NOTD: Zoya Tanzy


Sunkissed oranges! Tangerine wedges! Screwdrivers (ehehe)! The weather has gotten warmer and my mood has gotten so chipper I painted my nails :) This is Zoya Tanzy, from their Sunshine Collection last year. I actually swatched 5 of the 6 polishes in the collection previously, but I think Tanzy deserves its own post. Overall, even after a year, the Sunshine Collection remains among my favorite polishes to use (especially in the summer). They are just so incredibly glittery, easy to apply (though you do need 2+ coats), and capture the essence of summer.

2 Coats with NO top coat

Glittterrrrrrrrrrrrr! The first coat tends to go on pretty sheer, but it builds very quickly and I usually only need 2 coats, though 3 coats adds an extra splash of color for sure. It goes on very smoothly as well, so even without a top coat, the finish is fairly slick. Another quality I like, this polish doesn't it chip - it wears/fades away around the edges. In other words, it lasts pretty long (~1 week without top coat, which I'm not using because mine hardened) and doesn't chip away hideously.

The only thing that is slightly annoying is that the glitter flecks in this polish are very fine, so when you remove it, gold flecks go everywhere.


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