More Pimple Adventures :P


A couple days ago, I made a post about some very itchy pimples/infection/allergic reaction/whatever I was getting on my lower jaw and just wanted to update everyone on how Clindamycin has been working for me.

Day 1 in the picture above is a day after I started applying Clindamycin. Even with the gel, the pimples still itched a lot though, mostly around the 2 scabs you see in the picture.

By Day 3, the two scabs fell off very cleanly, but 3 more white heads popped up. Overall, my skin in the places I applied the antibiotic started flaking a lot; pieces of skin half the size of my pinky nail were sloughing off. The double headed pimple (two whiteheads in one xD) was kind of painful, though the gel started helping the itching overall. Occasionally I'd get a sudden wave of itchiness, but it would stop as quickly as it started. The double headed pimple was a whopper, very tender and painful, and when I was washing my face, I accidentally popped it :\ It bled A LOT (this was Day 4-ish, sorry no pic) and formed a HUGE scab. The itching ramped up that day because I had to wear makeup for a big meeting at work.

However, by Day 6, most of the scab had fallen off (it was originally twice bigger) and by Day 7, the whole scab came off while I was washing my face and left a little tender spot. My skin had also stopped shedding so much, now it was mostly just "dust" like flakies coming off. The infected area had also pretty much stopped itching completely and no new eruptions were forming.

By Day 8, I started focusing on healing the open lesions and gentle exfoliation.

My Experience with Clindamycin

I have super sensitive skin and am prone to getting lots of strange allergic reactions, rashes and random pimples. So, I thought it might be helpful to do a quick writeup of Clindamycin, which is definitely the most effective acne/infection solution I've used in my life.

Clindamycin is a prescription antibiotic that comes as a clear non-sticky gel in a metal tube. You are supposed to apply a thin layer to the affected area 2x a day.

The gel is cool and non-sticky. When I first put it on my skin, it feels quite cool, but after a few minutes it "warms up" and makes my skin tingle for a few hours afterwards.  It stops the itching almost completely though! For the first week, the gel caused my skin to flake (in the places I applied it) in veritable SHEETS. Huge pieces of my skin were coming off and the skin bits were big enough that it looked like residue from lotion. However, it did not hurt at all and I could see fresh, slightly pinkish skin underneath. The flakes would come off easily and cleanly in the shower. As time went on, the skin flakes got smaller and became dust-like flecks.

Since this is an antibiotic, your skin can become resistant to it over time, so I plan on cutting back the use of Clindamycin as soon as I can. I've read about a lot of users saying how they used to apply this everyday for years because it was so effective - then suddenly one day it stopped working for them and they were forced to find another skin solution. With that in mind, I've limited myself to applying this only to pimples (not my entire face), have cut back to applying this only 1x a day, and plan on stopping altogether once all the lesions have closed. Also, my doctor said that this antibiotic is actually the most effective on open lesions/already formed pimples, not prevention. So, I'll just keep this as a 'secret weapon' for when I break out :)

Overall, my experience with Clindamycin was pretty positive.  Neither Tretinoin (am very allergic), benzoyl peroxide (am very sensitive), nor salicylic acid (no effect at all) have ever been effective on me, so if your skin is like mine, this might be a good solution.

~ ~ ~

Last thing, speaking of skin troubles, a Singaporean beauty blogger, Juli of BunBun Makeup Tips recently popped up on Buzzfeed after posting pictures of her awful facial experience.  I went through something extremely similar (a story I will tell someday), though my pustules were larger and caused by what I suspect was Tretinoin, which was prescribed to me by a dermatologist.

Anyway, for obvious reasons I've been following her blog closely ever since and looking at her pictures brought back a wave of sad memories for me.   Bad skin affects self-esteem so much and though we all know in our heads that it's what is on the INSIDE that counts, I deeply empathize with those who have chronic skin problems and keenly remember what it was like to wake up to a very itchy face covered with red bumps, pustules, and blood....

*sigh* I don't know really know what I'm trying to say at the I'll just end the post here.


  1. Aww Elle I can imagine how you must feel. When I was younger I was prone to break outs on my face and would feel like crap when it happened. I hope your skin clears up soon but in the meantime it looks like this cream seems to be improving it.

  2. I'm glad things are clearing up for you, with sudden outbreaks like this, it's sad to say only antibiotics really work. Good thing you're trying to limit the amount you use, they aren't an everyday treatment afterall.

    You're so right about bad skin affecting our self-esteem! When my acne was at its worst, I can't even remember how often I cried about it. And no-one really understood why I was so upset about "just a couple of pimples". A couple of pimples of which my dermatologist said "oh this isn't good".

    That's another thing. "Just go see a doctor" isn't as obvious a decision as you'd think it is. It's admitting there's a problem you can't take care of on your own. You have to put every last bit of pride you have left aside. At least, to me it felt that way. I'm still glad I went to see my doc, but it was a bigger step than I thought it would be.

    That poor girl you've referenced to, I can't even imagine how horrible she must've felt. Thought she did something good and then it ended so horribly >< They always say it has to get worse before it gets better, but that's way too much worse. That salon obviously did something that didn't work with her skin. They should've known better.

    1. I'm vaguely phobic about antibiotics for some reason, but I agree, for my allergic reaction type skin problems, antibiotics are basically the only solution. Especially because it seemed like this was spreading :P

      Also, while I never feel bad about going to doctors, I've definitely been burned by the derm I had in college who didn't even know the difference between pimples and an infection for god's sake! AND she prescribed Tretinoin when, according to my cousin who is an extremely reputable derm, it is well known that almost 90% of Asians are highly sensitive or outright allergic to Tretinoin and BP. Incidentally, she had prescribed me both AND had the audacity to say it was it wasn't her fault because she could've never known. Which is true in a sense, but she was definitely in the wrong for not taking my emergency call to her seriously and saying I need to endure at least a week to see any results! *end rant*

      And yeah I agree, whatever the salon did was insane. There certainly shouldn't have been a second treatment....

  3. I know how it affects so much of self-esteem though I never really do have a bad break outs like bun bun..

  4. I have super sensitive skin too, sometimes I just break out and I don't even know what caused it. I could be something I ate, the metal from the jewelry that I was wearing, makeup, perfume, or the skincare products.

    1. Same here...of the countless times my skin has broken out (half the time I don't even think it's acne, it's just an allergic reaction), I've only figured out what caused it twice. Blegh...:P

  5. Elle, I really appreciate your and Juli's post. My sister suffers from psoriasis and it's recently been appearing on her face. I know that she's very self conscious about it and it has been a big blow to her self esteem. Thank you for the awareness and sharing your experience with us

  6. You can really see the difference there. I'm glad it's getting better. I really hope it won't come up again! >< I read Juli's story and I was so so saddened by it. Some of the comments were quite harsh in all honesty.

  7. hope u getting better soon....and how brave of u to share this to us.....

  8. oh my god, i'm so glad it works for your skin! my skin has also been acting up for the past year with breakouts/bumps around the chin and nose area! They won't go away :(


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