Farewell Google Reader!


As I'm sure you've heard by now, Google Reader (aka Google Friend Connect) is officially shutting down tomorrow :\ This sucks since GR is how I've been keeping up with blogs since 2005 (christ I feel old).....

But change is good, especially in this case because it forced me to start using Bloglovin, which is seriously (imho) far superior to Google Reader. You can import all your GR blogs with one click and has one awesome feature that GR lacked - a good MOBILE APP. Bloglovin's mobile app is really nice and makes it easy to check the blogs you are following (aka InsideOutElle :D :D :D) on your phone/tablet.

The transfer process only took a minute and I have to say, I've almost forgotten about GR already ;)

Two other things:

1.) Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! I'll post the winner this week on this blog+Twitter. There's another giveaway on the horizon as well, so uhm, stick around? It's gonna be 'sweet' ^_~

2.) I'm truly moved by the supportive comments from my previous post about moving overseas. It really means a lot to me to know that there are people out there that understand why I'm doing this and are so happy for me ^_^ I confess I wrestled with a lot of doubts up to the very second I booked my one way ticket, but everything that has happened since (and your comments) has affirmed I am making the right decision for me. Thank you!

I defintely will be continuing to update this blog with lots of pics (prolly more often too!) and plan on doing a followup post elaborating on a few of the reasons I made this decision. For now, all I'll say is this - ever since I turned in my notice and realized there is truly no turning back....I've never felt so free.


  1. I was able to add InsideOut Elle to my list of blogs in Blogspot, so I'm good with the change. No impact for me. Well, that and I do follow via Bloglovin, so I've got a redundancy built into the system. :)

  2. wow I can't believe you're actually going! sooo like THIS august? likem, in a month?!?! CAN I COME VISIT


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