Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Nails, Sparkling Strawberry Candy (Pink)


I did a big haul of Korean makeup awhile back and been joyfully testing them out for the past month! I was especially excited about Etude House's Sweet Recipe collection (cutest marketing angle ever!) because food + makeup = my kyptonite.

Also I actually bought a bunch of extras for a giveaway ^^, so stay tuned for a Etude House Sweet Recipe giveaway in the next weeks (haven't had a chance to record a video yet...:P)!

Basically, Etude House's Sweet Recipe collection is comprised of a whole range of makeup items - eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, lip balm, nail polish etc - that are all dessert related. For today, I'll be reviewing 1 of 4 nail polishes from their Limited Edition collection.

Dripping Chocolate Mint - A pastel mint green.
Fun fact: Loosely translated, in Korean, "pon-dang" is more like "plopping" or "plip" but it sounds so stupid translated like that :P
Energy Up Lemon Sherbert - a bright yellow
Sweet & Sour Apricot Candy - a trendy peach apricot color
Sparkling Strawberry Candy - a pastel lavender/pink

Purchased at: KollectionK (affiliate link) for $3.84. They're OOS right now, but it was one of the cheapest places I could find this. I noticed they bumped up the price by .74 since my purchase, but they're still one of the cheapest places to buy this and they're legit - great packaging, sealed products, and not sketchy at all. Also, the shipping time is reasonable considering they ship from Korea.

Packaging: Duh, it's Etude House so it's super cute! The bottle is made of glass and the ice cream cap, a sturdy plastic. In a nutshell, it's a creative and well-made product.

The brush is slightly flatter on one side, about the same as Zoya's brushes.

A swatch on white paper so you can see the sheerness.

Color: It's a milky pink color with hints of lavender. The multi-colored sparkles are squares, hexagons and a few (very few) stars. It's a soft, lovely, near universally flattering color.

Formula: In my opinion, nail polish is a consistent weakness of popular Korean makeup brands. I understand that sheer polish is the ideal, but there is a difference between sheer and streaky.

  • The glitter layers really beautifully creating an almost 3D effect.
  • Color is buildable.
  • You have to "place" the glitter specks, which are prone to just falling off the brush.
  • Very liquidy formula that tends to be streaky.
  • Like most glitter nail polishes, this is a pain to remove.
  • A LONG drying period and if you add a layer too soon, it clumps the first layer (see thumb in pic above).
  • Smells AWFUL. Extremely strong and exactly like toluene (I had an immediate flashback to my lab days).
  • The smaller glitter flecks look more like bubbles than glitter, creating a slightly bumpy surface. But I admit a top coat could easily smooth that out.
  • I highly doubt this formula is BPA, toluene, or formaldehyde free.

Overall, I don't like the formula, which is very unforgiving and friggin' smells terrible.

This shape but in different colors would've made perfect sprinkles ^_^!!
Credits: lindseyrivait

However, applied properly, it really is a lovely color. I wonder why they didn't use "sprinkle"-like glitter though - that would've been perfect for an ice cream theme!

You can see the slightly bumpy, gritty finish (no base or top coat).

I have rather mixed feelings about this product. Bloody gorgeous ice cream bottle and I dig the cool 3D effect of the glitter. It's also pretty cheap as nail polish goes, but I think the formula sucks and the stench is just...definitely the opposite of sweet :P I suppose this falls in the same category as OPI's Hello Kitty in Blueberry.  Glorious packaging, so-so formula.


  1. The bad formula was one of the main reasons I didn't buy these, even though the bottles look really cute.

  2. Omgsh even though this product didnt work out the packaging is really cute!

  3. I bought the apricot one. You need two layers if you want the glitter to show. What I like the most about this nail polish is that the glitter lays flat.

  4. That is such a cute bottle but too bad it smells, i don't like nail polishes that smell bad. But it doesn't look too bad in the pictures that you posted.


  5. I love Etude House polishes!! These look so cute, but it seems like the formula sucks!

  6. So cute!


  7. You should give a try to the other colors, I think there's a problem with the Pink one, the Mint Choco Chip one worked wonders for me, but I hated the pink because of the streaky look.


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