OOTD: Comfort in Chocolate


I admit I was a little surprised that people liked my last outfit of the day, so I thought I'd take another stab at this over the weekend.... Inspired by how sometimes chocolate is the only solution to winter blues :]

Knit Cap: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Leggings: Walmart probably
Boots: Bearpaw Kola II in White
Bracelet: Chocolate Delights from BeadPassion 

I have a soft spot for this crazy piece of jewelry.  Beadpassion was actually the first seller I bought something from on Etsy way back in the day.  It's a rather impractical bracelet - more for fun than anything else - but I just love how each charm looks so friggin' edible!  The seller handcrafts all the charms and is really nice about doing custom orders.  She specializes in polymer clay beads and is pretty well-known for her ridiculously cute dessert jewelry :)

This pic would've been a lot better if I had painted my nails :P
I especially like how the "bites" show creme on the inside too ^^

Well, happy Monday everyone!


  1. Your pictures are really pretty~! Okay, you are also pretty, k? :D

  2. I love that outfit, makes me miss winter. It's getting soo hot here. That bracelet is perfect. I'll have to check out that shop!

  3. I love your supermodel pose :) When I saw this outfit I thought of frolicking through the woods on a cold fall day, lol.

  4. That bracelet looks so cute! The details are amazing :O I think I'd prefer it to be a key chain or phone charm (but then again smart phones nowadays don't even have that indentation anymore...lol)

  5. OMG so cute!!!! You make me wish I could wear warm clothes in LA. lol

  6. I lovvvvee the sweater =) and the chocolate bracelet is so cook makes me wanna go grab some purdy's!


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