Review: Bearpaw Kola II Boots


This is a loose followup to my OOTD yesterday. Bearpaw is a brand that I discovered while poking around the Sale section at DSW. I actually have another pair of BP boots, the Sonjo II in black, which have been the staple winter shoe for me this year. I'll review the Sonjos later (they're currently on my feet ahaha).

Anyway, I love the Sonjo IIs so much that when I saw the Kola II boots on Amazon, I snagged them right away. It was definitely a vanity purchase considering it's terribly inconvenient white color, but I was so intrigued by the lovely feather banding ^^

The absolutely perfect boot for those times you want to walk on the wild side with style, warmth, and comfort. The feather banded trim and suede ties add just the right touch of fashion that will complete any outfit.

Product Details:
  • 11" tall
  • Cow hair vamp
  • Goat fur Feather banded trim and suede ties
  • Wool blend lining Sheepskin footbed
  • Woven heel logo
  • Semi clear rubber with cork cupsole

Cost: $139.00 from the Bearpaw website, but you can find it for much cheaper at DSW and Amazon

Appearance/Quality: Gorgeous. The white fur is luxurious and the feather banding is just beautiful. The fur does shed a little bit, but it is still very thick and looks very expensive. The feathers don't come off easily and the thick rubber sole has good traction. The sheepskin lining is generous and very warm. Even walking if rain/snow, there was no water seepage.

Sizing: Very weird. For my Sonjo IIs, I got a 9 (it was the only one left) and it's clear that an 8 would've been the best fit. The 9s are too big and unless I am wearing very thick socks, it makes me shuffle/drag my feet a bit. An 8, which is one size up from my regular boot size, matches with their suggestion to go one size up.

However, the Kola II's were much smaller than the Sonjos. I first got the the Kola's in 8 but it was way too small. Even barefoot, it was a bit of a squeeze. So, I sized up to a 9 and that was a pretty good fit - this is 2 sizes up from my regular size. So, if you get the Kola IIs, I would size two sizes up from your regular boot size.

Comfort: The entire inside of the boot has sheepskin lining, so your feet stay nice and warm. There is good ankle support as well; you can't see it, but these boots actually have some kind of plastic supporting the back part of the boot. The rubber sole is thick and well cushioned and while I can't compare them to Uggs (never tried those), this boot is definitely one of the most very comfortable and coziest I own.

Durability: I've been wearing my Sonjo IIs daily for about 3-4 months now and they still look quite good. The toe is a little scuffed but the fur still looks very downy and rich despite the rain and mud.

Despite the great review above, there I actually ended up returning these boots for a very specific reason. I wasn't sure which section to put this in, so I'll just talk about it here. I returned these boots because the top part of the right shoe would fold and "pop" in a very strange way. My Sonjo's and the left shoe were perfectly fine, but the right shoe would fold along my toes unnaturally while I was walking. It would "pop"/snap back into shape when I straighten my foot and didn't cause any discomfort, but it made me worry that the shoe would eventually wear away/form a hole there. I suspect that the right boot was a defect, which is why I returned the boots. The reason I did a return instead of an exchange was mostly because I realized that I don't need white furry boots >_>

In any case, I highly recommend checking out the Bearpaw brand! I love my Sonjo IIs and would have kept the Kola IIs if the right boot wasn't defective. I also have the Bearpaw Lilly Wedge sandals and as a first impression, I think they are a perfect, all-purpose summer flip flop! I'm not reviewing the Lilly wedges yet since all I've done is slip my feet into them, but I am liking how it adds a little height without compromising comfort. They're also made completely of rubber/plastic so I can get them wet to my heart's content (I will never understand sandals that are too fancy to get wet....)

On a random note....praying for a Snowquester tomorrow, come on Snow Gods, do your thing!

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  1. Oh I love bear paw! :) I have one of their lookalike UGG boots. But i like the new designs they have now. They used to be such a small brand but I can tell they've really added a lot to their collection. At least you got to try the white boots even if it was a returned purchase :D


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