East Village Wanderings


I usually avoid going to restaurants more than once, but I couldn't resist stopping by Cha-an again. I just love the hole-in-a-wall, soothing atmosphere, the simple yet delicious food, the delectable teas, and quiet patrons. The East Village area, in general, is just really nice and a great place to check out if you like Japanese food; seriously, there are so many Japanese restaurants in the area. Momofuku Noodle Bar (not authentic Japanese food btw) is there as well. I heard about the place on Food Network and was curious enough to go in, but it was so friggin crowded -_-

A little appetizer~ I've had this before, it's a soy milk quiche with mushrooms and scallions. It's more egg-y and fluffier than most quiches; very light and satisfying :)

Left: A pound cake with a layer of red bean on the bottom. Those little yellow fruits were really good! I have no idea what they're called though; they're like citrus-y tomatoes. I liked this dessert a lot, very moist and delicately sweet.
Right: Almond cake with whipped cream and more of that little yellow fruit. It was pretty good but I preferred the pound cake.

I got so carried away with eating I didn't whip out the camera again till dessert. I'm glad I got much better pictures of the food this time though. I must say there is a huge difference between taking pics with a DSLR (Canon T3i + 18-55mm kit lens) vs a point-and-shoot (I was using a Nikon Coolpix L22 in my last post). The Nikon was super cheap and easy to use but my god, it was terrible at focusing in low light (just FYI for those looking for an uber cheap point-n-shoot).

I got the Chef's Dessert 3-Course spread again, but I should probably stop getting it because I'd had all the desserts before >_<

Top left: YES, I was so glad to get that ice cream again! I still have no idea what the flavor is, but I love how well it goes with that ridiculously addictive sesame crisp.

Top right: Eh...do not want. It was just a dry bread textured cookie (there's a name for it >.<). It was ok, nothing to write home about. The flavors were nice but I don't like 'dry' cookies if that makes sense :\

Bottom left: Yah for the little piece of pound cake (yes, it was my second piece of the day) but blerghh on that white lump. I hate the grainy texture! My mom liked it though, so what do I know~

Bottom right: And some tea :) The one in the black kettle was really good, it was some kind of oolong recommended by one of the waitresses. The one in the glass pot is matcha tea - also quite good. It had a stronger, heavier green tea flavor than the Jeju green tea from Jungsik. I associate Jungsik's tea with summer - light, refreshing, and bright. Cha-an's reminded me of winter - warmer, heartier, and deeper. It's so interesting to know that there are so many types of green tea!

And look, I found a kodama/tree spirit :)! It made me a bit sad to see the little guy in this concrete jungle so far from greenery though~

Lastly, if you're in East Village, you should also check out 2nd Ave/E 9th Street, which is literally just half a block away from Cha-an. There's a few boutiques there; my favorite is Deja Vu Tailoring. They're known for tailoring (duh), but I love the selection of clothes they have too! I got my Mackage coat there for more than 50% off the retail price and they had brands I'd never seen elsewhere. I also like the selection of clothes they carry - very tailored, sleek, and moody with a bit of edge.


  1. Wow, looks like fun! The east village is always a good place to explore :)

  2. I was going to go to Momo when I went to NYC but they were sooo packed! bleh. Now I wish I waited in line haha. Talk to you on tomorrow night pretty lady!


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