Weekend Wanderings


Another "French-Asian" bakery called Tous Les Jours opened its doors in NoVa two days ago, so of course I had to check it out! Tous Les Jours is a CJ franchise that established its first store in Gu-ru, South Korea in 1997. I saw a bunch of them in Korea but apparently, they've been opening stores in the US since 2004...but this one is the first in Northern Virginia!

The interior was well decorated but a little cramped with very little natural light, especially in the back.  I also tried a few buns and while they were decent, it was nothing amazing.  I'd come here out of convenience's sake but I'd prefer Shilla Bakery or Breeze Cafe for food and atmosphere. Amusingly, the reviews are pretty bad right now, but it's in an excellent location (right next to Spa World) and with the strength of an international brand name behind them, I'm sure business will be brisk at least for the next couple of months.


I am SO digging the decorations on the sweet potato cake and the purple elephant? Ugh, so cute!

A giant fish head eating what I suspect to be its own tail xD

Also, H Mart was holding some Spring Festival/Sale thingie. Great discounts,  a lot of kooky events, and a very nightmarish Korean interpretation of a clown greeting you at the door....

They look pretty gross in the picture, but in real life, they are rather cute...in a slippery kind of way ehe~
Credits: PK's Pursuits

But my favorite event was this sweet game they had going on where you get 30 seconds to cram as many Chinese muddy loach, a super slippery fish, into a plastic bag with your BARE HANDS. What you manage to get in the bag, you keep for free! These little buggers were still alive of course so, it was HILARIOUS.  Little fish popping out everywhere, people getting splashed with water - it's one of those events that is so crazy and somewhat barbaric, but you can't resist laughing and joining in ^_^  This one Hispanic granny was ROCKING it - she walked off with like a full bag xD

Anyway, that was my weekend :) And tomorrow, back on the hamster wheel >0<;;;


  1. Mmm..all those baked good look so delicious!

  2. Those cakes.. >< the elephant one is so cute!
    RYC: The tangle teezer still takes out a few here and there, but compared to the conventional hair brush, I've found it a huge improvement in terms of hair loss via brushing. The only gripe I have with it is that it's difficult to get the few hairs out, and you can't use it with heat.. However, I find that if I brush my hair with it before I blow dry, my hair sits just the way I want it :P Let me know if you end up trying it out! :D Xx

  3. Bakeries are such wonderful, dangerous places. Unfortunately (and fortunately) there are none near my home or office. Now I realize I kind of miss them! One of my older sisters spent a summer working in a bakery/ice cream parlor. I LOVED riding along to pick her up after work. I'll have to check Yelp for a nearby bakery. Thanks for the reminder!!!

    PS - The giant fish head is pretty cool.


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