Peeling Like an Onion!


Mexico was fab but my goodness, I am peeling like crazy now! I've never peeled because of a sunburn before, so I thought I caught some strange disease the first time I noticed huge flakes of skin coming off my arm. But now it's kind of fun picking the bits off ^_^ it's very satisfying to try to get one big piece of skin...sort of like peeling wallpaper I suppose aha

I guess I better start exfoliating instead of peeling myself like a onion? Apple? Banana? The last one is setting myself up for way too many Asian American jokes ahha ^_~


  1. I love peelinggg, tho I usually like doing it on my boyfriend more. I can sit hours just peeling away haha

  2. I haaate peeling after getting a nice tan (and it's also SO painful after a burn). If you find yourself sore where the peeling is, try putting on some aloe vera.

  3. hehe you're funny. Exfoliate!!! ^_^

  4. oh nooooo!!!! it must've hurt in the beginning. it's gross but i get some weird kind of satisfaction from peeling the skin when i get sunburnt hahaha

  5. i hardly ever get sunburned but if i get sunburned badly and peel, it sure feels satisfying to peel the skin xD even tho it looks gross lol


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