Cancun Countdown...


Credits: Developmental Biology

Omg I haven't posted in over 2 friggin weeks...!  But tis for a good reason - I was trying to wrap things up so I could go to Cancun with a light heart :) I swear, sometimes I'm not sure if going on vacations are worth the hassle of trying to get everything done before you leave though :(  Work was nuts and I know there will be a buttload of stuff to do the second I get back :P

BUT I am less than 24 hours away from Cancun, so I can't complain.  I'm super excited to pet all the dolphins, manatees, sea lions, manta rays, and hopefully turtles and iguanas!!!  My goal is to pet at least 5 animals bwahahha ^_^

I think there will be WiFi at the hotel so I can tweet during my travels a bit~

Cancun here I come!


  1. So excited for you!! Don't forget to do a post about it when you get back! :D

  2. I know you're in Cancun right now so I just hope you're enjoying your time SO freaking much. Can't wait to see pictures of you girls when you get back.

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  3. Ah! You're already in Cancun add I speak!

    Hope you're lovin' it! :D


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