VLOG: From USA to Korea


I spent the weekend in Hongdae and it was awesome - but I am so friggin exhausted!  We did a lot of fun stuff like going to a cat cafe, singing at a noraebang, and listening to indie artists at midnight but my god did it involve a lot of walking >_< Also the jimjilbang we stayed at, Happy Days, was by far one of the worst jimjilbangs I've ever been to :P It was very crowded (which I didn't mind), but it was SO SO HOT. I swear they had the HEAT on or something - I was sweating in the lounge within 5 minutes...I considered sleeping in the ice room (there were a few people who slept right next to it in the narrow hallway), but I figured that wasn't safe so I just spent a restless 3 hours tossing and turning, sweating, and waking up every 1/2 hour feeling like I was suffocating from the heat.  But ah well - CULTURAL EXPERIENCE xD  Also it was rather dirty....I can tell the owners don't care too much about quality since they are in a prime real estate location - right next to Hongik Uni and Hongdae and no doubt get boatloads of tourists and weekend partiers crashing in every night.

Luggage cart at Incheon :)

Tho I've been to a jimjilbang several times, the sleeping together in one giant room experience still fascinates me - there is something strange yet comforting about sleeping in a room filled with hundreds of strangers....of flopping a leg across someone you never met....it's all so familial.  You don't know each other but for one night we're sleeping side by side ^_^ I don't know what I'm trying to say, but I rather like it...though I worry about farting in my sleep sometimes :\

Handprints and sigs of famous actors at Incheon Airport! In the video I compare my hand to
Lee Young Ae's (Jewel in the Palace)...we have almost the same hand size ^_^

Anyway - Hongdae was a lot of fun! I totally understand why young people love the place - the air is just filled with creativity and vibrance!  Young people selling their handmade items, playing music, posting art everywhere.  I only wish I came earlier and got to live in Hongdae....I think I am a little old for the place quite frankly, but being there makes me feel young again!

And oh yeah...this vlog isn't about Hongdae xD  I'm a little behind on my vlogs; this one is about my journey from the US to Korea....see the video above to come along for the ride ;)

And thank you everyone who entered my giveaway ^_^ I'll post the winners later this week!


  1. So happy to see that you're settling in in Korea, so exciting. Love the videos and keep them coming. Thanks for sharing this new adventure with us :)

  2. Love your vlog!! Please keep them coming! ♡

  3. Ahhh I wish I could go to Korea! Love your video Elle :) The jimjilbang thing sounds very interesting - though I don't know if I would be very comfortable sleeping in a room with strangers haha. It sounds like a great cultural experience though.

  4. I love 홍대! Definitely a place of creativity!

  5. OMG! What an amazing airport! Definitely a place worth spending time at. I'm glad you're having a good time. It's a good start!

  6. when will u post the winner?


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