Mexico 2013, Part 7: Coco Bongo


Thanks for all the super supportive comments in my last post!  I'm happy to report that my acne is pretty much gone (for now). I had to resist picking at this HUGE scab that formed and did a painful pop-bleed-scab >_< but all in all, Clindamycin seems to have worked very well for me.  I'm piecing together a lovely collage of macro shots of the whole process and my overall experience; it's definitely the fastest working acne treatment I've ever used ^^

Anyway, on a more visually appealing note, Julie and I had the chance to check out Coco Bongo, a club/disco/show in downtown Cancun. Even if you don't like to dance, you should definitely check it out because the show was pretty awesome! Acrobats, dancers, and tons of references to pop culture (Batman, Beetle Juice, Michael Jackson) was a good time!

Shot girls.
Velma from "Chicago."
Elvis :)
Beetle Juice.
Very beautiful religion-inspired performance.
Reenacting the iconic scene when Bane breaks Batman's back with his knee.

There were, of course, a ton of drunk (and smelly) college kids and the floor was just PACKED with people; good luck getting to the bathroom mid-show - you literally have to fight your way through! Also thank god you can get free, cold bottled water at the bar - really essential because it got pretty hot. Even so, the show was great fun and the performers really are talented!  It's no high school musical production, it's a professionally choreographed and executed performance :)  Also they throw confetti, shoot streamers, and drop balloons a couple times during the show - it's like being in a movie ^_^

One last thing, they actually played the MV of PSY's Gentleman during the intro!  I was really surprised because the MV had only been released ~3 days before ago.  I also heard SNSD's "Boys" being played at a little souvenir shop near Chichen Itza. Never thought I'd hear kpop in Mexico!


  1. I went browsing through your Mexico posts and the trip looks wonderful! I've never been to Mexico and would love to go some day.. maybe when the time comes I could get in touch with you for some tips :)

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  2. That definitely looks like a wild time but also A BLAST. I hope you danced your booty off

  3. lol YES WATER IS ESSENTIAL. Or else you start seeing things in red and black hues! Hope things are well with you in DC, I got another tenant the other day and now I have two. I hope this one knows how to screw in light bulbs.

  4. Im glad to hear your acne is doing better! :) And oh my that looks like so much fun minus the smelly college kids and the crowdedness but then again that's how a lot of clubs are and that club just looks like a lot of fun because of the show going on! :)


  5. ooooh its amazing that it has gone x


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