Trend Predictions: Spring/Summer 2013, Part 2


And I really took my sweet time putting this post together ^_^;; For those who didn't catch the first one, this post is a followup to Part 1, which focused on clothing, in my S/S 2013 Trend Predictions series. Part 2 will be focusing on makeup, hair, nail polish, and other misc trends. This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide of every S/S 2013 trend out there.  The posts themselves are more of a summary of the latest trends so you can get a feel for the style and look you should be going for in the next few months. I have included as many links as I can that show examples of all these trends for reference :]

S/S 2013 Makeup Trends

As I alluded in Part 1, natural nudes, pastels, and 'tropical getaway' colors are in!

Credits: Urban Decay

Urban Decay's looks are great examples of these trends and pretty much exactly in line with the seasons trends. In general, this season's makeup looks are all about the EYES and any bright colors should be focused there.

Overall, S/S 2013's Makeup looks can be categorized by:
  1. NATURAL NUDES: This look is all about achieving a very natural, matte finish for your face (as opposed to the dewy look last year) with bright matte lips in orange and hot pink shades.
  2. BRIGHT EYES: Crazy eye makeup seems to be all the rage (seriously, some of looks in Glamour are nuts)

Here are some sample looks from on ELLE's S/S 2013 Makeup Roundup:

Credits: ELLE

Overall Looks

Eyes & Brows
As I said before, eyes take center stage this season and should be highlighted with lots of bright colors. Brows should be thick, sculpted and natural - rather boyish. Here is a helpful snapshot of the "Bright Eyes" eye makeup trend ELLE made:

Credits: ELLE

If you want to see specific products you can use to recreate these looks, go to this article. In general, the Vogue reported that the runway saw a lot of coloured liner, jewelled lids, extra-long lashes, matte lips, and Nineties grunge liner. Another Vogue gallery that shows some closeups of behind-the-scenes makeup looks.

Lots of corals, fuchsias, hot pinks, and orange.

Though eyes are generally being touted as the main focus this season, to mix things up a bit, if you want to highlight your lips, it should be with vibrant matte colors, according to Vogue. Bold, matte lips are usually paired with natural nude colors for the eyes and face.

The lip colors of choice for S/S 2013 seem to be oranges and hot pinks.

Very minimal use of blush across the board, even with natural makeup looks.

Unsurprisingly, since eyes and lips are calling for bright colors, this season's blushes will be natural hues, delicate pinks, nudes, and faint corals. In fact, 99% of the looks I've perused seem to forgo blush altogether.

Foundation should be matte and focused on clever contouring with heavy brows to achieve an androgynous look. Basically, minimal blush and an emphasis on "naturally" perfect skin - which quite frankly is in every year >_> Since when was bad skin a trend :P?

As for specific kinds of foundation, if you haven't heard already, CC creams are next big thing in makeup. It seems like the US is determined not to be left behind like they were for the BB cream trend (I'm sure American makeup CEOs are still wringing their hands about all the $$ they missed when they took, what 5-7 years? to get on BB cream bandwagon eheh). Anyway, big players like Clinique, Smashbox and Olay have already released their own CC creams.

S/S 2013 Hair Trends

Credits: Harper's Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar touts braids, cleverly twisted knots/buns, low ponytails, sleek bangs, tousled waves (aka rock n roll hair), interesting hair accessories, and "undone updos" for the season.

Glamour calls for pin straight hair, the "wet hair" look, retro glam waves, retro glamour updos, low buns and ponytails, bangs, hair accessories, the "low maintenance bedhead look, braids, waves, short hair styles, and kooky colors (hair chalk, here I come!!)

Organic Color Systems also put together quite a helpful list of 2013 hair trends. Their list is obviously biased; they list a lot more hair color trends than HB and Glamour, so I'd take this list with a small grain of salt. That said, a lot of trends they name coincide with other sources. The 12 trends they name are braids, pastel hair (especially purple), silver hair, red hair, vintage/retro waves, bangs, short haircuts, sleek hair with deep parts, sandy colored hair, ombre (which is out imho), updos, and beach hair.

Taking all three lists together, the general consensus seems to be:
  1. Braids
  2. Low buns & ponytails
  3. The tousled bedhead/beach look, which is in every year honestly ~_~
  4. Pin straight hair
  5. Bangs
  6. Short haircuts
  7. Retro glamour waves aka soft curls in the style of Old Hollywood
    S/S 2013 Nail Polish Trends

    Harper Bazaar's list is full of contradictions, but their nail trends list is: pale nails, dark nails, metallic finishes, two tone manicures, and 'edgy' elements.

    Basically, you couldn't go wrong with nude colors, dramatic blacks accented with metal finishes, and two-tone french manicures.

    S/S 2013 Sunglasses/Eyewear Trends

    Million Look's sample pictures of the "odd frame shape" trend. Odd indeed.

    Million Looks to the rescue again, listing the following trends:
    • Frame shapes: round, cat eye, and unusual shapes
    • Lens finishes: mirror
    • Frame designs: Big, unusual heavily decorated frames
    • And also huge "goggle" frames O_O
    Eyecessorize also put together a rather exhaustive (and exhausting) list of trends. Check out their post for a ton of pics! For the lazy, here is a summary:
    • Terra Moderna: Specs and shades in this trend have a retro, handcrafted feel, with artisanal touches like leather piecing, weaving, perforations and topstitching. Be on the lookout for materials such as luxe plastics, straw, burnished brass and wood, which all add to a rustic appearance.
    • Paper + Ash: These specs are minimalist, yet primitive, and simple, yet intricate. Many feature supple black leather, cross additions, blackened metal and clear lucite.
    • Fashletes: Accessories in this style seek to combine flair with function. Bold hues and color blocking is essential, as well as authentic trims like nylon webbing, climbing rope, carabiners and click buckles in plastic or metal.
    • Cystal Lab: Eyewear for this category pairs vintage style with modern materials to evoke a sense of irony. Cat eyes in clear, tinted plastic, classic pastel colors, smooth metal hardware or metallic leathers, ornate estate pieces and transparent effects are all the rage.
    S/S 2013 Bag Trends

    Luxury bags!!! Credits: Million Looks

    Million Looks did another great post on bag trends; the link has a ton of examples of types of bags to look for. But if you don't feel like clicking, basically what's in are:
    • Mini bags, totes, clutches, luxury backpacks, sack bags, odd shaped bags, transparent bags
    • With reptile prints, prints & patterns, laser cut designs, and unusual handles
    I so dig the luxury backpack look! I have a faux luxury backpack that actually converts from a shoulder bag, cross body, and backpack. This bag has been a staple for me since the day I got it. Sadly, it's made of crappy PU that melts a little in hot, humid weather and stains your clothing with black marks, as I discovered in Cancun :\ Hopefully, I will be able to find better, higher end replacement!

    And that's all peeps :) Hopefully, this two-part series helped summarize S/S 2013 trends for you. Let me know if I should do a Part 3 - maybe swimsuits and jewelry? Let me know in the comments!


    1. great post! yea CC creams are definitely the next big thing. As for the US being late on the BB cream, I still think even with their releases that they're late because they didn't get the formulation correct! o well, i'll continue looking at Asian BB creams. and on my post about the Mizon CC Cream, I think I actually will end up passing on that since its so expensive. At $20 I'd fork out the money to test it out, but at $40, I think that's too much

    2. I love the post! Clearly you've spent ages on it, and we all really appreciate it <3
      About the CC creams you posted - I haven't actually seen Chanel CC cream available in the US, but my mom has loads because I think they're sold in China!


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