how Rick's accidental banishment of Tyreese will end up. Tyreese and the chick seem like the good sort but the other two jackasses in their group can pop off anytime. Unfortunately, they'll probably die after they lead the Governor right into the prison's bowels.

On a happier note, glad to see Daryl back and quite frankly I'm a little surprised to see how much chemistry there is between him and Carol. Carol was quite a drag through the first couple of seasons but she's pretty wicked now and not afraid to tell him what needs to be said. And Hershel continues to be a favorite of mine. I like how he's all nice and quiet most of the time but has no problem calling Rick out on his incessant moping and somewhat manipulatively gets to Merle. Sly dog that one ;) Merle's bookworm and knowledge of the Bible was a nice twist on his character too....hmm, just a reminder to never judge a book by its cover ;)

Castle: Really liked the two episode story arc! Last week's episode was better in terms of suspense, especially since I knew they wouldn't kill off Castle's dad just yet, but the introduction of Castle's dad was LONG in coming. I always suspected the dad was a spy ever since Season 4, Episode 16 (Linchpin), but it was cool to finally see him.

My only tiny qualm with the episode was - jesus, Alexis has been kidnapped, transported overseas, held in a cage, and yet manages to have perfectly curled hair and makeup till the very end?! Obviously not a huge deal at all, but little details that make it clear appearance is taking precedence over the show's "reality" drive me nuts. Sort of like in Chuno when Lee Da Hae's hanboks stayed miraculously clean and makeup perfectly applied during the weeks she was on the run from the law -_- It didn't help that Oh Ji Ho, who was standing right next to her, looked like he hadn't showered in months xD Of course, ultimate blame must be cast on the director and the underlying current in the show biz that women on TV must first and foremost be pleasant on the eyes no matter what the situation - clearly women always smell like roses and poop daisies. That said, I still love the show to pieces - would very much dig a reunion between Rick's dad and mom one day!


  1. What tipped you off about Castle's dad in that episode? I went back to look at it but this was totally out of left field for me.

    I love Castle, but I also found it a bit unbelievable. Ah well, it's a show I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for.

    7% Solution​

    1. ah crap, sorry that was typo. I meant Episode 16! The tip off for me was at the very end when Sophia Turner is revealed to be a traitor. While she is monologuing, she reveals that the reason Castle got such in depth CIA access for his book to begin with was because of his father. So CIA, high level? It's gotta be spy ^^


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