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I've had this post sitting in drafts for almost 4 months, so boy did it feel good to hit 'post!' Of all the brands I've tried, I tend to gravitate towards SkinFood the most for BB creams. The food-centric marketing just does me in every time....

To give you an idea of how I test out BB creams, I've included my method of applying them:

How to Apply (official instructions):
Take an appropriate amount and apply a small dab to your cheeks, forehead, and chin. With the tips of your fingers spread bb cream evenly throughout your face. To avoid bb cream from caking, let sit for 5 minutes before building bb cream up for more coverage, and before apply any loose powders to set it with.

How I Apply BBcream (my personal method):
First I prep my face with moisturizer, usually Vitacreme B12, but I recently ran out so I am using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream; the latter provides a better base, though it takes longer for my skin to soak it in. In general, I give my face a minute or two to soak in the moisturizer. During this time I also apply chapstick and extra sunscreen if I am going to be outdoors a lot.

Since BBcream tends to "set" if you don't spread it right away, I dab a little on, blend/tap, dab a little more, and blend/tap again...thus working my way around my face blending as I go. By the time I finish covering my face with 1 thin coat, usually the part of my face I started with has "set" and is ready for me to go back in with a little more BB cream for troubled spots. Generally, I wait 4-5 minutes between each layer.

To clarify, I don't blend by rubbing/smearing the BB cream into my face - I tap the BBcream very quickly into my skin with my ring finger. I find this creates a much more natural finish. When I'm feeling fancy, I may also use a Beauty Blender/some kind of sponge, to pounce the BBcream into my skin. I very rarely use a brush.

After my 1-2 layers of BBcream have "set," I finish my foundation off with a dusting of Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder.

Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream is a lightweight BB cream that goes on sheer, evening out skin tone and giving skin medium coverage. This multi-function facial cream acts as a foundation to cover existing blemishes, nourishes skin to prevent wrinkles, and boosts skin regeneration to reveal younger looking skin with improved elasticity. It blocks the sun's UV rays that darken and age your skin. The active ingredients of Arbutin and Adenosine improve skin tone with their skin whitening and tightening effect. A Triple-Function Cream containing Aloe and Mushroom extracts to hydrate the skin.

  • Lightweight
  • Whitening
  • Wrinkle Improvement
  • Nourishes
  • UV Protection

SkinFood Red Bean BB Cream is a hydrating, whitening and protecting BB Cream formulated with red beans to nourish and moisturize a dull and rough complexions. Its lightweight formula evens out skin tone and provides a natural looking coverage to create a flawless base for powder or foundation. SPF 20 defends skin against premature aging brought about by UV rays and environmental stress. May be used as makeup base.

  • Lightweight
  • Whitens
  • Nourishes
  • Hydrates
  • Moisturizes

The Skin Food Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream is an oil-controlling and skin-mattifying BB cream that helps maintain a fresh matte complexion throughout the day. Contains vitamin-enriched peach and oil-controlling green tea.

A long-lasting BB cream that helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day without darkening or smudging. It is also an oil-controlling and skin-mattifying BB Cream that keeps skin fresh and matte with vitamin-enriched peach extract and sebum-regulating green tea.

Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream
Red Bean BB Cream
Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream
Cost $11.81 at Amazon

50 mL
$9.49 on Amazon

50 mL
$8.54 at Amazon

Rather expensive for only 30mL.
Packaging Standard SkinFood BB cream packaging in terms of size and tip shape.

The cap is made of plastic, but covered in some kind of paper/cardboard-y material.
Standard SkinFood BB cream packaging in terms of size and tip shape.

The cap is plastic.
Comes with an adorable, but useless cardboard bag.

The cap is plastic.
Scent Like fresh cut grass. Some may find it odd, but I find it to be quite fresh and clean smelling. How someone in Quality Control decided this smells like red bean, I don't know. It smells, I guess. It's a very artificial and strong floral scent, thought it's not unpleasant.Smells like peach candy! Quite pleasant, though personally, it's a bit strong.

Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream
Red Bean BB Cream
Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB
Texture Right between a liquid and a lotion....watery lotion. I love this kind of texture for foundation because it is easy to pat into the skin with fingers. Basically identical to the Mushroom if a HAIR more watery.

