VLOG + Finally in Jeju!


Still massively, massively behind on vlogs and blogging - sorry sorry! But the good news is that I am now in Jeju-si and prepping to move into my apartment on Saturday (FINALLY!)  I will be in downtown Jeju City so it will be BLOODY SWEET and quite frankly I can't wait to start decorating and shizzle ehhe I have a terrible, hacking cough right now, but I think 60% of it stems from the stress of nomadically hopping from hotel to hotel :P  Thank heavens that will be over soon.... And yeah, if you live/are coming to Jeju - HIT ME UP AND LET'S HANG OUT!

Anyway, continue to follow my Korea adventures nibbling on watermelon ice cream, strolling through buddhist temples, poking through makeup stores, and eating eating eating ^_^

I swears that I will be updating with some reviews soon!  The sheer amount of makeup calling my name right now is redonkulous!! Ahhh....Nature Republic, Aritaum, TonyMoly....how I love your sweet siren calls ;)


  1. Tous les jours and Baskin Robbins would probably be the first shops I would visit, when I go to Korea. :)

    It is good to hear that you have finally settled down in Jeju. I am very curious about how you will decorate your apartment.

  2. I'm glad your settling down, that video was fun but it did make me hungry, all the food looked yummy! I wish you all the best out there! :)


  3. That watermelon ice cream was so appealing... If I ever go to South Korea, I would come back using a size larger than when I started the trip because I would taste everything that might come my way.
    I'm glad you found an appartment. I can't wait to see your next post!


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