I Dream of Sticky Rice


I've been obsessed with Thai food lately so the highlight of my weekend going to one of the most popular Thai restaurants in the DC/NoVA area - Sisters Thai in Fairfax, VA. The restaurant itself is gorgeous; as a "living room cafe" the atmosphere is homey, intimate, and serene. It's vintage chic done right with an abundance of floral pillows, bouquets of fresh flowers, beautiful photographs, and quirky collectibles. It really does feel like you're eating in someone's living room!

The customer service was quite good too. The servers and hostess were very nice; all young and eager to please. There was a birthday going one while we were there and they played Happy Birthday over the speakers and brought over a cake :) I was also impressed by how clean and organized everything was; there was none of that "sweeping crumbs off the table onto the ground" nonsense.  Another lovely touch: the menus were all handmade with a bunch of blank pages for customers to leave notes on. Mine was missing a pen, but it was still fun flipping through and looking at what other people wrote!

Garden Rolls
These were quite tasty - they look rather plain but there's some kind of 'spicy' green they add that gives it an excellent aftertaste! The peanut sauce was also more liquid-y than I expected and more like a sweet-and-sour sauce delicately infused with peanuts. Also it came with 4 rolls, I'd eaten two of them already ^_^

Drunken Noodles
I asked for "slightly less spicy" but it still made me nose and ears tingle a little ^_^ It was pretty good though, the wide flat noodles were perfectly cooked and the cherry tomatoes were delicious! I didn't eat any of the peppers though, too spicy!

Thai Custard with Coconut Sticky Rice
I ADORE sticky rice so of course I had to get dessert! The Thai custard bit is basically a cake infused with Thai coffee (I think). It's served warm and it pairs quite well with the coconut rice, which is basically sticky rice drizzled with coconut milk. However, even though this dish was very good, I prefer The Similans Thai Eatery's sticky rice. Their sticky rice and coconut ice cream are the stuff my dreams are made of *drool* ^^

It's easy to see why Sisters Thai is rated the best Thai restaurant in the area. The atmosphere, the food, and service is excellent! Though their sticky rice is a hair less tasty than The Similans, their entree dish was superior. The Old Town Fairfax location is great too, it's a beautiful place to walk around after you eat. Overall, this place definitely had the best Thai food I've eaten so far and if you're in the area, you should definitely check this place out!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Oooh there's one in Old Town? I'm going to have to remember that the next time I'm there - everything you ordered looks fantastic!

  2. Yum, sounds delicious! I love the striped walls!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. oh looks like a trendy thai place! those menus look fun, they would probably get dirty easily though?! lol the other day i was looking into a flight to taipei and i came across mexico deals and saw that hotel we sneaked into that one day is like $114/person. WOW. no wonder the security guard was a prick lol. yaa I wish I can tell my tenant about the dented walls but she just moved in so I don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I'll just bring it up later when she moves I guess....

  4. I love Thai food and that place really looks your eating at someones house and it seems really cool place to chill with friends. The food looks yummy and I love sticky rice too. And the menu sounds so interesting, having people write or draw on it sounds like a really fun concept.


  5. nice post and the food looks delicious!


  6. I've never seen a restaurant that looked so "at home". What a great idea! I really like Thai food, runny nose and all. :)

    I'm having a giveaway this week, if you're interested!

  7. Oh! I'm always so jealous of the food you guys have in the US! The thai sticky rice and custard sounds like my kind of thing! Yummy!

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