It's slightly harder to get coverage with this one as it tends to stick to your fingers as you're blending. It also doesn't build quite as easily.
Has the same liquid-lotion texture out of the tube but it sets and thickens a lot faster. You need to blend very quickly since it sets in under a minute.
Color #1 Bright Skin

Has the most distinct yellow undertone and quite frankly, matches my skin the best. This one gives me the most flawless, natural finish of all 3 BBcreams.

I am an NC25.
#1 Light Beige

An almost 'pure' neutral beige. It is actually a little too light for my NC25 skin. This color would be best for NC20s I think. When I first put on, I look like I have a mask on, but after oxidation, it just looks like slightly paler foundation.
#1 Light Beige

Has a hint of peach pink undertones. I don't think the pink undertone is flattering on me, as it makes me look a bit "ruddy."
Oxidation I swear this does not oxidize orange though there is a strong yellow undertone in the makeup itself. Does not oxidize orange but it does look a little ashy after awhile.It does not turn orange, but after a bit more oxidation, I swear it gets pinker. Not sure if I am hallucinating this though ><
Finish/CoverageThe finish is dewy.

Covers quite well. People with only mild redness and scars need only 1 layer. I tend to go back in with a second. Medium coverage.
Has a dewy, almost oily finish.

Can easily be built to medium coverage, but it takes a bit more work compared to the Mushroom.

Has a matte finish.

Has medium coverage that builds quite well.
Oil ControlAfter 5 hours, you need to blot or you begin to look oily. Has the worst oil control of the three because this is a hydrating BBcream. It starts breaking up a bit after 4-5 hours.Obviously has the best oil-control because this is a mattifying BBcream. Cakes/breaks around 6 hours, though shine control is still going strong.

This when sometimes I think pictures are a little deceiving. Though I adjusted the picture to be as accurate as possible, I swear the Mushroom photographs darker than it is in real life, because pix can't capture the glow it gives my face. It looks quite dark, almost orange in the the blended swatches above, but it real life it actually matches my yellow toned NC25 skin the best. After more oxidation, it also gives my face luminous glow that the Peach Green Tea, which has more of a matte finish, does not give.

I have to say, each BB cream really delivered exactly what is promised (for better or for worse). Though I can't speak for wrinkle improvement or whitening, the Mushroom BBcream with indeed lightweight, had medium coverage, and in general, the perfect "middle ground" BB cream. Aka not too dewy but not too matte. Not particularly hydrating, but not drying. It's the best "overall/general" BBcream imho. The Red Bean was the most hydrating and, consequently, had the most dewy finish, just as it said the product description. The Peach Green Tea was definitely matte, noticeably controlled oil, and even had a light pink peach undertone to the color.

~ ~ ~

My personal favorite BBcream has always been the Mushroom. That's the one I always go back to, primarily because the color suits my face so well, the buildable coverage, the slightly dewy finish, and mild scent. It would be nice to have a bit more oil control, but I would rather blot after a few hours and have that radiant glow. I have used this for over 2 years and it remains my go-to makeup item. I recommend this to people who need medium+ coverage, have yellow undertones, and want a dewy finish (aka don't need too much oil control).

The Red Bean is a fallback BB cream for me; I like the texture and medium, buildable coverage. However, the color is a little too light for me, the hydrating properties make me look oily very quickly, and the strong scent are minuses. I probably would not repurchase it for myself, but I would recommend this to people with neutral skin tones and dry skin.

The Peach Green Tea did not work particularly well for me. I could get away with wearing it, but it did not give me that natural, healthy glow. The pink undertones and matte finish made it look like I was wearing a mask sometimes and gave me bit of a pinkish, almost blotchy complexion. I would not personally repurchase it, but if you're someone who has very oily, pale, warm toned skin, you might want to try this.


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I've wanted to try Skinfood BB creams for ages but I can never decide on which one to choose first. It looks like Mushroom Multicare would suit me best too!

  2. Awesome review! I have tried the Mushroom and Aloe Vera Skinfood BB cream and found that their coverage was really good - especially with the Mushroom BB cream, a little went a long way. The Aloe Vera one was a tad too pink toned for me but I remember it smelling SO nice.

  3. thanks for this post, the information and the pictures are really helpful. I request more of these bb cream swatch comparisons type posts!

  4. Thank you, it was really helpful, I was going to buy one of these and I think my decision will be the Mushroom one, thanks a lot

  5. awhh i'd to try the mushroom one hehe

  6. Thank you for the information! I bought an Etude House BB Cream and it looks terrible on my skin. I'm hoping that either mushroom or red bean will look better. :)


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