Review: Etude Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Foam


A couple months ago, I ran out of my trusty Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel (review and comparison post). Even though I liked it very much, I was in the mood for trying something new and as a tea-lover, I just had to try this!

I'm a strong believer that a good cleanser is 100x more important than foundation because let's face it - it's ideal to just have perfect skin without makeup xD Also I actually reviewed this on my YouTube channel last week, but I made a mistake when I said that it doesn't claim to remove makeup. In fact, Etude claims this DOES remove makeup, so this product is even less effective than I thought. Anyway, I figured I'd just make a post to make up for it :\ I hate it when I say incorrect things like that...

Etude House is one of these brands I'm not 100% a fan of, but I keep buying stuff from. I swear it's the food theme that gets me every time -_- Anyway, there are 5 types of cleansers in this line:

Green Tea - Pore cleansing and oily shine relief

Milk Tea - Moisturizing and smoothing formula

Lemon Tea - Vitalizing and nourishing formula

Peach Tea - Brightening and clarifying formula

Aloe Tea - Moisturizing and complexion health formula

In hindsight, I probably should've gotten Aloe or Milk, because foaming cleansers are always drying (at least imho). Ah, well.

Cost/Purchased from: $4.90 @ Sasa

  1. Dispense a proper amount onto the palm of hand.
  2. Rub to create a rich lather.
  3. Massage gently over the face to cleanse, avoiding eye areas.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Suitable for: All skin types

Etude House Happy Tea Time Green Tea Cleansing Foam washes off heavy make up. Sometimes even the mascara can be easily removed with this. Its white with a tinge of green very thick cream that lathers really well with a lot of water. Its lightly scented like the aloe moisturizers from Etude House, just light and clean. This leaves your skin feeling very soft, smooth and a little tight. It also cleanses dull skin and vitalize.
Green Tea is proven to eliminate skin-damaging free radicals on contact.

Scent: A very pungent, chemically green tea. Quite frankly, I find it tiresome when products try to infuse a "green tea" scent into their products because green tea, being such a mild scent, is very hard to replicate artificially.  Personally, I found the scent to be extremely strong and it gets even stronger when you lather it up.

Texture: Very thick and creamy out of the tube. This is so thick that sometimes it clogs up the tip if you don't use it for a few days. Nonetheless, it foams beautifully!

Cleansing Power: Erm, it does clean off light BBcream and concealer but it certainly does not remove mascara or even primed eye shadow.

Pore Cleansing/Oiliness: I can't speak for pore cleansing since my black heads aren't severe (and I noticed no difference over time), but it certainly cuts down on oiliness - by drying my face out like the Sahara Desert! So while I would agree that this does help with oiliness, I think it was way too harsh for someone with sensitive skin as it strips your face of all oils and makes it very dry. And I say this as a person who has oily skin and moisturizes nightly.

Experience: Great creamy texture out of the tube and it foams up well; a little goes a long way. Scent is rather on the strong side and gets stronger as you lather it. It feels cool on the face and as stated before, removes light makeup. Afterwards, however, my face feels very dry and tight - almost crackly. I moisturize right afterwards of course, but when I don't (occasionally I just conk out), my face the next day is dry and flaky.

Though I did mistakenly state that this product does not claim to remove makeup in my video, my overall assessment of this product has not changed even with this correction. I still find this product to be very drying, ineffective for removing heavy makeup, and very strongly scented. It did help with oiliness (too much), but not with pores, as far as I can tell.

On the upside, it is an extremely cheap product and since it foams so well, only a pea sized dab is needed.

I do not recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin and or anyone really. Even though it is very cheap, I think for a couple more dollars, you can get a face cleanser that works a lot better and doesn't dry out your skin.


  1. Google needs to quit screwing with us. I already follow you on Bloglovin.

  2. I tried the Peach tea few years back, the scent is absolutely lovely and it is cheap too

  3. Well, good thing it was cheap, I guess. Imagine how disappointing it would be if it were really pricey and turned out to not live up to your expectations.

    RYC: Thank you for the birthday wishes, Elle! And I love those peachy sneakers as well, think they'll be worn a lot when Spring finally decides to visit Europe. And less than €10! They were practically giving them away for free!

  4. thanks for this review on the etude wash. i'm testing out a new cleanser myself. Don't forget, there is still time to enter my giveaway!

  5. I got oily skin so this might be good for me! see you tonight!

  6. nice products *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!



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