Review: Etude House Baby Choux Base (#2 Berry Choux)


I already reviewed this product in a video I posted a few days ago, but I had more pics that I wanted to use, so I figured I'd put together a full post for all you non-video watchers :)

Etude House is one of those brands I often make fun of for one reason or another, but looking back I see I buy an awful lot of their stuff :x Skinfood and Etude House are kings of marketing in the Korean makeup world that's for sure... Anyway, this is another product from Etude House's Sweet Recipe Collection (if you want to sample some of the collection, pop on over to the giveaway).

The selling point of this product is its light, fluffy, whipped texture - like the cream in french pastries/chouxs~

Purchased at: KollectionK for $13.72 (affiliate link)


  • Soft Focusing Effect: It give your face lively skin tone.
  • Line Filling Agent Pigment: It fill wrinkles on your face and helps you look like more healthy and young.
  • Soft and moist texture like the whipping cream on baby choux.

Scent: Artificial berry scent. Rather strong and lingers on face for a bit. I would prefer if the scent were milder, but it does fade after awhile.

Packaging: Quite lovely! Product comes in a weighty, rather luxurious frosted glass jar accompanied with a little plastic spoon. I noticed that the frosted glass picks up fingerprints really easily thought. Overall, thought I don't like jar packaging, I can't really complain much. It feels much more expensive than it is and decently hygienic since it comes with a scoop.

Pretty accurate color representation.

Texture: Wonderful, fluffy whipped texture. Some have reported granules in theirs, but mine felt pretty creamy and smooth on my skin. I did notice that if I put on too much or didn't pat it in fast enough, it got a little grainy though... All you need is a little dab on your cheeks, forehead and chin. A little goes a long way!

Color: Comes in 3 shades -

  • #1 Mint Choux - to counteract redness. Should be suitable for all skin colors.
  • #2 Berry Choux - for pale skin; has a pink undertone. Suitable for those with pinkish undertints.
  • #3 Peach Choux - for yellow skin; has a yellow undertone. Suitable for those with yellow undertints.

This review is specifically about #2 Berry Choux, which has a distinct pink undertone that made me, someone with a Neutral/Warm 25-30 skin (I tanned into a warmer shade, I'm usually a NC25), look rather ashy. Besides a pink undertint, this is NOT a clear base, so if you are darker than a NC/W25, this will be too light for you. This product is really only suitable for a narrow range of people: those with pink-toned skin between NC/W20-25.

Swatched on my arm.

Coverage: This does provide light coverage and actually is buildable to a degree. However, this is a base and not intended to provide coverage really, just to 'blur' your imperfections.

Lasting Power: It didn't really increase the length of time my makeup lasted. By the end of the day (~7 hours), oil had broken through and I was very shiny. Absolutely no oil control.

Personal Experience: You can see my very scarred skin above. I've been breaking out a lot lately as well, so lots of hyper pigmentation going on. I added a little dab of base (size of my pinky nail) to my cheek and patted it in. I really dislike the strong, fake berry smell as I'm putting it on. It fills in my pores reasonably well (I didn't blend in around my nose so you can see the difference) and blurs out a lot shallow scars. It covers a lot of redness, though it tends to catch onto dry skin around my pimples. It evens out my skin tone but in my opinion, looks a little too ashy.

  • Soft Focusing Effect: It give your face lively skin tone.
  • Line Filling Agent Pigment: It fill wrinkles on your face and helps you look like more healthy and young.
  • Soft and moist texture like the whipping cream on baby choux.

This product does all 3 things above. It does a great job of blurring imperfections, filling in shallow scars, and has a lovely whipped texture. I don't think it is moist exactly (aka not that hydrating), but it's not all that drying either.

I wouldn't recommend this product to the general populace because it has a distinct color, much like a foundation. However, if you're the right color (fair with pink undertones) and have just minor pore issues, this base really does help create a more flawless canvas for your makeup. Price-wise, it's pretty cheap and comparable to drugstore makeup (with more better packaging natch :) ).

People with more pitted scars (aka textural issues) and darker than NC/W25 should look elsewhere.  I personally will not be repurchasing this because I need something more heavy duty for my textural scars and oiliness.


  1. French chouxs are my fav. *_*

    This product seems perfect for me. It seems like it has a good coverage. I could use that as a concealer to pat on some of my flaws on my face.

  2. Huh, looks more like the stuff you put on top of cupcakes than something to rub onto your face... I think I might be the right colour for this product (I've no idea where I rank in the MAC range, having never purchased any of their products, or anything of the likes) but just like you I suffer from acne outbreaks every once in a while (too often to my likings) and I do have some scars and quite a lot of hyperpigmentation... so maybe something with more coverage would be better (as I don't want to be piling on product over product).

    But hey, the packaging is pretty cute! ^^
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  3. Etude House is looks nice, I like their packaging. and yaa I guess there are assholes everywhere huh!

  4. I probably need something extra heavy duty as well - thank you for the review!

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  5. Really useful review, I've been wondering about getting this product (Mainly because of the adorable packaging xD)
    Thanks for writing this! =3

    Check out my blog if you ever get a chance? (And maybe follow it? ^.^)
    Have a great day <3


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