Chillin' at SFO


Hi from San Francisco! I just wanted to post a quick update after many days of abandoning my blog :P  Packing was a lot harder than I thought it'd be because all my check-ins had to be below 50lbs. So despite my awesome folding and packing skillz, I ended up having to take 2 check-ins anyway because of weight issues. It was $100 for the second bag blerghh :P

Even though I'm super excited overall about the trip, I was really sad at the airport.... It finally sank in that I won't be seeing my fam or be home for at least a year and oh gosh, I dunno....I'm more sentimental than I thought I guess. I felt better after a good cry and nap on the plane, but I'm surprised by how lost I feel knowing that my family is so far away....

Cool art display at SFO.

Anyway, I have a 10 hour layover at San Francisco airport and since I'm here from 12AM - 10AM, it's pretty much deadddd. But I love how there are no crowds and so many seats open for me to just stretch out on and read/surf the net/edit vids :)  I've also been recording little snippets with my camera for the last couple of days for a vlog with my new Olympus TG-620 Tough iHS Waterproof Digital Camera and I feel oh-so-cosmopolitan editing my video in an airport ^_^

On a more cheerful note, I met a lady who will be living in Korea for the next 9 months. She's part of a mission trip that teaches in English in a small town about 90 minutes from Seoul. She's in her mid-50s but her zest for life and genuine desire to do good was really inspiring. I was feeling a little jaded after reading a bunch of blogs I stumbled across written by ESL teachers who just hate Korea, teaching, Korean people, Korean food.... but this lady reminded me that there are many, many good ESL teachers as well - people who travel with open minds and hearts and are willing to give their time and spend their own money to do good in a country so far from their own.

Also I am loving my ASOS scarf ^_^ It's so big I've been using it as a blanket on the plane and the tassels and bright colors make me so happy ehehe

The next time I post I'll prolly be in Korea....see you then!


  1. You're going to do awesome, Elle! Of course you'll miss your family, but you know what? With modern technology, they'll still be close to you :)

    Besides, you get to have the most amazing experience to live abroad for a year or more! Even if you feel down about not being close to your family and friends, you just have to say to yourself: "if I was still home, afraid to jump into the unknown, all this, all these new exciting things, wouldn't have been possible".

    Good luck, girl! Have fun! ^^

  2. Oh you're going to Korea - that's fantastic!!! you will enjoy your time there im sure LOL! korea is a beauty haven :D

  3. That's one heck of a layover! That a shame about the bag fee, but you're going to be there a'll need that stuff. :)

    Sentimental is good. In a year you'll miss Korea when you visit home. And that will be good too. Perhaps you got a glimpse of your future in the lady you met in the airport--I bet you'll have that same zest.

  4. That's one thing I dread about flying- the long layovers. I thought my 3 1/2 hr layover was long, but that's nothing compared to yours. I hope you made it to Korea safely.

    Yeah, for months ( a few years back) all I did was read other people's blogs about teaching in Korea, and you know what? I realized that the majority of them were only there for the money. They weren't really open to experience a new culture, weren't familiar with the food, and had no idea what to expect before hand. Their intentions weren't to "live life," but more to just pay off school loans. Everyone will find ups and downs in any situation and it's all about how you perceive things.

    I know you'll do fine and love it there. Girl, Korea is such a great experience, and not everyone can say that they've lived in another country, let alone visit one. Just keep your head up and remember the reason why you chose to do this in the first place. Life is too short to have second thoughts and go off hearsay.

  5. i totally know how you feel since I went away for a year (doing an internship abroad). i also had to cry when my family and friends were all there at the airport saying goodbye to me.... Tears were falling when i was on my plane knowing that they will be so far away.. but i'm sure you will be meeting new people there ^^ !! and oh my, so jealous, i also want to go to korea!

  6. Have a wonderful experience and trip Elle, I'm sure you will have a wonderful time! Good luck with everything and that scarf is really cute! :)


  7. I can't believe you've already left!!!! Have a safe trip, I love Korea, some of my dearest friends are Koreans,
    I wish you a year of amazing experiences and can't wait for you to share them.
    Best wishes :)

  8. i don't usually comment but i thought i'd butt in here... there are a lot of morons teaching english in Asia... and also, doing that job can be really grating because you will, most definitely, at some point or other, feel underappreciated, or just like a monkey clown that's there to entertain the kids and not as a "real teacher".

    there ARE however people who are talented and qualified, and who love their jobs and take it seriously. and there are also the lucky few who get placed at super awesome schools and have a really great time.

    don't let those suckers with angry blogs steal your positivity away. but then again, you should know that it's not all roses and daisies over there.

    best of luck to you!!

    PS: I have been teaching English in Japan for the last 5 years. I think i've been lucky, but I've still experienced my share of bitterness!!

    PPS: makeup is sooooo cheap in korea!! XD

  9. Thanks for your update! Looking forward to your new journey :)

  10. I guess you are in Korea now?

    Glad you met the lady that seemed to provide a more positive perspective!

    You are going to love Korean makeup shopping! hehe

  11. good luck Danielle! It will be such an experience and before you know it you will see your fam again! I'm definitely planning on visiting you when you're there, and camwhoring in Asia! :)


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